Hermione Potter

Chapter 4


"So, My lady, which volt would you like to see first?" Patterano asked, in his goblin voice. I thought about it.

"How many volts do I have again?" I asked him, slightly embarrassed(sp?). I heard his small sigh.

"Well, you have the Founder Volt, Gryffindor Volt, Hufflepuff Volt, Ravenclaw Volt, Slytherin Volt and the Potter Family Volt." He concluded. I smiled a thanks and thought some more. It would be nice to see all of the volts, and I most probably will, but I think going to the Potter family volt first would be good, I'll get to see some things from my parents. Hard choice to make, I thought.

"Umm, would it be possible to see my family volt first please, Sir?" I asked him. He smiled and nodded. He motioned for me to climb into the carriage thing, and so I did. Once we were in the cart, Patterano tapped his hand on the bar infront of us, and the cart imediately sped off. I screamed all the way, trying to remember the course I had taken, right, left, right, right, let, no right. It just went too fast. I started giggling after a while. We came to a sudden stop infront of a huge door. I gaped up at it in wonder. "What is that?" I asked, as I noticed the different swirls of metal on the thing I think was a door.

"That, is the lock and this is you volt. Lamp please." He asked. I gave him the lamp. "Key please." He asked, I handed him my ring of keys and he placed one into the door. He turned it and the door clicked. "Stand Back." He stated, while taking a small step away from the door. I gasped at what I saw.

The door opened slowly, as if taunting me, before there was a sparkle. Once the door was fully open, I peered inside and I could see piles-no mountains- upon mountains of gold, silver and bronze. I gasped. My eyes were wide as Patterano pushed me lightly inside the volt. I gasped.

"Is- Is this all of mine?" I stuttered, not believing that any of this was true and that it was all just a huge joke.

"Of course child, you didn't think that your mother and father would have left you on this Earth without making sure you had enough money to survive on, did you?" He asked.

"I didn't know." I murmered. "So, umm, what exactly is this money, I mean, I can't exactly go around spending this is London now can I?" I said.

"Well, only if you know where to go." He said. I gave him a stupid look. "These are the coins of the wizarding world. The bronze coins are called nuts, the silver coins are sickles and the gold coins are galleons. now listen. There are 25 nuts to a sickle and 15 sickles to a galleon. Now, you are probably wondering how you are going to put the money, yes?" He said. I nodded, a smile on my face. "Well, here in Gringotts, you can buy a purse for 10 sickles and that comes with a free indetectable extending charm, placed on to it." I smiled in amazement at the thought of a charm. Wow. "Would you like to purchase one?" He asked. I nodded and gave the Goblin 10 of the silver coins. He smiled and snapped his fingers. A beaded purse popped into his hand. "Now, any particular colour?" He asked.

"Umm, can I have it black and red with the Hogwarts crest on one side and the Potter crest on the other, please?" I asked sweetly. He nodded and with a snap of his fingers, my purse was made. I smiled and began to fill the bag. "Umm, how do I arange it?" I asked in a small voice.

"Well, there are four compartments in there, one for nuts, one fore sickles, one for galleons and then a fourth for non-money things. All you need to do, is tell the purse which compartment to give you and it will. But it doesn't matter about putting things in, as it already does that automatically." Patterano explained. I smiled a thanks and began to pile the coins in the purse. The purse didn't even feel that heavy. I smiled as I piled more and more coins into the purse. The coins I had in my purse, were only from one huge mountain of coines, there were about ten more mountains of coins still in the volt.

Wow, I'm rich. I thought as I walked further into the volt, with my new purse. I looked around and saw a few trunks laying across the floor. I walked up to them and saw that they had enitials on them One of them had a JP on the side and another had LE on it, huh these must be their old school trunks, I mused. I went towards the one with LE on it and opened it. I looked inside to see that it had Mum's wand, diary, many letters and a photo album. I decided to take everything besides the trunk and most of the letters. I smiled as I dropped everything into my purse.

I walked over to the second trunk and opened it. I grinned at what I saw. Inside was a broomstick. I'll definitely be taking that, it can go into Gryffindor's broom cupboard, I thought and with a grin it was in my purse. I then saw a diary, written by my father, with some more letters, and his wand also. In the bottom on the trunk, I saw something glistening at me. I picked it up and it felt like water. It was a shimmering silver, light as a feather and so pretty. I had no idea what it was, so I asked.

"Hey, Patterano? What is this exactly?" I asked him, holding up the shimmering cloak like thing. He grinned.

"That, My Lady, is an invisibility cloak. It dates back in your family to before the Four Founders!" He exclaimed in an excited little voice. I swear my eyes could not get any larger.

"An-An-An invisibility cloak?" I gasped. He nodded.

"Put it on." He said. I nodded and wrapped the cloak around my body. I looked down at the place where my body should stand, only to gasp in shock as I saw nothing there. I grinned, Wicked, I thought. I took the cloak off and loaded the cloak into my purse. I also loaded, my Dad's wand, diary and a few of the letters. I grinned. I then decided that I had had enough surprises for the day.

"Hey, Patterano, do you think that I could possibly buy another two purses?" I asked in a sweet voice. He looked confused but nodded non-the-less. He cunjured the two purse and I handing him 20 sickles. I grinned before taking one and putting five large scoops of money into it. "Property of Vernon and Petunia Dursley." I whispered to it and the purse glowed before I saw a stitching with their names on the front. I then picked up the second purse and put three large scoops into it. "Property of Dudley Dursley." I whispered once more and the purse glowed blue and a stitching of his name appeared. I grinned, that'll keep them occupied for a while. "Okay, I'm ready to go back up to the world." I said to Patterano.

"Don't you want to see the other volts?" He asked. I thought about it, but I decided that it was enough for today.

"Umm, not today, but I will come back during the course of the summer and have a look in the volts then. Thanks though." I smiled and we made out way back to the cart. Once we were in the cart, Patterano tapped his hand against the bar and we lurched to a speedy start. I sat there giggling and squealing all the way up to the real world. I grinned once we had stopped. I stepped out and grabbed the three purses. I slung my personal purse over my shoulder with the shoulder strap and held onto the other two with a firm grip. We walked back in through the door to where Aunt P and Uncle V and Dudley were waiting sipping their tea and eating their biscuites.

"Hey guys, oh my god them things are amazing!" I squealed. "Just like a roller coaster!" I giggled. They all smiled at me. "Umm, I wanted to give you all something." I murmered. I handed Dudley his purse and he looked at it like it was a wierd thing.

"What is it?" He asked in a timid voice. I giggled.

"Well, I decided that because you had to share everything with me all of your life, I thought I'd give you something back. I think you have around 3-5000 galleons in there with an extra 2000 sickles and 2500 nuts. Don't complain, jut accept it." I begged. He nodded before opening the purse. He gasped at what he saw. I giggled. "Now, Aunt P, Uncle V, you two have been absolutely amazing to me. I know that having an extra child in your house, cost you alot of expense, so in this purse is five-times the amount as what Dudley has. I want you to treat yourselves. Buy a new house or a car, or heck even a boat and go on holiday! Just do something!" I grinned at their shocked faces before handing them their purse. They all hugged me back.

"But, Mione, how am I gonna spend this? I can't go to the shop on the corner of our street and use this." Dudley whined. I giggled and explained how it was wizards money and how he could use them in wizard shops. He gaped before hugging me. I smiled at him. "So, how does it feel to be the richest witch in the world?" Dudley asked. I giggled.

"It feels great, but don't worry I'm not going to change. Now can we go shopping?" I pleaded. They nodded and we went outside, to face the world of Diagon Alley.

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