Another Cinderella

Getting Ready

(Bella's POV.)

I met everybody outside the gym after class. As it turns out, Emmet and Jasper were coming also. We all got in our seperate cars and made our way to the mall. Well, everybody except Rose and Emmet. They were going to drop off my car. We would meet them at the mall.

So, I rode with Alice, Jasper, and Angela. It only took us a few minutes to get there. Since Rose and Emmet were on their way still, we waited at the front entrance. We only waited five minutes before they showed up and we went inside.

Going shopping isn't on my favorite things to do list. And going shopping with Alice, well, let's just say I won't make the same mistake again. She is definitely a shop-a-holic. She spent two hours shopping!

We ended up buying a silver dress with little silver discs hanging everywhere except on the straps. We also got some silver one inch heels. They had a strap that wraps around the ankle. Alice also said that she would let me borrow a purse of hers that matches the dress perfectly. It's a small dangle bag. So, once we had everything, we dropped Angela off at her house, then set off towards Alice's house so i could get ready.

When we finally reached her house, Alice was practically bouncing with excitement. I'm pretty sure it was about how she was going to dress me up. The reason why? Because as soon as we stepped throught the front door, she pulled me upstairs to her room.

"Alice, why are you so excited? All I'm doing is going on a date with your brother. And that's only because I'm trying to give him a taste of his own medicine." She didn't listen, she just pulled out the dress and shoes, while Rose got the purse.

"Here, go put this on. The bathroom is to your right." She handed me the dress, then pointed to a door in her room. I walked inside and changed.

When I came back out, I saw so many cosmetics that I would have thought that it was a salon. Instead, it was all of Alice's make up and hair supplies on her dresser, placed right in front of the mirror.

"Sit down, and I'll get started on your make up, while Rose does your hair." Alice told me. So I sat down, for what was about an hour, until they said I could open my eyes. I was relieved it was over with, but then that quickly changed into astonishment. When I looked into the mirror I was amazed at what I saw. Or should I say who?

My hair was curled gently and laying gracefully on my back. Alice had applied some light gray eye shadow and white eyeliner. She also added a thing layer of light pink lip gloss. In all, i didn't even recognize myself.

"Oh my gosh you guys! You did an amazing job! If I didn't know any better, I wouldn't even know it was me." I told them.

"Don't exaggerate. You beautiful Bella. Stop thinking other wise." Rose ordered.

"She's right. Stop thinking negative about your beauty." Alice told me this time.

"Alright you guys. Can I put the shoes on and go? I just want to get this over with." Yet, I couldn't wait for it to start.

"Here you go. Then, we'll head down stairs and you can leave, with us following a few minutes later." Alice informed me.

I put the shoes on, then stood up. I was ready to get this night over with. Alice handed me the purse and we made our way down stairs. As we reached the bottom of the staircase, I saw Edward.

He was wearing jeam pants and a light gray shirt. On his face was that gorgeous crooked grin of his. What! I can't think that about him! The only reason i'm going is to help the plan. Other wise, i would just leave him alone.

"Bella. Are you okay?" Came Edward's beautiful velvet voice. Uh! Stop it!

"Yeah. I was just thinking." I told him.

"Ready? Were riding in my Volvo."

"I"m ready. So lets get going." I said nervously. It wasn't because I'm going on a date with the totally hot Edward Cullen. No, it wasn't that at all. It was because I wasn't sure if the plan would work.

As we walked to his car, I looked back at the rest. They all had reassuring smiles on their faces. They all thought I could to it. They believed in me. It's the first time anyone ever believed i could do anything. So, I took a deep breath and sat down in the leather seat of the Volvo.

As he drove down the road, I looked out the window at the passing trees. Then they became streetlights, and soon, we were parked in front of a restaurant.

Time to get out.

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