Another Cinderella

Who I Like

(Bella's POV.)

We pulled up in the parking lot near the beach. I could already hear the crashing sounds of waves, and smell the salt in the air. We climbed out of the car, then went around to the trunk to get our stuff. Which was alot. We brought what was on the list and more.

1. Beach towels

2. Volleyballs

3. Beach balls

4. Sun tan lotion

5. Umbrellas

6. Matts

7. Bathing suits

8. Bathing suit covers

9. Spare change of clothes

10. Surfboards

11. Swim shoes

12. Body suits

13. Goggles

14. Flippers

15. Swim cap

16. Make up

I mean make up! We're going to a beach, not the prom! Alice says we'll be needing it once we're finished. Oh well, i can't do anything now. We grabbed our numerous things. Each of us with four bags. As we walked along the beach, our feet covered in sand, it was easy to relax. Alice finally found the perfect spot.

It was near where the woods and waves met. We just weren't too close to either. I layed down the matts and then the towels. Rose set up the umbrellas and surfboards. Alice grabbed the things we need right now from the bags, then placed the near the umbrellas. While Angela placed the balls near them. After we all had changed into our bathing suits and put the sun tan lotion on, we went to the water.

Alice was wearing a two piece cammo bathing suit. Rose with an ice blue one, Angela with a purple, and me wearing a dark blue. I actually didn't feel like swimming yet, so i put my shorts back on and sat down on one of the fallen trees. It wasn't until the otheres were having a water fight, Alice winning- that pixie can move fast!, that i felt the tree move underneath me.

Why aren't you out there with your friends?" Came a rough voice from beside me. I turned in its direction and saw a boy around my age. He had tan skin and dark black hair. He was one of the quiletes that live in La Push.

"I just didn't want to swim yet. Besides, it's too beautiful of a view."

"What i see right now is." Is he talking about me? He can't be. But i wasn't sure, so i pretended like i didn't hear him.

"So, do you live around here?" I asked.

"Yeah. Actually, our dads know each other. I'm Jacob Black. My dad's Billy Black." No wonder he seemed familiar.

"Oh. I'm Isabella, but i prefer Bella."

"Well, it's nice to meet you Bella."

"You too Jacob."

"You can just call me Jake, all my friends do."

"Okay." We were silent for a while, just watching the waves and listening to all the noises. That is, until i was suddenly lifted off of the fallen tree adn being carried to the water. I tried squirming out of my captures arms. When i couldn't, i started kicking and throwing punches, all while screaming. But none of it worked.

"Calm down, Bella. You're making this harder then it has to be." I knew that voice, i heard it a few minutes ago.

"Jake? What are you doing?"

"I'm taking a swim."

"Well, can you put me down first?" I hadn't noticed that he had walked us into the water.

"Okay." He dropped me in the ice cold water, but not before i let out an ear piercing scream.

"Dang it Bella. I think you busted my ear drums." Jake said once i came back up. I was gasping for air, and the water temperature didn't help any. It was freezing, and all i was wearing was a small two piece bathing suit and shorts.

"You're going to die Jacob Black! Die!" I launched at him, hoping i could bring him in the water too. He was so surprised that i did this, that he fell flat back in the water as soon as i pushed against him. But instead of standing back up, he brought me down with him.

"So did you enjoy your swim?" He asked sarcastically.

"Uhh." I stood back up and walked farther into the water, farther away from him.

"Looks like someone has a hot head. Maybe i should fix that." Then i could feel water hitting my back. I turned to him, getting frustrated. I was happy, though. Glad i could take a break from everything and have fun. But i didn't let any of it show on my face as i spoke.

"You didn't."

"I did."

"Well then. I guess i'll just have to do it back." I picked up a handful of water and threw it directly in his face.

"You're going to pay for that."

"Make me." Then we started a humungous water fight. Alice, Rose, and Angela joined in, but it was mainly Jake and me. Once we were soaking wet and tired, we stopped for lunch. Us girls brought some sandwhiches with us, that way we wouldn't have to spend any money, though Alice had tons of it. Unfortunately, Jake didn't bring any, do i split my sandwhich with him.

"Peanut butter and jelly is my favorite." He said after taking a bite. I laughed a little then said,

"You know, you're supposed to say thank you."

"Thank you." He said in one of those really sweet voices that you use when you try to act innocent, except it was more cheerful. It only caused me to laugh more. When i had control over my left over giggles, i saw the look on the other girls faces. They had sneaky smiles on them. But the one on Alices' face made me a little scared. I just ignored them, though i had an idea of what they were for. I didn't want to argue about that particular subject right now, especially when i knew it had something to do with Jake.

"You guys didn't wait for us! That's just rude." Somebody yelled from the parking lot.

"Emmet? Jasper? What are you guys doing here?" I asked. By then we were all standing up and walking over to them.

"You forgot me." A velvet voice said in my ear. I spun around and there was Edward, looking god like in his emerald green swimming trunks. They match his eyes. OK! Where did that come from? Oh right, i like him. But i can't, he's a player. Uhh. It was so much easier when i didn't like anybody.

"Hey Edward." I finally said. I was trying to break the awkwardness of the situation. Even though it may not be a real word, you could feel the tension between us, or we could atleast.

"Hey Bella."

"So what are you guys doing here?"

"What? You don't want us to be here? That hurts Bella, it really does." He said while making a puppy dog face and patting the spot where his heart was.

"No, i just though you were going to stay home today." "We were, until i heard that you girls were going to the beach. It sounded like fun so i called Emmet and Jasper to come with."

"Whatever you say stalker."

"I am not a stalker. I just thought it sounded fun."

"Mm'hm. Well, how exactly did you hear our little conversation if you were still asleep? That is, if you even went to sleep, seeing as we were up fairly early this morning." He didn't answer. I had gotten him that time. Which just added to the smile on my face.

"What i thought. Well, how about we get back in the water. Because it's getting hot out here. Which rarely happens." I told everyone. We all grabbed our surfboards, the guys and Jake had brought their own, and hurried into the water. I was having a little trouble doing it though.

"Need some help?" Asked Jake.

"No thanks, i think i got it." Them i fell into the water, again. "Okay, so i need a little help." I stood back up, but then slipped on a rock in the sand. "Make that alot. Think you can teach me?"

"Of course."


Jake spent the rest of our day at the beach teaching me how to surf. It was hard, but incredibly fun. Once the sun started setting, we changed into our regular clothes and started packing up everything. After all of our bags were in the car, i turned to say goodbye to Jacob.

"I guess i'll see you around Jake."

"Yeah." We stood silent for a while, until i said. "See you soon." I turned to get in the car, but he grabbed my arm.

"Actually, i was wondering if you would have dinner with me."

"I'm sorry Jake, but i already like someone."

"Oh. Okay. I understand." He let go and started to walk away, a glum expression on his face.

"Jake?!" I called out. He instantly turned back around.

"Maybe we could go to dinner some time. As friends." I was pretty sure i heard a small growl nearby.

"Great. When do you think i can pick you up?" I didn't really pay attention to his question, so i didn't focus on what my answer should have been. I was wondering where the growl came from.

"How about next Saturday after tryouts?"

"Sure. I'll pick you up at six. Bye Bella!"

"Bye Jake!" I yelled to him as he ran off. I turned and got in the car, only to be pounced on with questions.

"Who?" Alice asked. I decided to play dumb.

"Who what?"

"You know who what."

"What who?"

"You know what who? The person you like!"


"Bella, if you don't tell us right now, we are heading straight to the mall for the rest of the day."

"NO! I'll tell you, just don't take me to the mall!"

"Then start telling."

"He's someone you know."

"I have to guess?"


"Okay. Mike?"

"Heck no. He's been with us at the beach."

"Jake?" asked Angela.

"No. I told him i liked someone else."

"You do not like Emmet do you?" Rose asked desperately.

"No, he's yours. I don't take other peoples boyfriends. I'm not Tanya."

"True. But what about Jasper?" Asked Alice.


"But that just leaves..." Angela let her voice trail off, figuring it out.

"When?" Asked Alice, a little surprised.

"Last night."

"How?" Rose asked.

"We kissed."


Thankfully, only Angela was in the back seat with me. Atleast she won't try to hurt me, i think.

"Tell us everything!!" Alice yelled.

"I felt bad about the way i ignored him last night, so i went into his room to apologize."

"Then what?" Angela asked.

"I looked at his cd collection, and when i turned around, i bumped into him. I fell backwards. He caught me, held me close. Then we sorta...flirted a little. Then we leaned in and kissed." I said quickly.

"Oh." Angela."My." Rose."GOD!" Alice, of course. "I can not believe that you like my brother. Much less that you kissed him."


"It's fine. Because i think he likes you too. It's just i never thought he would actually like somebody. He's never liked anybody before. He..." She continued her babbling all the way back to her house. I ignored her though. I kept quiet and thought of what she said.

Because i think he likes you too.

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