80,000 years


80,000 years of experience, y/n was a living immortal. She had seen everything around her evolve, a deity in the cultivation arts, a god. Even more powerful than a god to say, just by lifting her finger, she is able to slash a planet into half, a hand will destroy a range of planets. She can be considered as the mother of all source of magic, anything is possible for her to conjure. The power of a mage, a sorceress, a necromancer, ancient Greek mythology, Korean folk tales and a Dao cultivator. The universe had 9 soul mates destined for her, but for so many millennia, they never showed. She set off to her trip outside the realms to find her mates and accidentally encountered a stronger being, she found herself drowning into the abyss and lost conscious for 500 years. But a voice was heard and the next thing she knew, she was on Earth. "What the-" "...Where am I..?" "Uhm.. school..?" "Are you feeling alright y/n..?" "Wait. what planet is.. where-" "And what year is this? how old am I?" "..2019..? ..15?? Are seriously okay y/n?" "15?!?" {this story is for entertainment purposes only. Any events, folklore and characters are all fictional. } {cusses are included. Please read at your own risk.}

Fantasy / Romance
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Prologue : briefing

There are 10 realms of cultivation:

Qi refining


spirit gathering



true god

immortal realm

transcendent realm


divine origin

Any above divine origin is considered a legendary ancient immortal that can rule any world in just a snap of their fingers.

These realms have 4 stages each, early stage, mid stage, late stage and peak.

Normal cultivators/humans will at least need 20 years to cultivate to the peak of foundation, and talented ones will at at least 8 years.

cultivators are basically humans but had opened their soul seas, that can break the fabric of space and time, those who can defy the realms of logic. So do mages and other prowess.

soul seas are in the mind, which can only be opened with complete peace of mind and absorbing aura from the surrounding.

In order to proceed to the next realm, they need to have a breakthrough by either external factors or inner strength and their soul seas. They need to have a certain limit to have a breakthrough which is extremely hard when one reached the innate realm.

Y/n, is 10 times above these realms and is also the only one in the martial arts world that achieved this height. She is a master in all possible magic arts in the universe but cultivation is her main strength. Her understanding of Dao and means of other realm's magic are inconceivable. She has 4 disciples and everyone worshiped her in and out the fairy world, except Earth.

Earth is a modern world, they do not cultivate.

Earth is isolated from these worlds, humans on earth have never heard of anything "unscientific". Their knowledge is based on science and logic which is true, technology and modern discoveries. Humans entertain themselves with many things, in their perspective of life, knowledge is everything, but love is what drives them to be their happiness.

Y/n had lived for 80,000 years and 500 more that her soul finally awaken and traveled to earth.

Y/n's soul had traveled to earth and entered another body, that has the same name as her in the fairy world but on earth. It was another y/n, but younger and a non-cultivator. It was the year 2019, she was 15.

So basically she's mentally 80,500 years old. On earth, she's just a 15 year old student, nothing influential nor special. Everything on earth is the same as the fairy world but earth is a modern society.

Friends are non-cultivators. The original owner of this body had suffered terrible losses and a horrible past. They often bully her, but now the y/n who had 80,000 years of experience and hardships is taking over her body and try to seek justice. And there's things that still remains,

her 80,000 years of battle experience, memories, her contracted spirit animal, the universe's scientific and non-scientific knowledge and most importantly,

her cultivation.

Watch as Y/n changes her newly given life,

will she be able to find her mates here on Earth?
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