Another Cinderella

I Can't Believe It

(Bella's POV.)

With his lips an inch away from mine and my eyes closed, i realized what was about to happen. I started to pull back, the trance broken, when his lips touched mine. I couldn't help myself, it so good. My arms reached up around his neck and my fingers got tangled in his hair. Then his arms snaked around my waist, pulling me closer.

The kiss was getting passionate, too passionate. So before we went any further, i pulled back, even though i didn't want to. What?! I don't like him! Well, maybe a little. Uhh. I really need to think! But first i have to get out of here.

I looked up at Edward, he had a look of curiousity, joy, and hurt in his eyes. Then they became understanding.

"Sorry, that was wrong. Especially since we're sort of friends. We are friends right?" He asked, unsure.

"Yeah. But try anything, and you can consider yourself friendless. Well, for me atleast."

"Good. I mean that we're friends." He seemed nevous not to say the wrong thing to me.

"It's alright. I guess we are, but nothing more. Friends don't kiss friends. That means, we don't do whatever just happened, any more. Let me list the reasons. We aren't dating and we aren't going to start any time soon. You are a player. The last one goes along with number two. You have girlfriends." I made sure to put an emphasis on the s. He seemed to understand, though he was dissapointed. I looked away from his eyes, and continued.

"We can't tell anybody about what just happened." He nodded his head, then spoke.

"I completely understand. But i think you should be getting back to Alice's room, you don't want her to get suspicious."

"Me too. See you tomorrow."

Then i walked aroudn him and back into Alice's room. ONce back under the covers, i started dream-thinking. I know, it's not an actual word, but couldn't get Edward's kiss out of my mind. I just felt right with him, it was weird. Then i came to a conclusion.

I like Edward Cullen.

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