Another Cinderella

IST: continued

(Bella's POV.)

Over the years I've saved my money enough to get me a laptop. Thankfully none of my supposed family has found out that I do. So what I did when I got home was grab my laptop and write a note that there was some spaghetti in he fridge for supper to be heated up. Then that everything was clean and all the clothes were washed. So I was basically giving no them no excuse to complain. After I had it written and placed it on the table, I drove to the Cullen's.

Alice had invited me so that way we could do our texting together, even if we weren't going to be texting each other. At first I was nervous because of Edward but then figured I'd just ignore him. I made my way up the stairs and to Alice's room. I knocked and she immediately opened her door. Inside was also Rose and Angela.

"Hi guys."

"Hey Bella." I sat down so that I was leaning against the end of her bed. The others were circled around me.

"So let's get started." Rose rushed. We each grabbed our laptops and went to the login page. We chose our school then typed in my name, age, and grade. The last slot though was for username. I looked up and peeked at the others to see hat they had.

Alice: pixiegurl17

Rose: rosepetals

Angela: snowangel92

That's when I thought of something, I typed in the name Another Cinderella. Then the screen suddenly showed a chat room with only one other person in there. Their name was reallyhidden.

Hi I typed.

really hidden: hey

AC: So…….

reallyhidden: So, what's with your name?

AC: Trust me, you don't want to know

reallyhidden: Ok……

AC: What about yours?

reallyhidden: that's easy.

AC: Then answer

reallyhidden: it's because people don't know the real me

AC: huh?

reallyhidden: it's just that I put on a show so I could be popular and it became me. But since I've met someone I've started to become myself again. But I can't find enough courage to not be Mr. Popular.

AC: Wow, your life sucks.

reallyhidden: Not really, it's just complicated. I have someone really special to me in my life, so I'm able to get through it.

AC: well that's good, and that actually sounded sweet for a popular. You guys tend to be harsh.

reallyhidden: I know, but I don't like that.

AC: good because otherwise I would have logged off of her right then.

reallyhidden: thank god for you not, I'd be incredibly bored.

AC: well you certaintly know how to charm a girl

reallyhidden: let's just say I've had practice

AC: lol, probably

reallyhidden: so what's your name?

AC: again, lol. I don't think we're supposed to tell each other that just yet.

reallyhidden: but we can guess

AC: I still don't think we should do it though

reallyhidden: Brittney? Bonnie? Bethany?

AC: you have the right letter, that's all I'm saying, now give me a hint.

reallyhidden: sorry, but is a secret I will carry to my grave.

AC: please? (makes puppy dog face)

reallyhidden: no

AC: : (

reallyhidden: lol

AC: so what do we do now?

reallyhidden: want to play 20 questions?

AC: sure

reallyhidden: favorite book, or do you not read?

AC: Wuthering Heights, and I love to read.

reallyhidden: color

Immediately my thoughts flashed to Edward.

AC: green

reallyhidden: that's the same as mine, song?

AC: Sick and Tired (candles) by The White Tie Affair (I absolutely love that song!)

reallyhidden: mine too

We continued like this until Esme called us all down for supper.

Reallyhidden: have to go for supper

AC: same here

Reallyhidden: tomorrow, same time?

AC: sure

Reallyhidden: l8r

AC: u 2

I logged out and shut off the computer. I was first to the door so I had to open it. Across the hall, Edward did the same thing. I looked over at him and flashed him a small smile then headed down stairs.

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