Another Cinderella

Edward's View

(Edward's POV.)

"Mr. Cullen. Will you please join Ben here? He has a message from your father." Asked Ms. Clayborn. I looked at the doorway and there was Ben. He had an urgent and distressed look on his face. For some reason, i had a feeling what ever he had to say, had something to do with Bella. I got up and hurriedly walked over.

"What is it Ben?"

"Your sister is at the hospital with Rose, Ange, Emmet, and Jasper."

"Why? What happened?"

"When the girls went to pick Bella up..."


"They found her on the floor..."

"What is it Ben? Just spit it out."

"She had marks all over her arms. Her parents were gone, same as Jessica and Lauren. She's asleep right now. They said if she woke up while i was gone they would call."

"Oh god. She must have hurt herself because of last night."

"Last night? What ever happened to her, had nothing to do with you Edward. Now we have to get back to the hospital now, incase she wakes up." I nodded then took off running to the parking lot. Ben at my heels.


I've been sitting out here for hours. Only the girls, my dad, and the nurse were aloud in her room. They don't know what happened to her, just that she has badly bruised marks all over her body. She's been sleeping the whole four hours i've been here; i got here at eight.

Emmet, Jasper, and Ben were here for awhile, but they were convinced to head back to school by their girlfriends. I, on the other hand, couldn't be so easily convinced. I wouldn't leave Bella, not when she did this to herself because of last night, no matter how much my family said that wasn't what happened. Then i asked them how they knew, and they just looked away, unsure of the reason.

I put my head in my hands for the thousandth time that day, then lifted it right back up. I heard screaming, from a room. Bella's room. I got up to go in, but was stopped by a nurse.

"Wait until she comes out." I nodded.

"Is she alright?"

"She's fine except for the scratches, but those will be gone in a few weeks." Another scream erupted from the room.

"Are you sure i can't go in and see her?" She nodded.

"It just sounds like they're having a little arguement about something. Probably about some girl stuff. Nothing important to any of us."

"Knowing Alice, your probably right." She laughed then went to room down the hall. I walked back over to my seat and waited until exited the room.

It was about ten or fifteen minutes later that they did. They were walking to the check out counter then start walking towards the exit. Quickly, i called out,

"Bella! Bella! Wait up!" She looked reluctent at first, but turned around.

"Hey Edward."

"Hi, are you alright? All i know is that the girls found you on the floor at your house with some marks on your arms." I would've said everything that i knew, but the distressed look on her face stopped me. I guess she didn't want me to find out about what happened.

"I'm fine. I just tripped when i walked down the stairs. Everyone else had already left and let me sleep in. When i hit the floor, i hit my head pretty hard." I didn't believe her one bit, but if she didn't want me to know, then i'm not going to pressure her into it. I might as well play along.

"Okay. Well as long as your alright. Are you going back to school?" Idiot! Of course not! She's injured!

"I'm going home so i can rest." I didn't exactly believe that either, but i knew she would get tired sometime or another. If not, Alice would make her get some rest.

"Well, since your awake i should be getting back to school like the others. I'll see you later."

"Yeah." I walked outside after them and over to my car. Then slowly drove to school again. Once back and in my right class, I started thinking. About Bella.

I wonder what could've happened that made her looked so frightened to tell me how she got hurt. Well, i said, or thought, that i wouldn't pressure her into telling me. And that's exactly what i intend on doing.

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