Another Cinderella

A Flashback Fight

(Bella's POV.)

It'sI been a week since the day at the neach. I've been hanging out with Jake more. He's going to start Forks High on Monday. The only problem is, when ever Edward sees us together, he looks sad. Then he starts to glare at him. I have no idea why. Jake and i aren't even dating. Besides, Jake already has a girlfriend, Leah. It's not like Edward likes me any way, no matter what Alice may say. Or does he? I don't know, and i don't care, not anymore. Not since the fight.


We had just gotten back back from the back, and we were all tired. We got our showers and changed then sat down in the living room for a movie. Angela and i were sitting at the opposite ends of the couch Alice and rose were with Emmet and Jasper on the other one. While Edward sat alone in the chair. For some reason he had been sneaking glances at. Which made me wonder if Alice was right. How did i know that he was sneaking glances? Because i was doing the same back to him.

As soon as the movie was over i went to the kitchen for popcorn, ready to get out of the tense area. We were all getting hungry any way, especially Emmet.

"I'll help." Edward offerred, rising from his chair.

"I think i can handle popcorn Edward."

"I know, i just want to help."

"Once again, i think i can handle popcorn."

"Yeah. But how are you going to carry it all? Plus, you're a klutz. I don't want to eat popcorn off the floor." I blushed, either with anger or embarassement, i'm not sure. Then walked away, not saying anything.

I hoped he would follow, which i knew he would. He wouldn't want to eat popcorn off the floor, now would he! I grabbed three bags of popcorn, while Edward grabbed the bowls.


"So what?" i asked. He was being cautious, which was unlike him.

"Are you and Jake together?" I was so taken by surprise that i dropped the bag of freshly poppped popcorn.

"Here, i got it." We both leaned down at the same time and our hands met. I felt the same eledtric shock as before. I quickly pulled away and let him grab the bag.

"Why would it matter?" He answered with a shrug.

"I just wanted to know. I didn't want you to get hurt."

"Unlike all the girls you've dated?" I was getting a little annoyed.

"No, i mean yes. I don't know. I just don't want to see you hurt."

"Yet you enjoy breaking other girls hearts. Besides why do you care?"



"I don't know."

"I should've known. Once a player, always a player. You'll never change." I grabbed the bowls and hurried back into the living room.

End Flashback

Uhhh. Who am i kidding? I still like him, and probably always will.

I breathed a stress filled sigh and walked downstairs. Today's the tryouts, and let's just say i'm a little nervous. Okay, i'm beyond nervous.

Wish me luck!

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