Another Cinderella


here it is!

"Hey Bella! Over here!" Alice and Rose yelled across the gym. . Everyone there turned to me, which caused me to blush. I hurried over to the long table where they sat. Them and the coach were judging everyone.

"You ready Bella?" Rose asked.

"I hope so." I smiled to them and they did the same. I backed up far enough to where i wouldn't be able to hit anyone. They gave me a thumbs up as the music started. I took a deep breath and did my routine.

I didn't make a single mistake, i couldn't. That was before i got to my last cartwheel. I was already flipping upside down when i felt something wet underneath my hand. My foot touched the floor and i slipped.

"Ahhh!" I screamed. I heard everybody laughing the coach, Alice, and Rose rushed to me. When their feet touched the wet floor, they started to lean back, as if to fall, then straightened up.

"Bella, are you alright?" Asked Alice.

"I'm fine. Just wondering how the water got here. It was dry when i walked in."

"We saw Jessica and Lauren poor some of their water onto the floor. We were going to warn you, but you were already flipping."

"I'll go have a talk with them right now." the coach said. She stood up after checking for injuries and walked over to them. I turned to Alice and Rose, then stood up.

"Well, i guess that's the end of my audition." They laughed some as we started to walk away.

"Come on Bella. Let's get you cleaned up and ready for your dinner.

"Fine. Just don't go all out."

"I won't." The glint in her eye told me not to believe that. But i went along anyway.


"There you go." I looked into the full length mirror and gasped. Alice did stay true to what she said. I was dressed up, yet casual at the same time. My dress was a dark brown spaghetti strap dress. A bow was tied around the waist, then there was a design at the bottom. Thankfully she chose a pair of flats for me to wear instead of heels, thank god.

"Stop acting so surprised. You're gorgeous. And tonight you're going to make a certain boy jealous." Alice whispered in my ear. I blushed at the comment then turned and gave them each a hug. We smiled to each other then walked downstairs. Jake is supposed to be here soon, so we sat down to watch some tv. It wasn't long until we heard the beeping of his car outside. I stood and opened the door.

"Wow. You sure do dress up when it's just friends." he stated, taking in my outfit. He was wearring a t-shirt and jeans, which i would kill to be wearring right now. Sure, i look nice, but i'd rather be casual then dressed up.

"I didn't have a choice in the matter. The two shoppers over here made me wear it."

"Well, thank you the two shoppers. She looks beautiful." He looked at me and i blushed at what he said.

"How about we leave before i have to put some more ridiculous on." He laughed as i pushed him out the door.

"Sure." He opened my door and helped me inside. He walked around to his side and got in as well. As we pulled out of the drive way and onto the road, i could've sworn i saw the curtain in Edward's room close.

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