Another Cinderella

The Best Thing Ever

(Edward's POV.)

Emmet, Jasper, Ben, and i were on our way to my house. Luckily we were all able to fit in my car. As we pulled up in the driveway, i could faintly hear voiceds speaking in the living room.

I opened the door and we all walked in. The others to their girlfriends, while i made my way over to Bella.

"Are you feeling better?" I had been worrying about how she was the rest of the time at school.

"Yeah. I've felt worse, so it's no big deal." How has she felt worse, and why? She shouldn't have gone through worse things. It's horrible to even think someone would hurt Bella. Not that i like her. I mean, i'm a player.

"Great. I mean that your feeling better of course, not that you've felt worse. I mean..." I didn't want to offend her and it was always so hard to talk around her. So i carried on until she finally stood up and silenced me by placing her finger on my lips.

"Calm down. I know what you meant. Alice, Rose, and Angela told me you were sitting in the waitng room the whole time. Thanks. But i haven't forgiven you for last night." She removed her finger, then sat back down and ignored me for the rest of the night. I can't blame her though, i was flirting with the waitress.

She had been getting annoying, so i decided to flirt with her, that way she would leave me and Bella alone. But Bella had come out while i had been doing just that. I wish i could've explained what i was doing but she wouldn't listen.

Finally when all the movies had been watched, we went to bed. Well, the girls did. The boys, besides me, went to their homes. Me? I was laying in my bed, trying to get my mind off of Bella and to go to sleep. But that's not as easy as it sounds.

After getting tired of just laying there, i headed down stairs for a glass of warm milk. They say it works to go to sleep, and right now, i need some bad.

I opened up the refrigerator and grabbed the milk, then got a glass from the cabinet. As i poured in the milk, i was still thinking about Bella. I just couldn't get her out of my mind. After drinking the whole glass and putting it in the sink, i made my way back to my room.

But my door was already opened, and inside... was Bella. She was holding my Evanescence cd. I was right behind her when she turned around, causing her to fall backwards, and for me to catch her. I caught her and held her close, making sure she was balancing okay. When i was getting ready to let go, i looked at her face.

She was beautiful. I already knew that the first day i met her though. But with the light from my window shining on her perfect face, it was mesmerizing. I could smell her scent so clearly. Freesias, and the stawberry coming from her hair. She was an angel. She was my angel.

What! She not my anything! I shouldn't be thinking that way about her. I'm a player, i shouldn't feel anything for any girl, except for the ones in my family. But still. It's unusual. But right now i don't care. I nodded in my head to that last thought.

As i was talking to myself in my head, i had zoned out to Bella, who was still in my arms.

"Edward, mind letting go?" I slowly let go, but made sure it was fast enough to seem like normal speed. Truth is, i really didn't want to let go, but i had to, or else she would hate me more then she already does.

"Sorry." Then i felt my cheeks heat up, oh great.

"Did you just blush?" Bella asked. I was hoping she wouldn't notice.

"Sort of." I said, hoping she would let it go.

"Since when did you start blushing? I thought that was my spot to fill." Apparentley you don't always get what you hope for.

"Now you have some competition."

"I'm sure i'll beat you though."

"I think you will too."

"Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult?"

"Definitly a compliment." Then i started leaning in. I though she would just punch me or walk away. But no. She was leaning in too.

With an inch between us, she finally started to pull back, like i had expected her to before. But before she got away, i smashed my lips to hers. Her arms rapped themselves around my neck and intangling her fingers in my hair. I started snaking my arms around her, pulling her as close as possible.

It was amazing. I didn't want to let go. I wouldn't. But i had to. But i'm not. I can't. But she wanted to. She could. She did.

"Sorry, that was wrong. Especially since we're friends. We are friends right?" I wasn't intirely sure if we were or not.

"Yeah. But if you try anything, you can consider yourself friendless. Well, for me atleast." I was joyed, yet scared. I didn't want to lose her as a friend.

"Good. I meant that we're friends." I really didn't know what to say, or how to say it.

"It's alright. I guess we are friends. That means we don't kiss. Ever. I'm not your girlfriend and i don't plan on being one of your many." That hurt a little bit, but she had a point. I shouldn't be treating all of those girls that way. So i'm gonna stop doing that, for Bella. For me, and for all those girls i've hurt. I'm not going to be a player.

"So make sure you don't tell anybody about us kissing." I nodded my head to reassure her.

"I completely understand. But you should be getting back to Alice's room before she gets suspicious." I really just wanted to be by myself so i could think.

"Me too. See you tomorrow." Then she walked around me and through the door. After i heard her shut the door to my sisters room, i quickly walked over and layed down on my bed.

It was all weird. I don't her to think i'm being a pig by spending alot of time with her. But i just feel this magnetic pull towards her. I can't put my finger on why i feel this way for this one girl. It's just weird, and different. I've never felt like this before.

Then i figured it out. I like Isabella Swan.

There's no way i'm going to sleep tonight.

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