Another Cinderella

An arrest

(Bella's POV.)

The sunlight broke through the blinds and seemed to lay over us asif it were shooing the darkness away. For some reason i started laughing at the idea.

"What's so funny?" Jake asked, his arms still wrapped around me.

"It seems like the sun is shooing away all the darkness." I said calming down.


"I know, it sounds weird, but... actually, i can't make up an explanation fo it."

"I can."

"What is it then?"

"You're free. You don't have to go back there to her."

"What areyou talking about?"

"I gave in and told dad about what happened the other night and what's been happening. Earlier last night while you were asleep i told him about you being here."

"What?" i asked, dumfounded.

"Don't worry Bella. It's alright. Dad called the police and they're going out there this morning. all of them are getting put in jail. you're giong to be free. all you have to id is be there to answer questions."

"What time?"


"What time do i have to be there?"

"Around 8 i think." I turned over and looked at the alarm clock. 7:30

"Oh crap! come on get dressed." I got up and went straight to my bag. I grabbed a long sleeved lime green shirt and a pair of jeans, my brush, toothbrush, and toothpaste. I hurried into the bathroom and got ready. When i came back out i saw Jake standing there in a pair of jeans and a white shirt. I grabbed his hand and started pulling. We put on our teenis shoes at the door and hurried out to my car.

"Bella, what's going on? Where are we going?" i was already on the road makng my way to their house.

"Give me my phone."

"Ok." I dialed the number.

"Hi, this is...." voicemail.

"Crap." I continued to their house.

"Bella where are we going?"

"To the cullens' to tell alice. She'll call the others." I didn't have to explain ahymore, he udnerstood me pefectly. A few minutes later I pulled up in their drivveway. We got out and boudned up the front orch. I knocked while Jake kept on ringing the door bell.

"Look, whatever it is, we're not...." Edward stopped mid sentence looking at me through the now open doorway.

"Is alice awake?"

"Yeah, her and rose are upstairs with the guys watching tv." I turned to Jake and smiled. Now we souldn't have to make any calls.

"Listen Bella..."

"Save it right now Edward." I pushed passed him and ran up the stairs, barely tripping. I opned the door to her room and saw them.

"They're being arrested!" I yelled with a smile on my face. They all turned to look at me immediately.

"What?" Alice asked.

"Karen, Lauren, and Jessica. they're being arrested. At 8 o'clock. so get your butts up, i've go tot be there in about 10 minutes and i'm starving!"I said noticing they were already dressed. they scrambled up and followed me down the stairs."

"Bella, what's going on?"

"Just get in the car Edward." Alice ordered. They got in his volvo while Jake and i got in my truck. We zoomed down the road, thankfully it was so early that only a few cars wereonthe road. theni heard police sirens. I looked first atmy speedometer making sure i was till going ht epseed limit, I was. Then I realized they were heading to the same place as us. I pulled in first, then Edward, then the police cars.

"Bella, i know it's you, not stop making all that racket!" Karen yelled as she staggered outside. she must have been drinking this morning. When she noticed the other cars in the driveway she stopped, paralyzed in the doorway. Just then I noticed what she had in her hand, a bat. My hand curled into fists as i got out of hte car.

" called the cops! Why you...." She started walking towards me.

"Freeze. Don't move." Called the police officer who i thought was in charge. He came forward, his baton out."

"Get off my property right now!" Karen yelled to the officer. He just kept walking towards her, grabbing the bat before she could hit him, then penned her arms behind her back and hancuffed her.

"Get off of me! Where are you taking me? i haven't done anything wrong. It was that skanky girl over there. Let me go!" I couldn't hold back my anger anymore. I pushed away form Jake's comforting arms then walked straight to her standing inthe middle ofthe yard.

"Why you old lying hag! I've had enough! If you want to see a skank then look at your 'precous' and 'innocent' daughters. There's nothing 'innocent' about them! I'm tired of you treating me like crap and i'm tired of you hitting me!"

"i've never hit you, you lying...." I slapped her across the face then continued.

"If you've never hit me, then explain these." I pulled up my sleeve showing them all the red, black, and blue blotches i had.

"That's just one arm! I may be a klutz but there's no way i could have gotten those on my own."

"That's more than enough evidence to put you in jail for atleast five years." Said the police officer.

"You might want to keep counting sir. She's been doing it ever since she married Charlie, and him and my mom my whole life. I couldn't come down here until i was five, old enough to try and protect myself from Lauren and Jessica." I saw nothing but pity, sorrow, and anger in his eyes as he looked and me and Karen.

"Ms. Swan, i'll take care of her and her daughters. There's a man from the newspaper who wants to ask you some questions. Make sure you speak with him before you leave." I nodded respectfully, thenturned swiftly to walk to the man he had pointed at. He was wearing a suit and carrying a pen, pad and a camera.

"Ms. Swan? I'm Mr. Pattens from the Daily Observer. I was wondering if you would let me do an article about you in the paper tomorrow."

"Sure. What do you need?"

"For you to answer a few questions and a couple of pictures. If that's alright." I nodded." I answered all o fhis questions and he took some pictures of me and my arm.

"Thank you Ms. Swan. I'm sorry for what's happened to you and i hope you feel better in the future." I nodded as he left. I dragged my feet over to my friends. Already it was seeming like a long day. It took 3 hours to do the interview! No wonder!

"This has been happening your whole life?" Alice whispered. I nodded.

"Oh Bella!" her and Rose both hugged me tightly. When they let go, i felt myself being pulled in again by a pair of calming arms. Jasper.

"You'll be alright Bella!" I managed to do a small smile. Then i was lifted off the ground.

"Come on Bellsy-welsy. Cheer up! I want my sister back!"

"Emmet! let go! i can't breathe!" Once he put me down i turned to him and glared playfully. "Don't call me Bellsy-welsy, and stop acting like the five year old you are."

"Okay Bella! But you have to promise to cheer up or you'll get another hug." he grinned mischeviously.

"Deal." I turned awa from him to the others, avoiding Edward's gaze.

"So how about we celebrate? I'm really in the mood for fun."

"Fine by me. We'll go eat then watch a couple of movies back home. Oh, Bella. Where did you stay last night?"

"Jake's, why?" A mischevious smile was spread all over her face while Edward's was grim. We all got back in the cars and drove to pizza hut. We ate then drove to their house after picking up my clothes from Jake's; alice insisted i stayed the night. for the rest of the night, we watched Taken, Underworld, and Saw 5. Jake left right before Saw 5, so i was left sitting beside Edward on the floor. When it came to the parts where the people were killed i would cowar behind his shoulder and squeeze his hand. Each time afterward I let go, though immediately missing the feeling of his hand.

Some time in the middle of the movie, i must have fallen asleep. When i woke up, i was in Edward's room.

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