In Disguise


What is he.. ? Your crush from school is who.. ?

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Chapter 1

You were walking towards your first class, with your best friend( Aka twin brother), Taehyun.

Taehyun: come on! We will be late!

You: Okay!! I didn’t know you cared so much!!!

You arrived in The classroom and sat down. Taehyun sat next to you. He giggled.

You: *whispers* What’s so Funny?

Yeonjun:*whispers*Your crush is staring at you. He is trying to get your attention. Look!!!

You nervously looked at your crush, Park Jimin. He was staring at you. You blushed and turned away. Hwang walked in class.

Taehyun: Hey Hwang!

You: Hey big Brother!

Hwang Hyunjin: Hey Taehyun. Hey Y/N.

Taehyun: Hey, Y/N, are you okay?

You: Yeah, just hungry. I skipped breakfast to get to class . Yeonjun can be VERY impatient.

Taehyun: Luckily I have chips. Here. you can have them.

You: Thanks Taehyun. I need them.

You share some with your brothers.Than your teacher Mr. Sooji walks in and asks for your essay.You turn your essay in. So did your brothers.

Mr.Sooji: To all the people that turned their essay in, they can have a free period. So that is: Y/N, Hwang, Taehyun, Jimin, Jungkook, Jisoo, Lisa, Rose’, Jennie, Namjoon, Taehyung, and Hoseok

Y/N P.O.V: I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my Feed. I didn’t have anything else to do. I looked up from my phone to see if Jimin was still staring at me. He was gone.Someone tapped my shoulder very lightly it felt like a feather barley hitting me, I didnt know for sure if someone touched me but I turned around anyways. JIMIN?!?!

Jimin: Hey Y/N. Can I sit next to you? Hyunjin and Taehyun went over there with Namjoon.

Y/N: S-sure. I don’t mind.

Jimin sat down next to me. I couldn’t look at him because I knew my face was red. I felt so embarrased

Jimin: Y/N? Tell me something.

I nodded but didn’t look at him.

Jimin: Why do you get so shy when I’m around?

Y/N: I have one reason but I can’t tell you.

Jimin: Tell me, Y/N. I want to know.

Jimin turned your head toward him. Your face turned scarlet. Jimin chuckled.

Jimin: I think I know.

The bell rang. The time went fast because he kept staring at me.

Jimin: No we have a free period so stay. Please.

Y/N: O-Okay.

You sat back down with a face as red as red can get.

Jimin: Now tell me the reason.

Y/N: I can’t because you will laugh.

Jimin: I swear I won’t.

Y/N: Fine. I have been crushing on you for 2 years now. I just didn’t know how to tell you.

Jimin: *Lets out a little laugh*

Jungkook: Oh just go on a date already.

Jennie: *Agrees sitting on Jungkook’s lap*


Y/n: *Looks down*

Jimin: *Tilts your head up with his finger lightly touching your chin and stares you in your eyes analyzing every sparkle that shines*

Y/N: You laughed. *awkward silence*

Jimin: Y/N you need to know something. I-I Love you

Y/n POV: I froze not knowing what to do I didn’t turn around because I knew everyone was staring and my face was scarlet. He looked into my eyes again.

Taehyun:*Smiling big* Well..Y/N

Y/n: *I smiled* I love you too *blushes rose red*

Jimin: *Grabs you by your waist pulling you in for a hug*

Jimin: *Whispers in your ear* Lets get out of here

Y/n: *You agree and rush out of the building*

Jimin: So you said you liked me for how long?

Y/n: 2 1/2 Years

Jimin: I’ve liked you a little bit longer.

Jimin: You liked me that long and never told me

Y/n: Who in their right mind will tell the cutest boy in school they like them. And plus, You never told me you liked me

*Both of you chuckle as you walk along the schools property*

Y/n: So Chimmy-

Somebody bumps into your back.

Jimin: *Walks up to the person and pushes him to the ground* Watch out!

Y/n: Whoa Jimin-shii!*You run to Jimin* Stop!

Jimin: No this man almost knocked you to the ground

Y/n: That doesn’t matter get off of him

*You grabbed his arm and hurried out of sight*

Jimin: Why did you stop me? He practically hurt you.

Y/n: Because Jimin two wrongs don’t make a right

Jimin: I don’t care you shouldn’t ever be hurt when your with me.

Jimin: Your mines only*pulls you closer to him*

Y/n: You look up to him, you froze

Jimin: What legs tired? *pauses* why aren’t you moving. Is there something on my face?

Y/N: No No it’s just your skin….it’s shimmering.

Taehyun: Y/N Y/N STOP!!!

Y/N: Whaa?

Taehyun: He’s a-

Jimin:*Covered your ears picked you up and ran*

Y/n P.O.V.- What was he doing? What was TaeTae trying to say? All these questions ran through my head

*Jennie and Jungkook run out the building and stare after you and Jimin*

Taehyun: I tried to tell her but Jimin took her away.

Meanwhile you arrived at Jimin’s house.

Y/N: What the heck was that about Jimin?

Jimin: L-Lets-uhh-go inside Y/N

*He leads you to his bedroom where a awkward silence lies between you two*

Jimin: Don’t mind what I did back there it was just-It was just a mistake

Y/n:*Taehyun texted you You look down at your phone*

Before you could respond Jimin snatched my phone out of my hand.

Y/n: Hey!! Give me my phone back

Jimin: Come get it then

Y/n pov: I tried getting my phone back and he threw it across the room.

He grabbed me by my waist and threw my on the bed he was showing me his dominant side. He pecked his lip down my neck, goosebumps filled my body. I let out a soft moan. It felt great but I wasn’t ready, not yet.I pushed him off of me. I grabbed my phone and I was leaving he ran after me when his skin hit the sun he shimmered like earlier. I froze. Jimin pulled me back into the house before anyone seen him.

Y/n: What happened to your- your skin?

Jimin: Well-I--I have-I am…

Y/N: Spit it out Jimin your a what?

Jimin: A vampire.

y/n: *bursts out laughing* That’s so funny

Jimin: Why are you laughing

Y/n: Oh. Your serious-*freezes with a blank face*

Jimin: Y/N? I’m not gonna hurt you I promise.

Y/n: Sorry chimmy

Jimin: Its ok, but since your my girlfriend i feel like i needed to tell you

Y/n: WHAA?! I’m not your-

Jimin: I beg to differ. You like me right?

You nodded.

Jimin: and I like you, right?

You nodded again.

Jimin: There you have it. We are dating

Y/N: But-

Jimin: *Cuts you off* Wanna go to the carnival

Y/n: Sure! But not right now I have to go back to school

Jimin: Okay, I will pick you up at your place at 8

*You agree and he walks you back to school*

*After school, and you picked out your outfit for tonight*

Jimin: you look amazing

Y/n: Thanks

Jimin: Let’s play some games

*pulls me by my arm towards the ring toss*

Jimin: Oh! I won

Game owner: What would you like sir

Jimin: I’ll take the giant panda

*Owner hands it to Jimin*

Jimin goes up to you and hugs you with it

Y/n: Aww, baby you didnt have to

Jimin: Your right I wanted to

Y/n: I love you

*You jump on his back and he carries you around for a bit like that you jump down*

Jimin: KIM Y/n!!

Y/n: Yahh

Jimin: Lets get on a roller coaster

*Your afraid of heights and hes aware of it*

Y/n: No, Jimin you know I’m afraid of heights

*He picks you up and slings you on his back so you couldnt get down*

Jimin: Your coming with me. *He laughs*


Jimin: Fine

He laughs.

Jimin: Is that...Jennie and Jungkook?

Jennie: Hey Y/N and Jimin!!

Y/N: Hey Jennie and Jungkook!!

Jungkook: What are you guys doing here?

Jimin: I am taking Y/N on a date. Jennie’s Idea.

Jennie: Aww!

Y/N: *Blushes and hides face in Jimin’s shirt*

Jennie: Lets get on the ferris wheel together. Each couple by themselves!

Jimin: Okay great idea. *Looks at Y/N*

*All Agree to get on the ferris wheel*

Jennie’s Pov: I loved when I seen Y/N and jimin together they are so cute.

Y/N: *Holds Jimin’s hand in line*

Jungkook: *says to Jennie* They look so cute together. I’m so happy for them.

Jennie: Agreed. They are so cute together.

*Jimin looks at you in your eyes and You look at him*

Jimin: You dont understand Y/N after I told you my secret I feel like I can tell you anything.

Jimin: I love you so much

Y/N: Jimin your going to make me cry stop it. I love you to.

Jimin: *smirked* Jennie and Jungkook are staring at us

Y/N: I know they are. When aren’t they? *both laugh*

*After the ride*

Jennie: That was fun!

Y/N: Yeah, it was really fun.

Jimin: I’m glad you all had a good time

Jungkook: *Talking to Jennie* Baby I’m really tired

Jennie: Okay, lets go then. Baii Jimin and Y/N

Jimin & Y/N: Baii!

Y/n So sad They have to go.

Jimin: Its ok, you’ll see them at school tomorrow and besides you got me.

Y/N: True. What time is it?

Jimin: Looks at his watch, 10:49 The parks going to close at 11.

Y/N: We should get home then.

Jimin: Okay, I’ll take you home

Y/N: You don’t have to I’ll take a Uber.

Jimin: No Y/n, Im taking you home *he laughs*

Jimin: So did you like it?

Y/N: No.

Jimin: Whaa, why

Y/N: Because I loved it *You lay your hand under his*

*Jimin looks at you and gives a quick smirk*


Jimin: What!

Y/N: Tae and Hwang going to kill me for being out this late

Jimin: Your how old?

Y/N: 16

Jimin:...And your worried about coming home on time, baby dont worry about them, I’ll handle it. I promise

Y/N: Are you sure?

Jimin: Positive!

Y/N: Okay

*The rest of the car ride was silent*

Jimin: We’re here!

Y/N: Ill see you tomorrow baby. Love you

Jimin: Love you too

*You both kiss and jimin takes off down the road*

Taehyun and Hwang was asleep so you hurry straight to your bed and you get undressed and get in your bed.

*Wakes up to your phone going off*

You look at the time and your an hour late. You jump up and get changed in the outfit you layed out. You run into the living room.

You grab the first thing you see laying on the counter to eat. Its a apple. You bit into it rushing out the door and you grab your bag heading out the door. You call Jennie.

Y/N: Jennie!

Jennie: Yaaa!

Y/N: What are you doing

Jennie: Well I was in class I snuck to the bathroom to answer your call.

Y/N: Sorry..

Jennie: Its okay but whats so important and why arnt you in class?

Y/N: Jeez Jennie so many questions

Jennie: Yaaa So answer them and hurry

Y/N: Is Jimin there?

Jennie: Yeah.

Y/N: Well them him to call me and get back in class

Jennie: Okay are you coming?

Y/N: Yeah.

Jennie: Okay Baii

You call Jimin

Jimin: Hello Y/n?

Y/N: Chimmy

Jimin: Yeah

Y/N: Can you come pick my up and bring me to school.

Jimin: Sorry baby I can’t my car broke down this morning I got to school on the bus.

Y/N: Ughh, Sorry chim chim I got up late this morning. I’ll walk then

Jimin: Babe.

Y/N: Yes

Jimin: Be careful, I dont want anything to happen to you.

Y/N: Okay I promise. I love you.

Jimin: Love you to and I mean what I said Y/N.

Y/N: Chimmy I promised. Baii

You were walking all alone. To make time go faster you scroll thru your phone looking at pictures, playing games, looking at your feed and more.

As I was walking a car pulled up and I got scared my limbs were shaking.

The car stopped and rolled down the window.


RM: Y/N? What are you doing walking your never late.

Y/N: I woke up late.

RM: Oh. Well need a ride?

Y/N: Sure

*You jump in and he starts driving towards the school*

RM: Last night must have been ruff because your never late to class.

Y/N: It wasn’t ruff, I just went to bed really late because me and jimin went on a date.

RM: Oh really! So you guys got a thing going now?

Y/N: Yeah, We also ran into Jennie and jungkook so it was kinda a double date.


Y/N: NO!

RM: I was about to say.

Y/N: It was really fun

RM: Good. Well we are here

*Both of you get out*

Y/N: Thanks Namjoon

RM: No problem

You are walking through the hallways and you pull out your phone to see what time it is.

12:38 *Period: Lunch*

Y/N: Yes! Lunch

Jennie: Y/N!!! Your here!

Y/N: Yep. Taehyun and Hwang

Taehyun & Hwang: Yaa

Y/N: Why didnt you wake me up!

Taehyun: Because you look so cute *smiles*

Hwang: Just because..

Y/N: Ugh...Wheres chimmy

Jennie: Him and Jungkook are getting our lunches

*7 minutes later*

Jennie: Theres our two favorite boys.

*Jungkook gives a bunny smile and jimin laughs*

Y/N: Theres my little chimmy

Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa left with Yoongi, Taehyung, and Namjoon

So its just Jennie, Jungkook, Me and Jimin again.

Jimin: At least it wasnt a phyco. Namjoon is one of the smartest people I know

Jennie & Jungkook agreed

Jennie: I cant beleive its Friday already.

Y/N, Jimin, Jungkook: FRIDAY?!

Jennie: Yeah. See pulls up her calender on her phone.

Jungkook: That means-

Jungkook & Jimin: Tomorrows prom!

*You and Jennie squeal*

Jennie: Me and Y/N are picking out dresses together!

Jungkook: Me and Jimin will get all the guy stuff

After a long day of school and Jimin teasing you your finally ready to pick out things for prom. Your so scared because Karlie is going to be there and she hates you. She is in love with jimin and she’s jealous of you and him. So you decide to show off your date, but little do you know Jimin loves when girls fight over him. Since he’s a vampire he might do something if Karlie hurts you.

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