The Black Flower

Chapter 2 : Twist And The Turns

[A/N: listen to winter bear while reading this chapter]

(yoongi POV)

It's winter break already. Snow slowly smash into whatever on its way to touch the earth. Its been two days since snow started falling. Entire Seoul is covered with beautiful snow fractals.

Trees, houses, roads and everything that's beyong the eyesight is covered with snow which makes the place beautiful. Somehow the sight makes me feel peace and also lonely.

Everything that's in front of me somehow is telling me to work on a new song because I'm not in the mood to have fun nor to sleep. Like I'm always spend my time sleeping and maybe this is a chance to get myself outta my sleepy reality.

Loneliness isn't something new to me because I'm too used to it but sometimes it hurts. This cold weather and the silence that's conquering me just makes me feel more lonely than ever so I'm gonna go to the park nearby where I usually go to work on my songs. My mind just relaxes whenever I sit in the bench and watch the nature

I usually wait all day just to be inspired by the events happening infront of me. Children playing with snow, building snowman while their laughter echoed in the park, teenagers ice skating with a slow but soothing background music, old couple citizens just sharing endless love and just every single event is an inspiration.

I just noted everything in my notepad while hoping any of this feelings shouldn't end. I decided to wait a little more longer because my main subject for the song is missing.

I waited and waited and waited... But nothing came.

"Hmmmm..... C'mon subject just appear or I must wait kiracle to happen... Pfft... miracle such thing doesn't even exist?!" I murmured with a sigh and that's when a soft breeze brushed my face and I tilted my head towards it.

At that moment I didn't realise that what I saw would turn my entire life upside down.


Lol hope you enjoy it💜

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