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his Hybrid mate


Kyra unknown she is about to be in for a shock to find out she is a hybrid. Half witch half werewolf and mated to an alpha. They will face battles and adventures together defending their people and relationship.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Kyra POV

What was the point in being a witch if you couldn’t break a few rules? I wasn’t like other enchantresses, i was a rule breaker, the kind where i would learn to defend myself with my magic which was forbidden. Covens rules we don’t get in conflict boringggg. But it wasn’t in my blood to not be a fighter, a defender. My mother was the worlds most powerful witch she could control all elements and magic witches are only born with one, unlike her she was a witch warrior and her mother before her was too and before her, so i must carry the family honour. Evan against coven laws. See my mother died when i was 12, my dad left once he found out my mother was pregnant with me so yeah, i got left with my coven to take care of me and raise me. well try i was a difficult child and witch.

There is a casual grace to the meadow, as if it has a awareness of its own beauty yet would rather be at peace in this warm sun. Its still missing something
“what do you think” i turn to the small wild bunny at my feet as it wiggles its cute little nose
“flowers good idea” i smirk cheekily... the coven hates when i mess with nature, ahh well

“leaf and flower,
spring and shoot,
with my stewardship
please take root.
i wish you health
with all i plant,
grow and thrive
when you hear my chant.”
i kiss my hands out blowing glowing seeds, flowers of all colours begin to grow through the meadow. The flowers were a dancing rainbow, as if light and music had found a new way to blossom together. The scent was a blessing of god.

“KYRA!!!!” for fuck sake what now

My house is a kaleidoscope of memories, of photographs adorning the walls, each of them conjuring the emotions of those sweet eternal moments. But also been in the coven for centuries so the house has quite the mind of its own, i walk to the wooden front doors opening automatically and closing.
"thanks ancestors" i chuckle to the house before entering the dinning room where my aunts gathered around the old ancient looking table. Aunt Mayble was in her 30s with short curly brown hair and emerald green eyes and dark tanned skin she was the fun one let me get away with a lot. Then there was Aunt Carole she was in her 40s with long greyish blonde hair with hazel eyes and fair light skin, she was more the fun police she liked to teach me the old ways and always groaned and gave up cursing my mothers genes.
"yes dear aunts" i smile before clicking my fingers a chair slides towards me i collapse into with a giggle as Aunt Carol gives me a hard glare
"Honey i think its time you go to The Academy" Aunt Mayble states
"are you crazy! a high school seriously" it wasn't just a high school, it was for all creatures to learn to control and learn. Werewolves, Vampires, Witches all in one school also known as the academy.
"isn't it on the other side of Lakewood like a 10 hour trip" my aunt carol chuckles oh god
"yes you'll go live with the coven maybe they can teach you so things" she scoffs
"are you fucking kidding me"
"KYRA!" they yell in sink more Carole though ofcorse.
"you do not have a choice you are leaving tomorrow and you are going to the Academy ! understood" her voice angry i let out a growl, like an actual growl making even me jump as my aunts exchange feared looks....what?
"whatever" i storm to my room cutting the argument before they could ask how long I've been fucking growling like a dog whenever I'm mad. Guess i better get packing, fuck my coven hates me mostly my aunt though.

the next day

"I'm going to miss you aunties" all differences put aside i loved my aunts even aunt Carole, i know right.
"we will too kiddo" Aunt carol kisses my cheek.
I embrace one last hug before jumping on the train sitting by the window near the platform waving goodbye to my aunts as the train slowly puffs away. i sigh loudly slumping back into the thin cushioned seat. I've never been to a school, I wonder what it would be like to go to a high school with a bunch of mythical creatures. Oh and living with half my coven is going to be fun YAY! they will get along with me like me and aunt Carole. i roll my eyes before shutting them falling into a deep sleep hopping ill wake when the trip is over.

How will it be living with her coven. all the rules, her aunts, uncles and cousins...will they get along.
What will the Academy do with her high ranking witch power she holds...
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