Another Cinderella

Admitting the Past

(Bella's POV.)

Slowly, my eyes flickered open. I saw Alice and Rose standing over me, one on each side. Then i saw monitors. I was in the hospital. The worst place on earth. Sure, i'm very happy that they cared enough for me to bring me here, but that means i'm going to have to lie to them about what happened, including the doctor.

I looked at Alice and Rose with an 'i'm sorry' expression. They didn't understand it, but they didn't care apparently, as long as i was alright. But then came the dreaded question.

"Bella, what happened?" asked Rose. I took a deep breath, and began.

"I tripped and fell down the stairs. Everybody else had already gone and let me sleep late." Oh, how i wish that was true. But Alice saw through what i said, she knew i was lying.

"That's a load of crap! Even if it was true, you wouldn't have those marks all over your body." That was when i noticed the hospital gown. I had marks on my arms from where Karen had whipped me so hard it went through my clothes. But Alice said they were all over me.

I had to tell the truth, they knew i was lying. And knowing Alice, she would make me come out with it anyway. So i did.

"Alice, Rose, i'll tell you everything, but you have to promise me that you won't say anything to anybody else. Especially Edward. He would start pitying me and that wouldn't work towards the plan."

"Bella! He's already pitying you! He's been out in the waiting room feeling guilty! He thinks you hurt your self because of last night!" Alice yelled.

"Like i would hurt myself because of him. I get enough from my family." They had confused expressions on their faces, which i quickly explained.

"I've been abused all my life. It started with my mom, and it was the same when i came to my dads, but i think worse. That's why i haven't said much about my family, and why i chose to go to your house to show you my cheerleading. I'm really sorry i didn't tell you. Please forgive me." Now they were stunned. Whatever they were expecting, it wasn't this. Then Rose spoke.

"Why didn't you tell us, we would have understood?"

"What was i supposed to say? 'Hi, i've been abused my mom and dad all my life and i really hope i can be your friend?' That's not exactly what people say to make friends, Rose. I've never had friends. I was too afraid they would find out the truth and leave me alone. Plus, everybody always avoided me. They thought i was weird. Or that i believed i was too good for them. That's why i was so suprised and happy that you guys became my friends without me even trying. But i was careful not to say anything though. I understand if you don't want to be my friends anymore."

"NO WAY is that going to happen." Said a new voice. It was Angela, she had been sitting in the chair nearest my bed.

"She's right. Just because you didn't tell us, doesn't mean we can't still be friends. I probably would have done the same thing." Said Rose.

"Me two." Alice.

"Me three." Angela.

"So you guys will be my friends, even if i am abused?" I believed them, but i wasn't sure. I need to check, before got hopeful.

"Bella, have you been listening? We'll always be your friends, no matter what." Said Alice.

"Thanks. But you can't say anything. Not even to Emmet, Jasper and Ben."

"Not even them?" They all made puppy dog faces. They knew that would get me to say yes.

"Fine. You can tell them, but no one else. Especialy Edward." I don't know why i cared so much to keep it a secret from him. I just like it was something that couldn't happen.

"Why? Because you like him?" Asked an eager Angela. She didn't know about last night, so i couldn't be mad. But Rose answered for me.

"If she did, which i doubt, that all changed after last night. And i don't blame her." I would've let her continue, but i needed to get out of here, now. I had to do the chores before everybody got home.

"What time is it? Where are my clothes? I need to get home and do the chores before Karen gets home." I asked.

"Here are your clothes, and it's twelve. I think you should take it easy for the rest of the day though." Said Alice, while handing me my outfit from this morning.

"Thanks. But unless you want me to end up back here again tonight, then i have to get home."

"Then how about we help? We can miss the rest of school." Offered Angela.

"Yeah, i wouldn't mind. I say we do it." Rose agreed.

"Me too." Alice said next.

"You don't have to do that."

"But we do. WE have the responsibility to help you back to health."

"What about Emmet and Jasper, they'll be worrying where you are?" I asked, thinking i had finally got them. But once again, i was proved wrong.

"We already told them that we would help you, even if you did object. They're back at school right now, we had to force them to go to back."

"Alright, you got me. Let me get changed, then we can pick up some breakfast and head to my house." They all nodded and helped me out of bed and into the bathroom. Before i changed, i looked in the floor length mirror. I gasped in shock at my body. I had some red and black spots all over me, mostly on my arms, from where i tried to block the attacks. Thank god i wore a long sleeved shirt. I thought.

I grabbed my clothes and began changing. When i was done, i walked out and we made out way to the check out counter in silence. That is, until, we heard somebody yelling my name.

"Bella! Bella! Wait up!" Edward. I turned around, knowing i would regret this.

"Hey Edward."

"Are you alright? All i know is Alice and Rose found you on the floor at your house with some marks on your arms."

"I'm fine. I just tripped while walking down the stairs. Everybody else had left, so i was by myself. I hit my head pretty hard on the floor when i landed too." Please say that he didn't see all the marks or even how bad they were, then maybe he might believe me. Or he was just a sucker.

The reason i think this, is because of the next thing he said.

"Okay. Well as long as your alright. Are you going back to school?" I couldn't answer at first. He actually believed me? That's a first. I've always been a horrible liar. Then i saw how he was waiting for me to answer, so i did.

"I'm going home so i can rest." It wasn't exactly true. But i will be resting tonight. I really don't want to stay at my house tonight though. I'm not ready to face Karen again. And tomorrows Saturday. Maybe i can stay with Alice this weekend.

After we told Edward bye, we walked out to the car. When inside, i asked Alice about what i was thinking.

"Alice, can i stay at your house this weekend. I really don't want to have to deal with my family."

"Of course, Bella. While we're at your house we can pack you clothes. You don't need permission do you?"

"It wouldn't matter."

"Okay then."

A few minutes later, we pulled up in my driveway. Once inside, the chore doing began. We did the clothes, cleaned the house, dusted, washed the dishes, and put the clothes away. They didn't feel very comfortable about touching Lauren and Jessica's clothes at first, but they got over it. I think it was becaue they didn't want me to go back to the hospital.

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