Another Cinderella

The Beating

(Bella's POV)

I woke up the next morning quickly. I got dressed in a black, long sleeved shirt, with the shoulder on the right side cut off. A pair of jeans with a belt that went over the shirt at the waist, with the right side up farther. I also put on some black ballet flats, and grabbed my shoulder bag.

When i reached the bottom of the stairs safely, i started to get worried. I knew i was supposed to be in trouble, but so far, nobody's even made a noise. That's what caused the worry.

"Why hello Bella. You finally came home. Where exactly were you last night?" Asked Karen. She was somehow standing in front of me, with Lauren and Jessica right behind her, smirks on all of their faces. This could not be good.

"I was out with some friends." I said. Karen pulled something out of her pocket. And i know it's not a good time for jokes, but it looked like something from midevil times. It was a whip. And she started cracking it.

"Ha, ha, ha. What kind of lie is that? Your pathetic Bella. You always were." Then, she started. I did my best to block the pain, but it was too much. It wasn't lond until i started to scream and cry in pain.

"Girls, you need to get to school, and i need to be going to work." Karen said after an hour of whipping me. I heard the door slam shut and two cars leave. Karen's BMW, and one of their mustangs.

But then i realized what she said, and i looked at the clock, seven-thirty. Just then i heard a car pulling up. At first i tensed, then remembered it was Alice. Only a few minutes later Alice was blowing the horn, then banging on the door. Her and Rose rushed in and saw me on the floor where i had fallen from the attacks.

The last thing i heard was Alice and Rose saying, "Come on Bella! Wake up! You need to wake up!" from beside me.

Then, i blacked out.

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