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Trump x Pence


i think the title is pretty self-explanatory.

Romance / Drama
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Donald set his cell phone on his desk in his room down in annoyance. He was banned. From everything. Twitter. Instagram. You name it and he was probably banned. Donald set his head in his hands in frustration. He felt like a failure. He was letting everyone down. I've let my supporters down, he thought to himself. He felt a warm, soft hand rest on his shoulder. He looks up to see his beautiful wife, Melania, giving him a look that he had never seen before. It was mixed with excitement and anxiety, yet also fear and anger.

She grabbed his cold, clammy, wrinkly hand and led him into his soon-to-be old office. No, he reminds himself, Don't think like that. It will all come out that the election was rigged against him. She pointed to the chair behind the desk.

He sat down in it's familiar cushions, the backrest was a little off, but he would fix that later. Melania had sat down in a chair across from him. She wordlessly handed him a thick, white envelope. He examined the outside before breaking the saliva covered seal. He reaches into the envelope, accidentally cutting his finger. Ow, he thought to himself but he couldn't let Melania know that he hurt himself. He was a man, he could handle himself without a womans help. He removed the papers from inside the large envelope. "Divorce papers?" Donald whispered in fear. Am i not enough? What happened? I thought she loved me....

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