Another Cinderella

A ball?

(Bella's POV.)

It's been two weeks since i started talking to reallyhidden. It's been a blast. It turns out that we have a lot in common. We've becoming really good friends. the only problem is, i don't know who he really is. Over the past two weeks we've continued our 'Game of Name' as we call it. Let's just say we still only have the first letter.


reallyhidden: can you please just tell me your name?

AnotherCinderella: nope, it's against the rules.

reallyhidden: come on, we can break the rules.

AnotherCinderella: no, but we can cheat around them.

reallyhidden: how?

AnotherCinderella: well, they said we couldn't tell, not that we couldn't guess.

reallyhidden: why you devious little girl.

AnotherCinderella: i prefer genius

reallyhidden: lol

AnotherCindrella: well, you know what my name starts with, what about yours?

reallyhidden: E

AnotherCindrella: Edgar, Edwin, Ezekiel

reallyhidden: not even close. what kind of names are those anyway?

AnotherCinderella: lol, old ones

reallyhidden: k, my turn. Becky, Beth, Belle?

AnotherCinderella: you were close with the last one

reallyhidden: you were close with Edwin.

AnotherCinderella: so, do we continue guessing or wait until 2morrow?

reallyhidden: 2morrow, i g2g2 bed

AnotherCinderella: same here

End Flashback

In the past few days we've continued and nobody has been right yet. Good news is that edward and I have gotten closer. He's stopped being a jerk and i've forgiven him. so i guess you could say e're friends now. Since today's Thursday i've got to go to school.


"Hey you guys." I called.

"Hey Bells." They answered.

"Guess what Bella!" Alice exclaimed.

"What Alice?"

"There's going to be a dance tomorrow nightin th gym! It's going to be awesome! The thing is though, you have to dance with your ISN partner at the last song. then you have to take off your mask once you're finished."


"It's a masquerade ball! I already have the perfect outfit for you. I based it off of your penname. you're going to have a white ball gown, white heels, a white colored mask with crystals on it. Your hair will be done in curls, and your make up...!"

"Alice calm down!"

"Sorry." She mumbled. I laughed before continuing.

"I appreciate you thinking of all of that Alice, but i'm not going."

"But you have to, it's mandatory. Plus, i already have everything."

"What? You already have the dress and everything?"

"Yep. I knew you wouldn't want to come so i went ahead and got the dress. BEcause i also knew that you would feel bad about me wasting money and blah, blah, blah, like you normally do."

"Alice." I groaned, even though she was right.

"Oh, come on, you'll have fun. Now let's get to class." She grabbed my arm and carried me inside.

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