Hermione Potter

Chapter 5


Great. He's taking me to Diagon Alley. You see I recieved my acceptance letter for Hogwarts this morning and Father decided to bring me straight into Knockturn Alley. It is well known that he once was a Death Eater following You-Know-Who and he is saying that one day I shall follow in his footsteps. Hah! What a load of rubbish! I will never be like him! The thing that I don't get about Father is that he is always telling me that Malfoys never bow down to anyone, no matter who they are, when just over 10 years ago, that is exactly what he was doing! He's just a hypocrite- I think that thats the right word.

Anyways, so we were now in Diagon Alley and Father has just left me in Madame Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. He is off somewhere doing something probably. So now I am standing, currently, on a box being measured by a magical measuring tape. I'm not exactly foreign to this but as it was for my new school uniform, I was a little excited.

Oh, your probably wondering who I am exactly and why you are reading into my thoughts. My name is Draconis Lucius Malfoy, or Draco for short. I have the traditional Malfoy white blonde hair, with piercing icey blue eyes. Father says that I am destined to be in Slytherin, his house, but I beg to differ. You see, I'm not exactly like my family. I may be the same as them in looks and blood, but personality wise, we are completely different. Although Father may seem like a good guy, he is obssessed with the Dark Arts and drilling into my head about how important it is to not let halfbloods and mudbloods think that they are above us. I however completely disagree, I mean, if purebloods are supposedly more powerful than halfbloods and mudbloods, then why was it that a small insignificant two year old halfblood baby girl, was able to defeat and basically kill the most evil and supposedly the most powerful wizard, behind Dumbledore of course? There is a simple answer to that question. It is; blood purity has nothing to do with the amount of power a witch or wizard possess. Anybody who disagrees is completely mad or just a pureblood supremisist.

As I was mulling over these thoughts, the door to the store opened and a girl came in. She had flaming red hair, could be a Weasley. She had a group of three with her; a fat bolding man with tufts of brown hair on the top of his head, a tall stick thin women who looked strict yet nice and a boy around the same height as the girl, if not two inches taller and looking extremely like the older male. The girl herself, looked like a bookwormy type girl yet she held a kind of presence that no eleven year old should have. She wore a golden heart locket necklace around her slender neck. She had a smile on her face and then she looked up and I saw her forehead.


They tried giving me the money back but I wouldn't have any of it, not after all that they have done for me.

"So, 'Mione. Where to first?" Dudley said in awe of the magical street. To be honest, I could see why. The place was beautiful! There were dozens of shops all over the place with different things outside, loitering around outside of each shops. It was just magical. I thought about it before looking at my letter. It said that I would need a uniform, a wand and many other things.

"Well, I need my uniform so do you think that we could go there?" I asked sweetly, looking up towards Aunt P. She nodded with a smile.

"And I know just where to get it too. Your mother went to Madame Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. Come on its this way." Aunt P said with a smile. Dudley grinned and Uncle V smiled and we all walked in the direction of a clothing store. We were there in five minuets and that was only because Aunt P literally dragged Dudley and I away from the different trinkets from outside of the shops. When we walked into the shop, I looked around with a smile. I then looked towards the box /platform thing where a boy was currently getting measured. He was quite cute, I realised as a sudden blush rushed over my face. I looked at him in the eye and gasped at the shocking blue looking back. I saw his eyes drift towards my forehead and I wondered if he was going to think it was as ugly as I thought. He didn't give a grimace or a look of disgust, his eyes only showed a look of comprehension. I was worried that he'd see me as a freak, but I then remembered what Paterano had said about how people should be treating me with the utmost respect.

"Hi." I muttered, looking up at the blonde boy with a small smile. He smiled back at me.

"Hi. I'm Draco Malfoy." He replied with a smile.

"I'm Hermione Potter. Nice to meet you Draco." I replied with a grin. He grinned back. I looked back at my family after I heard a cough from behind me. Aunt P was giving me an encouraging smile and Dudley was giving Draco the fiercest glare that he could muster. I stifled a giggle at that.

"Are you going to Hogwarts dear? Do you need to be measured to?" A woman came out from the back. She had long curly blonde hair that was slowly going grey. She also wore half-moon glasses. I looked up at her before nodding my head. I then turned back towards my family.

"Hey, you guys can go around Diagon Alley if you want." I suggested to them.

"Are you sure hunnie, I don't want to leave you with some strangers." Aunt P said with a worried expression.

"I'll be fine Aunt P. I promise, besides there's only Draco and who I think is Madame Malkin here. I'll be fine!" I insisted. They smiled at me.

"If your sure darling?" Uncle Vernon asked. I nodded and they walked out of the shop. I looked back up at Draco and saw him watching me.

"So, your the famous Lady Hermione Potter?" He drawled. I blushed and nodded. "Cool, umm, do you want to be friends?" He asked. I thought about it for half a second before nodding my head. He grinned down at me.

"Alright dear, your going to have to get on that box so that I can get you measured." Madame Malkin said with a smile. "Yes, just up there next to young Malfoy." I did as she asked and stood on the platform next to Draco.

"Your going to Hogwarts too? Cool, do you know much about the place?" Draco asked. I frowned and shook my head as a no.

"Not really, all I know of, is that its a castle somewhere up in Scotland, ut aside from that, I don't really know anything. After all, I was raised by my Aunt and Uncle and their not magical-" I spoke with a little confusion.

"Oh, their muggles. Would you like me to tell you about the four houses?" He asked and a sort of glint in his blue eyes that made me grin and nod my head. "Alright, well-" He started but was cut off by Madame Malkin setting a roll of measuring tape on me. I startled.

"Oh, don't worry child, it wont hurt you. Merlin, muggleborns." She tutted. I looked at Draco in confusion and he had a small glare on his face, and it was for Madame Malkin.

"Excuse me, but I'm not a muggleborn, or what ever that is. Both of my parents were a witch and wizard. Their names were Lily and James Potter. Heard of them?" I said with a bit of cheeyness and smugness. The witch looked astounded.

"Your Hermione Potter?" She gasped out. I nodded. She came over and shook my hand, I could hear Draco giving a little snicker and sent a half-hearted glare towards him. "Oh, welcome back to the magical world Miss Potter! Welcome back!" She cried. I gave a tite smile before she realised that I was uncomfortable. She then backed away slowly.

"Sorry, but could you please just measure me?" I asked sweetly. She nodded and muttered some of courses. "Carry on Draco." I said with a smile.

"Well, there are four houses. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Now each of the different houses have certain traites or specialities. Gryfindors are brave, couragious and like to have fun. Hufflepuffs are loyal. Ravenclaws are usually smart stuck up people and Slytherins are-" He was cut off by a cool voice.

"Sly, cunning and quick. Draco, what have I told you about consorting with... that sort?" A tall blonde man, possibly Draco's father, sneered towards me.

"Not to, but Father you don't under-" He tried to explain but once again was cut off by his father.

"Do not argue Draconis! I have told you not to consort with mudbloods!" He shouted. Draco flinched at the word and it sounded like something that I should be offended by, so I did take some offence. I glared at the tall man and cleared my throat. The man looked down at me with a sneer.

"Excuse me sir, but what is your name?" I asked sweetly. He glared at me before answering.

"Lucius Malfoy, pureblood. A higher status than your filthy muggle blood." He sneered. I smiled, confusing the older man.

"Well, Lucius Malfoy, supposedly 'pure of the pure', your not as pure as me! If you are calling me filth for my linage, then I have no idea how far down the filth line you are!" I shouted glaring as much as an eleven year old could. Draco was in shock, as was Mr Malfoy. Mr Malfoy's features changed into a fierce glare before slapping my face. I gave a cry of pain and slumped down to the floor. Unfortunately for Mr Malfoy, my family just happened to be walking into the store and saw the whole thing. I heard three things at once. The first was Draco screaming my name and kneeling down beside me to check if I was okay. Second, Uncle Vernon yelling at Mr Malfoy about what he had just witnessed. And lastly, Aunt Petunia and Dudley running over to me to check if I was okay. I looked up to Mr Malfoy and with the coolest voice I could muster I said.

"I hope you know exactly who you have just stuck. I wonder what Hogwarts will think when they know how Lucius Malfoy slapped Hermione Lily Potter." As I said this, comprehension showed on his face and sorrow came into his eyes. "Thats right Malfoy, you know who I am now? You know how I am so much more pure than you? I suppose that you know that I am a desendant of all four founders of Hogwarts? Thats right, and Draco. I feel sorry for you. You have to live in a house with that. If he slaps innocent strangers, I cringe to think how he treats you out of the public eye. Madame, could you please send my uniform to me by owl, I'll take my leave. Goodbye Draco, I'll see you on the train next month." I said cooly before walking out of the store after paying Madam Malkin, my family following behind.

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