Another Cinderella


(Bella's POV)

I was having a bad feeling. Something's going to happen today, I thought. I leaned up off of my bed and instantly felt sore. I still have some of the bruises from Saturday showing, but they're barely noticeable. I haven't talked to Jake since that night. Not that I expected him to just walk right in commanding that I go with him to the movies or something. He needed time to get it in his head.

The others on the other hand, they were wondering what had happened. I didn't tell them anything. I haven't even talked to them all weekend. I only talked a little bit to Alice, but that was just to tell her that I didn't feel good and not to come over. I rolled off of the bed and went to my closet.

I chose a simple dark blue, long sleeved shirt, a pair of dark jeans, black vans, a jean jacket, and my over the shoulder bag. I hurried down the stairs and drove to school, barely paying attention to the surroundings. I climbed out of my car and made my way up to them, while looking for Jake.

"He's in the office." Alice said.

"Who?" I asked innocently.


"Why would I care where Jake is?"

"Why don't you tell us that."

"It's nothing."

"Nothing my butt. We know something's up. Now explain."

"Fine, I told him." I tried to explain without Edward finding out.

"You told him what?" They asked carefully, suspecting but not sure.

"You know what?" I murmured.

"What?" they shouted. Jasper and Emmet had shocked expressions proving my suspicions. Edward was the only one that was confused.

"Well, I didn't actually tell him, he sort of heard it." I tried to shrug like it was no big deal, but we both knew better.

"What?" they repeated.

"What? What's the matter?" Edward questioned.

"Oh my god, Bella, are you alright?" Rose asked.

"Yeah, a little sore."

"Bella, why didn't you stay home?"

"It wouldn't have helped any."

"Oh." she said, getting my point.

"What?" Edward asked again.

"Nothing." I brushed passed them and walked inside into the hallway. As I did I saw Jake walk out of the office.

"Hey Jake." I said cautiously.

"Hey Bells."

"So what classes do you have?"

"Government, English, Biology, Spanish, lunch, Trig., then Gym."

"Great. We have gym together. I could use a little help. I am a klutz after all." he laughed a little then nodded. The bell rang and we made our way to our classes.

Lunch time

"Ms. Swan, can you come with me please?" Mr. Varner asked. (I've developed a theory recently. Even if teachers as you to do something, they're actually ordering, just trying to be polite, but us kids and teens aren't that stupid. To all you teachers in the world, you might want to learn acting classes, cause we sure aren't buying it!)

We were at our normal lunch table, talking about the rumor of an in school texting program.

"Sure. What for?"

"I'm sorry to tell you this Bella, " he said in a hushed tone. "But your father has been in a horrible car accident while at work."

"Is he alright?" I asked quickly.

"He's in critical condition. Dr. Cullen is treating him now. You and the Cullen's are excused for the rest of the afternoon."

"Can the Hale's, Emmet, and Jacob come?" There was no way I was leaving without them.

"I suppose. Good luck to your father." he said as we hurried from our table and out the door.

Rose, Jasper, and Emmet piled into her BMW, while Edward, Alice, Jacob, and I climbed into the Volvo. Both cars went well over the speed limit as we sped down the road. No one said anything. No one had to. Nothing to say. Nothing that any of the three of us could say that is. We were all speechless, surprised by the fact that my father may die today. Is dying right now.

We pulled up in a space close to the door. We all climbed out of the cars and ran into the building. There was only a few patients in the waiting area. The lady at the desk was sitting in her chair, typing on the keyboard set in front of her. I quickly made my way over to her.

"Miss, what room is Charlie Swan in?"

"Are you a relative?" she asked.

"I'm his daughter." I tried my best to calm down as she looked on the computer.

"Room, 315."

"Thank you." We hurried down the hall to his room. I stopped in front of the door, my hand wrapped around the door knob.

What if I was too late?

What if he was already gone?

"Come on Bella. You can do it. He's fine. Carlisle's taking care of him. You know how good of a doctor he is." Edward encouraged. I nodded my head. He was right, I can do this. Can't I? I twisted the knob and cautiously opened the door. Laying in the bed was my dad. He looked horrible.

Cuts and scratches covered his face and arms. I couldn't see his legs, they were covered by the blanket he was under. I don't I think I would've wanted to see what they looked like any way. I tore my gaze from his to the only other person in the room.

"How is he?" I asked Carlisle.

"I'm sorry to say this Bella," No, this can't be happening.

"But your father's," No, this can not be happening. But the tears were already flowing down my cheeks.

"Dead." he finished. At that I collapsed. I was barely aware of the arms that catched me, or the voices screaming my name. I only paid attention to the body of my father.

He's dead. My dad's dead. I'm an orphan.

He had been awful to me, yes. He had tortured me. Him, his wife, and step daughters.

But now he's dead. Gone. Forever. Never coming back.

I didn't say anything. I didn't do anything. I couldn't. Just stare numbly at my dead father. Tears seeming to forever stream down my face.

"Bella? Are you alright?" Edward stood I front of me holding my shoulders. I looked to my left to see Angela, who must have arrived a while earlier, Alice, and Rose crying. Their boyfriends comforted them while still looking sad. I looked to my right to see Jake standing by Charlie. He had a miserable expression on his face, yet it was relieved at the same time. I'm sure mine looked the same.


"Mm'hm?" He looked towards me.

"What am I going to do."

"I don't know Bells. But we'll figure this out." He came over and hugged me into him.

Edward had dropped his hands and walked into a corner, looking even more depressed. And something told me it had nothing to do with Charlie. I nodded into Jake's chest, then looked up.


"For what?"

"For Saturday."

"You're welcome Bella. You're very welcome."


Dear Diary,

The beatings got worse and more frequent. I've been sore every day and have been taking every chance I could get to stay away from home. If you can call it that. But maybe everything will be alright n the end.

I only wish I knew when that was.

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