The Black Flower

Chapter 3 : Expect The Unexpected

Its been 3 days since Yoongi saw the mysterious girl and surprisingly the image of the girl haunted him really bad that he even saw her in his dreams. Yoongi doesn't believe in love in first sight but he did fall for her.

With all his hope he spend the rest of his holidays searching her. He went to every corner of Seoul just to find her. Everyday he went to the same place he first met her.

He waited and waited nothing happened. She didn't show up. Days passed. Days became weeks and weeks became month and finally the winter break ended but yoongi couldn't find her. Not even her name. At last he had to give up on searching her because she might be a foreigner who just came for vacations.

(Y/n POV)

Its been 2 days since my family and I shifted from Daegu to Seoul. The main reason we shifted was to get rid of the bullying I went through. Thinking about it just gives me shivers on my spine.

Quick flashback

I was just an ordinary student who was a nerd that not many kids wanted be friends with. Except him.

Jackson was the only friend I had in the Daegu highschool of arts. He always take care of me and he fulfilled my loneliness. I fell for him without even realising. And one night I decided to tell him about how I feel about him.

Jackson invited me to a party that he was having at a club to celebrate his 18th birthday and well i thought that was the perfect time to tell him about my feelings for him so I attended it.

I have never been to a club before and trust me it wasn't my cup of tea. It was so loud and I couldn't keep up with it. When I was about to leave the club and felt someone grabbed my wrist and pull me through the crowd. I couldn't recognise the face because I was focused on keeping up to the mysterious humans pace.

When we get out of the club I recognised the figure in front of me. It was Jackson. He quickly pulled me into a dark alleyway amd started unbuttoning my shirt. I thought it was fine in the beginning thinking he has feelings for me too but something doesn't feel right to me. So I pushed him and walked past him

He grabbed my wrist again even tighter and whispered "stay with me tonight or face the consequences". His tone was terrifying yet I was brave enough to push him away and ran as fast as I could.

I never thought Jackson would behave that way. I trusted him and had actual feelings for him but all he wanted was just my body. He didn't eant the real me, the person who I am. Every men is just the same.

It took me all the courage I had to face him at school. When I walked to the corridor to my locker there were a lot of people gathering in front of my locker. I push pass through the crowd just to witness nightmare of my life. Pictures of me with Jackson last night was all over my locker. I tear them apart and threw them away but the pictures were they everyday. EvErY sInGLe dAy!!

I complained to the principle but nothing changed because Jackson is his son. After that everyone who met me asked my number and my rate to be a slut for them and I couldn't take it anymore.


Tears roll down as I think back the sour moments of my life that I won't forget nor could erase.

After having a horrible memory I had a minor headache and I wanted to have a stroll in a nearby park just to release myself from the headache before it gets worst.

As I was walking I felt a very light but cold breeze brush my face. I wore a fur coat to protect myself from them icy cold evening. As I casually turn around to witness the beauty of Seoul something hit my heart and I couldn't explain the feeling.

What I saw was just a pale skinned boy with cat like eyes sitting there with a gummy smile plastered on his face as he watches the scenery. I can't be feeling this on someone I just saw like literally O can't.

My face heat up as I saw the boy turning to face my side. I immediately turn to face somewhere else assive I didn't notice him. I continued to stroll my way around the park. I stopped at a cotton candy shop to buy some cotton candies since its been a while since I had one of them.

As I was enjoying the freshly made cotton candy I saw the boy from earlier searching for someone but apparently it seems like he lost them so I continued eating while the boy disappeared in the snow fall.

When I reached home all I could think was that boy from earlier. His gummy smile haunted me so badly.
"stop being silly y/n" I muttered to myself as drifted off to sleep.

Sorry if its lame. I tried my best since this is my first fanfiction.

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