Another Cinderella

Dinner and Shock, well, possibly

(Bella's POV.)

Edward came around andopened the door for me. He held out his hand to help me out of the car. When i took hold of it, i felt an electric shock. After i stepped out, i immediately let go.

As he held the restraunt door open, i saw the rest pulling in farther donw in the parking lot. They were careful not to be seen by Edward. I couldn't help but feel grateful, they were here to support me like real friends, friends i never had.

I walked in, and i was captivated by what i saw. It was magnificen! There were vases fo flowers on every table. The entire restraunt was candlelit. It wasjust like Alice had predicted, romantic.

Our waiter made her way over to us and took us to a table near the back. I sat on the facing the door, that way Edward wouldn't see when my friends walked in. Which is happening right now. They sat down two tables away, so they could still hear, but wouldn't be seen.

The waiter came back for our orders, while shooting Edward hopeful glances, and me glares. I ignored them though and told her i wanted the Italian Ravioli and a coke to drink. Edward just had a coke. And as i ate, he stared, but not at the waitress, at me.

Finally, when i had enough of being watched, i asked, "Why are you staring at me?"

"Because i think your beautiful." He said, not missing a beat. He looked into my eyes and said, "You really do look magnificent in that dress."

"Are you sure you aren't just saying that to get on my good side?" I was flattered though, even if it was a lie to trick me.

"I'm positive." He answered matter-of-factly. I still didn't believe him though.

"Well, how about we talk about something else?"

"What do you want to talk about?" I didn't know at first, but then i had an idea.

"Why is Tanya always after you? I know it's none of my business, but i'm curious." I said honestly.

"Why? Jealous?" he had a smirk on his face after that.

"Me? Jealous of Tanya? No way." All he did was shrug, he didn't believe me.

"Remember when i said if you try anything i would avoid you? Well, now you annoying me, which ends up with the same result." I said, sliding my chair back. He grabbed my hand to stop me, but as i felt the same shock as before, i immediately jerked my hand away. He was surprised that i did that, but recovered quickly.

"Bella, all i was saying wast that it sounded like you were jealous, not that i thought you were." He explained. He gave me his crooked smile, which i automatically couldn't resist. I slid my chair back into the table. Edward had a look of relief on his face after i didn't continue to leave.

"I'll stay, but you only have one more chance." I warned. He nodded his head that he understood. Then i started thinking about what we were talking about, Tanya.

"You still didn't answer my question though." I told him.

"I don't know why she's like that. But i always avoid her, Lauren, and Jessica. Those two work for her."

"Yeah. They're witches aren't they, Lauren and Jessica?"

"How do you know them? Besides this afternoon i mea."

"Thanks by the way. I appreciate it alot." I said, trying to avoid the question. I didn't want him to think i was Lauren and Jessica because they're my stepsisters. Wait, why should i care? I don't even like him!

"Your trying to avoid the question, Bella. Just tell me."

"Fine. Lauren and Jessica are my stepsisters. I have to deal with them every day, and that's not a good thing." I tried my best not to give away too much information. I didn't want it to be known that i was abused.

"Uhhh. That must be bad, sorry." He actually sounded sincere. That's a first, i think. I don't know him real well though. The waiter made her way back over to our table to give us the check, i told Edward i had to go to the bathroom before we leave. So i got up and made my way over to the bathroom and into a stall.

As i was leavin, i noticed that Alice and them were talking to themselves instead of paying attention to Edward. But what Edward was doing shocked me, well, not really.

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