Another Cinderella


(Bella's POV)

My morning classes weren't so bad. I managed to avoid Eric and Mike. Jessica kept sending glares in my direction, but I ignored them and her. So all together, it was a pretty good morning.

I paid for my lunch and went to sit at the same table as yesterday. I would have skipped lunch today, but I didn't have breakfast this morning in my rush to escape Lauren and Jessica.

I hurried over our table. When I got there, I saw that Emmet, Jasper, and Angela were sitting there too. However, I didn't pay attention. The huge smile on Alice's face was too innocent.

"Alice, what's going on?" I asked cautiously after sitting down beside Angela.

"Nothing." She said in a sweet voice.

"Alice. I've only known you for one day, but I know when your up to something. Tell me."

"Okay. I know where you're going out to dinner tonight."

"So, why is that a big deal?"

"Because, it's going to be somewhere really nice and romantic. And if it weren't my jerk of a brother you were going with, I'd say you would have a good time. However, you will be impressed. At least by the restaurant."

"Where's he taking me that's so fabulous?"

"That's the thing, he told me not to tell you."

"Mm'hm. I see. So, what kind of place is he going to take me to, besides it being nice and romantic?" I asked.

"That's a suprise too."

"Well, what can I know?"

"To meet us outside the gym after school. And that your going to ride with me, Jasper, and Angela on the way to the mall."

"What about my truck?"

"We'll take care of it. Where do you live, so we can drop it off?" Asked Rose.

"On Newberry Road."

"Great. We'll drop it off once we leave class."

"Well, class is going to start in a few minutes. So, I'm going to head on, I'll see you later outside the gym. Bye! "I said while walking towards the door. As I walked down the hallway, I was suddenly pushed against the wall.

I opened my eyes and saw Lauren and Jessica on either side of a girl with strawberry blonde hair. I guessed that she was Tanya. From the expression on her face, she was angry.

"I heard that you were hanging out with Edward. Just to let you know new girl, he's mine. And my assistants here told me that you weren't going to stay away like they ordered. Now that was the wrong thing to say, considering he's somebody else's." Before I could make a come back, someone else answered.

"Leave her alone. She's done nothing to you three. And Tanya, I was never yours." Said Edward, he was standing to my right, looking annoyed. At first, I thought Tanya wasn't going to listen. But then she left with Lauren and Jessica, probably afraid to talk back to me in front of him.

"Thanks Edward. I could've handled them, but that would have turned into a fight. And I don't want to get suspended on the second day of school."

"Don't think about it. Besides, she's been like that since freshman year. And she's still just annoying." That made me laugh. Until at least, the bell rang.

"Shall I escort you to our next class?" He asked.

"I think I can find my way." I told him. So instead, we walked side by side on the way to class. When we got there, everybody stared at us walking in together. I walked to my seat quickly, ready to escape the staring eyes. Soon after that, the teacher appeared and class began.

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