Another Cinderella

Showing off

(Bella's POV.)

Finally, I found the gym. Everybody else was already dressed out.

"Next time Ms. Swan," said the gym teacher "try to be more punctual."

"Yes ma'am."

"Since today is your first day you can sit out."

"Yes ma'am."

I went to sit on the bleachers. During the rest of class I just thought about where Edward would've taken me. Uh! Why am I so... Ring! Yes! Gym's over! I hurried and gathered my things. Just as I was about to leave, some one grabbed my arm.

"Hey beautiful! Where you going?" I knew that voice.

"Let go of my arm Mike."

"Sorry." He said letting go. "I was just wondering if I could have the honor of taking you to dinner."

"Sorry. She's coming with us." Came Rose's voice, full of assertiveness.

"Okay. Maybe some other time." He said with a wink before turning to run out of the gym.

"Thanks Rose. I really appreciate it."

"No problem."

"Can we go now?! 'Cause I can't wait to see what you can do!" Said Alice. Beside her was Angela.

"Sure. Let's get going." We all headed to the parking lot.

"Mind if I ride with you, Bella? My mom said she wouldn't be able to pick me up." Asked Angela.

"Of course." By now we were beside our cars. Alice and Rose left first in her yellow Porche. (Her parents must be rich) That way we could follow. After a few minutes of driving through the woods, we arrived at her house. And boy was it beautiful.

It was painted a soft, faded white, three stories tall rectangular and well proportioned. The windows and doors were either part of the original structure or a perfect restoration. (I copied from the book right here. I didn't really know how else to describe it.) In general, it was magnificent.

"Wow, Alice. I absolutely love your house!" I told her in wonder.

"Thanks. I have to show you two around, then, regretfully, you have to meet my annoying brother." She said to Angela and me.

"Alright." We walked up the steps and into, I'm positive, one of the most beautiful houses on earth.

The inside was very bright, very open, and very large. This must have originally been several rooms, but the walls have been removed from most of the first floor to create one wide space. The back, south facing wall had been entirely replaced wiht glass and beyond the shade of the cedars, the lawn stretched bare to the wide river. A massive curving staircase dominated the west side of the room. The walls, the high-beamed ceiling, the wooden floors, and the thick carpets were all varying shades of white. (i know, i copied again. But i really don't know how to describe the Cullens house.)

"Alice," I said coming back to reality. "Are you sure this is a house? It seems more like a mansion."

"Thanks. I guess it does. Well it's time to show you around the house." She showed us everything except her brothers' room. I could hear "Wake me up inside" by Evanescence playing through the door.

"My brother is obsessed with music. You should see how big his cd collection is!" Alice told us.

"Alright it's time you show us those moves!" yelled Rose.

"Okay Rose. Calm down. You sound like Alice!" "So, where am I going to do this at?" I asked Alice.

"Outside by the pool would be fine."

"As long as I don't fall in."

We walked outside. Alice, Rose, and Angela were very anxious. They were bouncing in anticipation. Alice more than ever! It was then that I realized we would all be very good friends. I already felt like I've known them all my life.

"Alright you guys. If you want to watch, you'll have to calm down some. You all look like Alice!" I told them while laughing.

"Fine." They said. I handed them my purse and white blouse. (I would't be able to do these moves in it.) I walked to the edge of the forest, leaving them outside the door to the house. I turned around and began.

I did a number of one and two handed cartwheels, handstands, and forward and backward flips. I remembered how good it felt to be so flexible. When I was finished, I turned to face the astonished girls.

"So, what do you think?" I asked breathlessly while walking back up to them. That's when the chaos started.

"OhmygoshBella!" Squealed Alice so quickly I barely understood what she said.

"Bella you amazing!" Yelled Rose this time.

"You are so going to be captain!" Angela screamed.

"I have two things to say." I started. "One. Calm down! Two. I'm not that good."

"I thought you were amazing." Came a voice from behind.

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