The Black Flower

Chapter 1 : Sad Life

Narrator's POV

Yoongi is an ordinary high school student who is struggling to understand the logic of maths. If there 's sport, nope you can' t find him. Its just not his cup of tea. But if you hear a soft stringing guitar or a sweet voice singing his heart out, then you've found him.

See..... His heart and soul is into music. He loved his own music ever since he write a lyrics and composed music for it. Yoongi believed that he was born to music. So, he started to compose his own songs and performed his own pieces during the school occasions or school special occasions. That earned him respect and more attention that he refused to associate with the outside world. It was just him and his music.

He wasn't this miserable before. He had a lot of friends when he first composed his music and show it to the world. Due to this rising popularity among the students, his friends put distance between them. Even some of his so called friends bad mouthed him that he is a liar. But that never stopped this teenage boy from composing new music. He quickly learnt to trust himself than trusting anyone else. More like he lost hope in humanity.

Well.... Once broken, can never be fixed like an broken mirror pieces. But in each and every broken pice Yoongi saw his self and his hunger for his passion.

Even no-one came forward to sit next to him. People he met who wanted to be his so called friends just wanted to share his popularity rather than experiencing hus true friendship so he just reject them without hesitating.

Does he have parents?

..... Yes but Yoongi's parents are overseas busy working and hardly have spend time with him. But they never missed contacting virtually through video calls. They video call him each and every night just to see their little potato be happy but they never knew his inner loneliness. They do visit him 3 months once. Thats the only moment where Yoongi feel what is love really like. Parents and music was his first priority ; basically thats all he owned.

Well this was his life; His life circle is really small that only allowed himself, his parents and of course MUSIC. But everything changed when he met her......

You can stop if you have a soft heart lol.....
I'll try my best to publish the next chapter as soon as possible. Hope you enjoyed it😘

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