Another Cinderella

After Heartbreak Comes Change

(Bella's POV.)

Already it's time for the ball. Alice already has me in my dress and my hair and make up is already done. My dress is white like Alice said, sort of. She just didn't tell me it was a tube dress. The dress has a white top with a black and silver flower design embroidered with thread and beads. The skirt was black and puffy like a royal ball gown. It had small silver dots all over it. At the top at my waist, there was a pendant on my left side. Alice made me wear white heels, open toe, that way she could paint my nails black. For makee up she just put some lip gloss and white eyeshadow for when i take off my mask. Speaking of my mask, it's a white with black stones outlining my eyes. my hair was curled and placed carefully on my shoulders. On my right wrist were three bracelets. a thin silver, thick black, and a thick silver bracelet. i had long silver and black earrings hanging down. In all, alice did a wonderful job.

Her dress was a tube as well. Her top was a pink with the fabric swirling to her right and down. The top and around her waist, were outlined by silver and black stones. from there it became pink and puffy with little black spots like mine. Under her dress she wore black heels. Around her neck was a silver bead necklace. On her right wrist were pink and silver bracelets, matching her earrings. Her hair was in her usual style and matching perfectly with her mack. It was silver and, like mine had pink and black stones. underneath she on pink eyeshadow and lip gloss like me.

Rosalie had on a bright blue around the neck dress. It crossed in the front and made an oval outling with crysals. At her wast there was a design embroidered with silver thread, spreading out to either side. her dress, like ours, was puffy. her earrings were hoops with dangles annd she only had bracelets on her right wrist. her mask the same blue as her dress with silver beads in the same the design. her heels were also a silver and her hair was curled while pulled back. All together, we looked beautiful.

"Come on bella! We got to get in the limo." We rushed outside and climbed in. As we pulled out of the driveway i noticed something.

"Hey Alice? What about the guys?"

"They're going to meet us after. None of them have any idea what we're wearing."

"Good. I don't know if i could handle the embarrassment."

"Oh come on bella, you look great! We all do!"

"Thanks to you guys. I never would have believed i would look like this, let alone be in this dress and going to a dance."

"You don't give yourself enough credit Bella, that your problem. All we did was curl your hair and put a little bit of make up on you. The rest is you!"

"Thanks you guys, i don't know what i would do without you."

"Be at home doing chores and being yelled at."

"You're probably right there. Look, we're here!"

The place was amazing, they changed it to look a mixture of old england and modern day. Perfect for our and everyone other girls dresses. Well except for three. Tanya, Lauren, and Jessica.

How did i recognize them you ask? Easy, animal print dresses and no masks. Oh well. We got out of the limo hurried over to the ballroom house.

We climbed the steps to the doorway. There at the entrance ws a man as an announcer with a trumpet.

"What are your pennames?" he asked getting his trumpet ready. Rosalie answered first.

"Rosepetals." he played before saying. "Introducing lady rosepetals." he repeated the process with alice and me.


"Another Cinderella." Everyone turned to stare as i walked through. It was embarrassing. I was wondering if they were staring because of my name or my outfit. A blush appeared as i made my way to a waiting rose and Alice. We walked around, checking out the decorations. Apparently the whole second floor of the building was decorated. It seemed as if we really were back in old England. Gazing at everyone i saw some who i could easily recognize, like Angela and Ben.

But for some reason everyone seemed to be staring at me. Including someone with gorgeous green eyes. Edward's. I shook my head. I couldn't be. but as we looked on my gaze kept being pulled to the same mysterious figure. Finally we found rose and alice their partners, Emmet and jasper of course.

"You guys go ahead and dance. I'll head upstairs, i heard there was a balcony."

"OK, we'll see you later." They turned and I walked towards the stairs. After a few turns i found a door. The sign at the top said balcony . Turning the knob, i opened the door to an enormouse balcony. i was amazed i was standing but then i realized something must be holding it up. i walked to the edge, breathing in the night air. I could still hear the music inside just faintly. After only a few minutes the door opened again. Turning, i met the same green eyes.

"Hello." He spoke as he strode towards me.

"Hi." I could feel my cheeks heat up, but turned my head so he couldn't see.

"What's your penname?" For some reason I began laughing.


"You just heard it a few moments ago. Don't tell me you have that bad of a memory."

"No, i just want to hear you say it."


"Nice to finally meet you, i'm reallyhidden."

"You too."

"Can i ask you a question?"

"You just did." I joked.


"Ok, fine."

"Do you want to play a game? We've got until midnight."

"What kind of game do you mean?" I knew exactly what he was talking about.

"Why the Game of Name of course."

"How exactly do you play that game?" I teased.

"You have to guess my name, and i yours."

"Sounds fair. But even if you guess right, it doesn't mean i'll say yes."

"You little devil."

"I prefer genius." We quoted.

"Well in that case, i'll do the same."

"As expected." After a few minutes of guessing and moments of silence he asked, " Would you care to dance?"

"Of course, but i warn you, i'm horrible. You may actuually lose a toe."

"I'm willing to take the chance." I took his hand and put my other on his shoulder. He put his hand on my waist and we twirled around to the music. then we heard chimes. e stopped and listened to the faint voice of the announcer."

"Alright, you heard the bell. It's time to unmask yourselves." I looked up at him and smiled. he returned it.

"Guess now we can know." He said.

"Yep." Slowly i reached up toward my mask. He did the same. eyes clsed i finished. I looked up from my mask into edward's green eyes.


"Bella?" (oh like you didn't know dude.)

His crooked smile graced his face. Mine just stayed in a confused stare. i was sure if i was more relieved or scared. this had to be wrong. there's no way reallyhidden could have been edward. I had no time to dwell on that though though. He crushed his lips to mine and snaked his left arm around my waist, his right on my neck, both pulling me closer to him. I reacted on impulse, not even thinking about it. My arms instantly flew around his neck. Only when i was breathless did i stop to get my brain back to working.

I pushed him away and backed up to the door. He started to follow.

"No, don't." i said holding up a hand.

"Bella, i'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that."

"No, you really shouldn't have. I-I've got to go." I turned the knob on the door and hurried out and downstairs into the crowd.

"Alice, i've got to go. Quickly."

"Ok, i'll call the driver and tell him to bring it around." We hurried to the entrance, our masks inhand.

"Bella!" I heard Edward yell from the stairs. Everyoone froze and turned to look. The crowd was confused and anxious.

"Let's go.' they nodded slowly then began again. alice and rose were already at the car as i turned back to them and begna down the stairs.

"Bella! Wait!" Tears started to fall as i started to run. Only a few steps away from the car on the last few steps, i tripped. i took no notice of the pain and continued running, leaving the shoe behind.

"Bella!" I was at the car door when i turned to look at him. We stared silently at each other. then finally i broke the silence.

"Never talk to me again. Just leave me alone." I climbed into the car, never looking back as we drove away.

"It'll be alright bella. Trust me."

"Thanks Alice."

"Do you want to stay the night at my house?"

"Neh. I'll just change and keepmy dress and mask there. Atleast i put that back on before we left."


I replied the same way as she dropped me off later."

"Are you sure?"


"OK, call me tomorrow." I nodded and climbed out. Unlocking the door cautiously i treaded inside.

"Where have you been?" Karen asked.

"What friends you lying slut? You're the reason Charlie died! He was tired of seeing your face everyday so he crashed his car! Where are you going? Get down here!" I was halfway upstairs when she finished talking.

"No." I mumbled. Oh crap.

"What did you say?" I was tempted to say nothing, but then thought. I'm tired of running away, of beeing beaten. i'm not taking it anymore.

"No." I strongly spoke. I heard the creek of the wood as she stepped closer to the edge of the stairs.

"Say that again." I ignored her and continued up until i reached my door.

"You better answer me right now!" I cut her off by slamming my door shut and locking it. Quickly i grabbed my suitcase and packed my clothes and shoes inside. In my duffel bag i put my valuable and any other possesions i owned. With my back pack on my back, duffel bag and purse over my shoulder, and suitcase handle in hand i unlocked the door. Downstairs I could hear Karen on the phone with her new boyfriend. I closed the door again and walked over to the widow. i grabbed and tied the sheets on my bed to my duffel bag, back pack, and purse, then lowered them down into the bushes. I clsoed the window then continued as before.

As i passed karen she suddenly stopped talking. "Sorry Jason, i've got to go, the slut decided to comedown.

She hung up as i reached the door. I had just unlocked it as she reached me.

"I've had enough of your attitude tonight. So if you apologize now, i'll make sure your beating isn't as paintful as i should be."

"No, i'm not sorry. I never will be. I've had enough of the beatings, of your comments, of your daughters, but mostly i've had enough of you." she stared at me open mouthed before it turned into a sneer. before she could react, i opened the door and stepped into the cold night air to my car. I put the suite casein the backseat. I ran over to the bushes and quickly grabbed the rest of my things and was back at the car when karen came out of her shocked state.

"What are you doing? Get back here!"

"How many times do i have to tell you this before you understand it?" I asked as i started the car and closed the door.

"No." (i was so tempted to put 'way jose' but i thought it would ruin the story)

I hastily pulled out and drove away from her screams wondering where i was going. Then it me.


I knocked on the wooden door. Soon i saw a light come on from inside. Then the clicking of the locks being undone.


"Can i stay here? I have nowhere else to go."

"Of course Bella, come in." He grabbed my bags and directed me back to his room.

"Is it alright if i take a shower?"

"Of course. Down the hall." I grabbed and pair of shorts and a large shirt and followed his directions. When I got back to the room he ws gone. I looked until i found him in the living room.

"What are you doing here?"

"I figured i'd let you have the bed." I shook my head.

"There's no wa i can get some sleep by myself. So either come back in there or i'm going to have to join you."

"Alright, i'm coming." He got under the covers first then i climbed in. I leaned up against him comfortably as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Good night Bella."

"Good night...." My voice faded into the dark.

For the first time in my life i slept peacefully.

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