The Black Flower


A Heartbreaking teenage boys love story. Little did he knew love didn't mean the same to him as it did to others. This time he had to decide the definition of love~ "Y/n what are you doing HERE?!... I told you not to see or meet me!! Get out or I'm gonna kick you OUT!!!!" "Yoongi please~ Listen to me. Let me talk before I run outta time and you will never know what you supposed to know~

Romance / Poetry
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"When you love, you learn to let go"

There was once a black flower. Whether wind or not air, sun or rain, the flower just stood there with its mighty leaves, making it more noticeable among the other flowers in the field.

It's also the most saddest flower as its colour represents the colour of death and well.... People don't like the colour black to decorate their house, do they?
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