Another Cinderella

Edward's View

(Edward's POV.)

"Edward! Wake up!" Alice screamed in my ear.

"Fine! I don't get why you're so happy anyway." Though, truthfully I was excited too. The new girl is coming to school today. Which means my new girlfriend for the week.

"Edward, you know very well why i'm excited. I can't wait to meet the new girl! And you are not going to use her like all the other girls." Alice told me. I decided to play innocent.

"I don't know what you're talking abut Alice." I said sweetly.

"Mm'hm." She said in an unconvinced tone. Thankfully, she let it drop.

I got off my bed and started to get dressed. I put on a pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. I hurried up, brushing my hair and teeth. I ran downstairs for breakfast. I'm supposed to meet my friends early this morning at school, so I grabbed a bowl of cereal.

"Finally ready, I see." Alice said from across the table. She was having Frosted Flakes, her favorite cereal.

"Yeah. I have to hurry so I can meet Emmet and Jasper." Her eyes glistened at the mention of Jasper's name.

"See ya later sis!" I yelled from the door. I hurried and got in my silver Volvo. Alice and I live close to the school, so I got there in a few minutes. I parked next to Emmet's huge jeep. My two best friends were waiting for me at the front of the car. (If you can call it a car.)

"Hey Eddie, you finally got here!" Emmet called.

"I told you, stop calling me Eddie!" I yelled at him.

"Oh! Is Eddie grumpy?" He said in a baby voice.

"Shut it, Emmie." He hates being called that just as much as I hate being called Eddie. He quit after that.

"Okay you guys, lets get going. Everybody's starting to arrive." Jasper spoke up. He was right. Cars were filling in the parking lot. The only new car was a beat up red truck. That must be the new girl's. I thought. And right beside it was my sisters' Porche, just pulling in.

"Come on you guys. I don't need another lecture from Alice." I quickly said. We all went our seperate ways to our classrooms. When I reached my homeroom, I walked in, smiled at my current girlfriend (for now), and sat down in my seat, ready for boredom.

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