Hermione Potter

Chapter 2


I woke up, as usual, on my nineth birthday and yawned my head off! Hmm, I was nine! At the moment, I am living with my aunt and uncle and cousin. They are really nice and they help me with my school work. Dudley is a year older than me, so if anyone is mean to me, he goes into the protective big brother mode! Sometimes it makes me laugh! As much fun as I have here, my family are hiding something from me, and I KNOW it is something big! Like whenever I sleep, I normally get these weird dreams where I see a flash of green light, a cloaked figure and then a serene image of a motorbike flying across the sky.

When I tell Aunt P about these dreams, she would always flinch. I don't even know why I am living with my relatives, except for the fact that they are my only remaining relatives left. You want to know what the worst thing is? It's not having any memory of your parents, even if I was two years old when they died. I can only remember my life from when I was three and older. I always seem to think that because I have this same dream over and over, I think it must be connected to my parents and how they died, except for the flying motorbike part, because that is just absurd. Yes I know what your thinking, 'a nine year old girl couldn't possibly be able to figure something like this out'. If it's true then that would mean that the green light ...was...ummm...Oh I don't know!

"Hermione dear? Are you up yet? It's your birrthday remember?" Aunt Petunia called from the bottom of the staircase. I sighed and got up off of my comfortable bed in the second bedroom, and slid on my jeans that I had worn at Christmas. I slipped into a pink tank-top and combed my silky hair. Apparently, according to Aunt Petunia, I look exactly like my mother, Lily Potter, except with my fathers brown eyes. Oh, what I would do to be able to see them just once to see if Aunt P was right.

"Coming! I was just getting dressed Aunt P!" I called back down to her while opening my bedroom door.

"Good, because we have something for you!" Aunt Petunia replied in a sing-song voice. I giggled at her chirpy voice, and proceeded down the stairs. Once at the bottom, I was met by Aunt P giving me a huge hug as she whispered a happy birthday into my ear. When we started walking, I got bombarded with my cousin. As I said before, Dudley was a year older than me. He had his fathers features in so may ways, excepte he was skinny and Uncle Vernon was not.

"Hey cousin! Happy birthday! How does it feel to finally be nine years old?" Dudley bellowed as he hugged me in one of his strong holds. I laughed at his antics.

"It feels great! I can't believe that I am nine!" I squealed as I ran into the living room to go and say hi to Uncle Vernon. I pounced on him and I got a grunt back. I giggled.

"Good morning, birthday girl!" He said cheerfully as he picked me up and sat me back down on his knee. That was when I got a good look at the living room, and what I saw stunned me to no end. In the middle of the front room, was a medium sized pile of presents. I gasped and ran to them. Uncle Vernon chuckled at this.

"Can I open them? PLEASE?" I begged. One nod from Aunt P and the rapping paper was history! I ended up getting, three pairs of earings, one pair was gold hoops, another ruby hearts and the last pair gold heart dangly ones that have a pink heart in the middle of each. They were beautiful. I also got a pink laptop, some new clothes, a book series called the Twilight Saga, and a very nice tv for my bedroom, it was a 26" flatscreen! AND PINK!

"OMG! This was the BEST birthday EVER! Thank you so much for the wonderful presents!" I squealed and ran up to them giving them all one huge hug and kiss on the cheek. Hey, I'm nine, I had to!

"Your very welcome sweety, but we have something to tell and give to you." Aunt Petunia said in a stern voice. I sat down on the sofa with confusion written plainly on my face. "Now, I am just going to come right out and say it, Hermione your a witch." Aunt Petunia barely whispered. I looked at her with a look that said, 'No, Seriously what is it you wanted to tell me?' But she just nodded her head as if saying that it was exactly that, that she had wanted to tell me.

"But, how? I mean . . . they're just fantasy . . . Right?" I asked. They shook their heads as a now. I gasped at earing this information. "But, How?" I asked incredulously.

"Your Aunts sister, you Mother, was a witch and so was you Father. Your Aunt was also a witch but then when she learned that she couldn't do magic, she is what witches and wizards call, a Squib." Uncle Vernon started while I stared at him. Aunt Petunia spoke next.

"My father was a wizard, and so Lily was a Half-Blood, as was I. The only thing being, is that my magic never worked. Lily comforted me when I got told that I couldn't go to Hogwarts. I loved my sister so much and you remind me of her enough to keep me sane. Your father, James Potter, was constantly trying to get Lily to go out with him since their first year. Every summer she would get at least ten owls from him. It was quite funny actually seeing her angry in the morning when the morning post came. Finally in her seventh year, she agreed to go out with him on a date just to get him off of her back, and on said date, she decided she was in love with him. I was so happy for her. A year after graduation they got married, and then a year or two later, they had you. Me and your Mother were so close, before she died. And I think that it is the right time to tell you how exactly they died." Aunt Petunia smiled when she re-lived the memories of her waking up to an owl taping the window from James.

"But, before we do tell you, we have to give you something." Uncle Vernon said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a black velvet box and handed it to me. I took it, eyes wide. I opened the box to find a beautiful necklace with a medium sized locket in the middle of it. It was gold and beautiful. Wait, it had something enscripted on it. 'Mya, we love you, Mum and Dad x' A tear sprang to my eye, and I wiped it away quickly. Dudley noticed this and ran over tome and hugged me. "Open it Hermione." Uncle Vernon said. So I did.

I opened the locket to find a picture of a your woman and a yound man, holding a little baby girl in the middle of them.

"Who are they?" I asked, even though I knew the answer.

"Your parents." Aunt Petunia said delicately. A tear trickled down my nine year old face, and I sniffed at my nose. My Mother was beautiful. She had the same firery red hair that I have, her emerald green eyes stood out emensly and her heart shaped face gave me alot of comfort.

My Father was very handsome, I can see why Mum liked him. He had raven-black hair, my brown eyes and a muscular body that screamed 'Worship me!'. It made a smile creep it's way to my lips.

I hadn't noticed that there was a second inscription on the inside cover of the locket, until it turned in my hand. I hadn't even noticed that the picture was moving, let alone the insrciption! This inscritption went like this, 'Where ever you are, We will always be with you x' That was so sweet. Again with the tears! That was when I noticed the waving hands on the picture. My eyes widened.

"The picture is moving!" I screamed. I was shaking.

"Of course the picture is moving, all magical pictures move." Aunt P retorted back.

"It's beautiful. They're beautiful." I sniffed as I walked over to my Aunt and Uncle to hug them both. I went to sit a the table for breakfast and the other followed. I poured myself some cereal and began eating.

"We still have one more thing to tell you Mione." Uncle V said in a grave voice. I nodded and I looked at him, ready for him to continue. "Your dreams that you have, or green lights and a flying motorbike and a cloaked figure, what do you think they mean?" He asked me. I looked curiously at him to try and figure out what he was getting at. Thinking . . . . . Hmmmm . . . . . Nothing! URGH!

"Um, I think they are connected to my parents but I'm probably wrong. I mean, a flying motorbike? Come on!" I sad incredulously. After nobody laughed, I took this as seriously as a nine year old could, which was only half serious.

"Unfortunately you are right about them being connected. You see, when you was one years old, you had to go into hiding because of a very dark wizard. They had a Secret-Keeper for their location, but said Secret-Keeper wasn't very good at keeping secrets and blurted out said location to the dark wizard. Are you following?" Aunt P asked, I gave her a slight nod for her to continue.

"When the Dark Lord, as he liked to be called, heard of said lacation in Godric's Hollow, he set out to hunt them down. He succeeded and the day after you turned two, he found you and your parents. Your father tried to stop him but James was no match for him. He screamed for Lily to run with you and get out of there. She didn't listen. The Dark Lord continued to kill James and then found Lily holding you in her bedroom protecting you. He asked her to give you up, and she begged him not to kill you, so he killed her, and then went back to you. He sent the killing curse at you but it rebounded back onto him and it made him vanish from this world. He left with you that scar, and probably some of his powers too." Aunt P finished with a tear rolling down her face. I stood up and walked over to my Aunt and hugged her so much. When we had finally calmed down and resumed eating and then finished eating, we set out on our day trip, as Uncle Vernon liked to called it.

The rest of that day went smoothly as we went to the theme park, and then to McDonalds for dinner, all the while having my locket rapped around my neck. In the theme park, I got curious glances as people noticed my scar on my forehead. I just wanted them to leave me alone! Dudley was helping by giving anybody who looked at me a death glare. I went on a few of the big rides, and they were awsome! When we got home, I was wished a happy birthday once more, and then i went up to bed to dream about my amazing parents.

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