Another Cinderella

An Idea

(Bella's POV.)

My bruises were still sore the next morning, but i didn't tell the others that. They shouldn't have to worry about me any more than they have to. So i did my best not to wince while getting dressed and walking downstairs. As we walked by the calendar in the kitchen, i noticed it had tryouts written for today. The cheerleader tryouts.

"You guys, i totally forgot you had to do tryouts today. When do they start?"

"Next Saturday." Alice said simply while grabbing three bowls and some cereal, while Rose got the spoons and Angela the milk.

"Next Saturday? Earlier this week you said today."

"Yes. But earlier this week you weren't in a hospital bed. Besides, we already called the school and told them that we had to postpone it. Because we were taking care of you."

"Yeah. We thought it was best since your way more important then some people trying to cheer." Said Angela. I didn't say anything though. Instead i just walked right straight up to them, and hugged.

"You are the best friends anybody could ever have."

"Thanks." They all said at the same time. Then a chorus of grumbles came from our stomachs. Which made us fall laughing onto the floor, while holding our staving stomachs. It wasn't until they growled again, did we calm down. We filled our bowls and sat down at the table, trying to take control of our left over giggles.

"So what do we want to do today?" Alice asked cheerily.

"Why don't we just stay here? That way Bella can rest." Suggested Angela.

"I don't feel like being stuck in a house all day again." I told them. Plus, Edward's going to be here. I'm not ready to confront him yet.

"Okay. Well we can..."

"No Alice. We are not going shopping." I said firmly.

"Fine." She pouted.

"Why don't we go to the movies?" Rose asked from my right. Alice was sitting across from her, and Angela from me.

"That's too loud."

"How about we go to La Push?' I said while looking out the window. It was one of the rare sunny days in Forks.

"That doesn't sound so bad. I'll be nice and quiet so you can rest." Angela agreed.

"Yeah. And it won't be crowded like the mall." Alice of course.

"And the beach is absolutely beautiful. I say we go after we eatting." Rose suggested.

"Me too. So get eatting!" I rushed them.

I just wanted to hurry up and leave. Edward's here and i'm getting tired of seeing the same old walls so much. Most of it's Edward though. Okay, all of it's Edward.

After we all finished and rinsed our bowls out, we went out to the car and headed to a sunny La Push.

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