Another Cinderella

The Shock

(Bella's POV.)

It wasn't until an hour late did we finish. Everybody was still at school, so we went upstairs, packed my bag, and headed over to Alice's house, and started watching movies. After watching half way through the first movie the boys came home. Edward came right up to me, while Emmet, Jasper, and Ben went to their girlfriends.

"Are you feeling better?" Edward asked.

"Yeah. But i've felt worse, so it's not that big a deal." Alice, Rose and Angela gave me pitiful looks again. They knew what i meant i had been treated worse.

"Great. I mean that your feeling better of course, not that you've felt worse. I mean..." He continued until i stood up and put a finger on his lips to quiet him.

"Calm down. I know what you meant. They told me you had been sitting in the waitng room the whole time i was in the hospital." I pointed to my three best friends. It felt so good to call them that now. But then i returned to what i was saying. "Thanks. But i haven't forgiven you for last night." I said while moving my finger from his lips to poke his chest.

A smile formed on his lips. It was half relieved and half ashamed. So he actually feels sorry about what happened, or it's just an act. I thought. I didn't want to talke the chance with the first one.

I sat back down and watched the rest of the movies in the pile, all while ignoring Edward. And still as we got up to go to bed. It wasn't until i was on the brink of sleep did i fell sorry. This causedme to wake up all the way.

I huffed out a sigh as i crawled out of the palet on floor. I walked down the hall to Edward's room. I didn't know what exactly to do, so, i did the most logical thing i could think of. Yep, that's right. I opened his door wide enough so i could squeeze in if i wanted too. Which i did, but only after looking over at Edward's bed. It was empty. I wonder why.

I had never been in Edward's room before, not even seen it. He had a couch against the wall where i was. The one to my right had a closet door, but the rest was covered with racks of cd's. I looked over at his bed again to make sure he wasn't there, still no Edward. Then i walked to the collection. It practically covered the whole wall! I didn't even know where to start. Though i shouldn't even be in here, but i was curious.

Then i saw a cd i loved. It was 'Evanscence, Fallen'. (i really do love them) I then saw a stereo system near the windows, but decidednot to use it. I had already snooped enough. So i put the cd back where i found it and turned right straight into a wall. If walls are very muscular, have bronze hair, emerald green eyes, and are totally hot. I need to stop thinking about him like that!

That's right, i bumped into Edward. What i did next was even worse. He had caught me off guard so i, of course, tripped. Which caused him to catch me, around the waist, tightly, and hold me close to him. Yeah, not my favorite position. I straightened up and tried to back out of his arms. Key word 'tried'. Edward still hasn't let go of me.

"Edward, mind letting go?" At first i though he wouldn't, and be a pig. Instead, he let go immediatly, i think he must have forgotten to the first time. Atleast he did though.

"Sorry." He said sheepishly, then a cute, light blush appeared on his cheeks. Wait, what?!

"Did you just blush?"

"Sort of."

"Since when did you start blushing? I though that was my spot to fill."

"Now you have some competition."

"I'm sure i'll beat you though." Oh, my, god. Am i flirting with Edward?

"I think you can too."

"Is that supposed to be a compliment, or an insult?"

"Definitley a compliment."

What happened next was weird. Edward started leaning down, his yes almost closed. He's a player though, so that was expected. Here's the weird thing.

I was leaning in too.

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