Another Cinderella

Definitely Not What I Hoped For

(Bella's POV)

Jake was taking me home while we talked about random things. I kept n having a feeling that something was going to go wrong though. I just pushed it aside; I didn't want it to get in the way of my good time. It wasn't until we had stopped talking and I looked out the window did I realize where we were.

"Um, why are we here?" He pulled to a stop.

"Because I'm taking you home and I wanted to see Charlie. He doesn't come down to the reservation much anymore. I guess he's busy with work." Jake got out and came around to my side. We walked up the driveway and to the front door. The whole time I was trying to get him to leave.

"What's the matter Bella? Do you hate me or something?"

"No, Jake. It's just there's something I don't want you to know."

"A secret? Bella whatever it is, I'm sure it can't be that bad."

"You have no idea." I mumbled.

"Come on Bells. You can tell me." Should I tell him? Can I tell him? If I do, will he be disgusted by me and not want to see me again? I instantly shook my head at the thought. Jake wouldn't be like that. However, he did take the shaking of my head as a no.

"Oh, I'll see you Monday then." He turned but I grabbed his hand.

"I didn't say no. Just wait for me in my room. Make sure they don't hear or see you. Listen to what happens."

"What are you talking about? How am I supposed to get in your room without being seen or heard?"

"You climb the tree." I pointed to the tree that had somehow grown up and over to my window. I used to climb out and go for walks when it got really bad.

"Fine. But once I'm up there, you're going to explain everything."

"I promise."

"Good. Wish me luck." He walked over and started to climb. I waited until he was inside to open the door. I looked around, see nobody. But that's impossible. All the cars are home. I walked forward more, so where the door the door was a foot or more behind me.

Then I heard it slam shut.

Oh, no.

I spun around, only to be punched. I fell to the ground from the unexpected hit. I slowly looked up and saw Charlie.

"You ungrateful little girl! You're late! It's 6:10; you were supposed to be here at six! Now how's supper going to start! Get up! And what are you doing in those clothes? Where were you?"

"I was out with a friend." He snorted. Then Jessica and Lauren appeared behind him.

"Like you have any friends."

"Who would want to even see you, let alone be friends?"

"You've seen me with my friends at school! You know who they are! Your little skank of a leader is dating Edward!" They growled, clearly not liking any insults to Tanya. That was when I saw that Karen had come out of the kitchen. She hissed at me then slapped my face.

"How dare you insult my perfect daughters? Or sweet Tanya? You're the one who's a skank." Then they all started hitting and kicking me, making me fall to the ground once more. Finally, when I was laying flat on the floor, they left.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about dinner. WE already ate. Now get up to your room. Now!" Charlie yelled. Not wasting anytime, I did as he said. I closed and locked the door then slumped to the ground in tears. I pulled my knees up and put my head in my hands.

I didn't notice until he was right beside me, that Jake was still here. He pulled me into his arms and tried to calm me down. None of it worked though. My secret was out, again. I was sore and sure I had a ton of bruises. And I wouldn't be surprised if Jake never wanted to see me again.

"Calm down Bella. I'm here, I'll help you." The one thing that I wished he would say he didn't. The one thing I hoped for would never happen. That everything would be alright. I knew why he didn't say it though. He didn't want to lie. He knew just as well as me that it would never be okay.

"I'm sorry Jacob." I whispered into his chest.

"For what?" He asked confused.

"That you had to hear that, and that I ruined your shirt." His shirt was ruined from my tears.

"You don't have to be sorry about that. I wish I could've gone down there and help though. It sounded rough. I'm pretty sure I almost busted your pillow, I was squeezing it so hard." He was telling the truth, but trying to cheer me up. It worked because I laughed.

"Thanks, Jake; you really are a good friend."

"Why thank you, but you need to get some rest so you'll feel better. What kind of a fried would I be if I let you stay up all night?"

"I guess a bad one." I started to get up when I was suddenly lifted off the ground.

"Jake! What are you doing? Put me down!" I whispered shouted.

"I'm putting you in bed." He pulled back the covers then placed me under them once I layed down.

"Thanks, but you didn't have to do that."

"I know, I just wanted to help. Right now I have to go though, s I'll see you Monday."

"See ya." He walked over to the window and climbed down the tree. I herd the motor start then pull away. I looked up at the ceiling, thinking of everything.

I was relieved that I had told Jake. I'm pretty sure Emmet and Jasper know about my secret, just trying not to show it. Alice, Rose, and Angela have kept quiet about it. Then there's Edward. What am I going to do? I know he doesn't like me. He can't I'm too plain. And he definitely can't learn about my secret. Then he would probably never even look at me again. Uhh, why does this always happen to me? When will this end?

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