Another Cinderella

Meeting the New Girl

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(Edward's POV.)

As it turned out, my day went by quickly.

Right now, I'm outside the cafeteria door, waiting to see if the new girl comes. After a few minutes of looking, I decided to go eat. As I opened the door, everybody (of course) turned toward me. The girls all looked like they would jump me any minute. While the guys looked envious. Except Emmet and Jasper. They were already taken by my sister and her friend, the most popular girl in school, Rosalie.

I walked over to the 'popular table' and sat down between my two friends. A few minutes later, I heard my sister yell, "Bella! Were over here!" I didn't pay any attention though. I didn't even recognize the name. Not that I would.

The only girls names I remember are my sisters, Rosalie's, and my current girlfriends. Though, as soon as I dump them, I forget their name. I know I'm a jerk, and a player, but it's fun.

The other names are Tanya, a strawberry blonde who's had her sights on me since I met her freshmen year. Then there's her followers, Lauren and Jessica. They've been trying to help her, while I've been trying to avoid all of them. Beside's, my sister always make new friends; it's no big deal.

"You've got to show us those moves girl!" My sister yelled. I ignored her again. Well, knowing Alice, were going to have a guest this afternoon. So I better prepare. As in, locked in my room playing music as loud as it can go. I thought.

"Ring, ring!"

"I'll see you guys later." I said, while getting up. I turned and walked towards the doors. When I was in the hallway, I noticed Tanya starting after me. Oh crap! Well at least the classrooms around the corner.

I quickly turned down the hallway, heading towards the Biology classroom. I go there just in time. I went down the isle to my seat in the back. Only a few minutes later did the teacher walk in.

Just before the tardy bell was about to ring, one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen, walked through the door. She handed a slip to the teacher to sign.

"Thank you." She said once she got it back, and he pointed her a seat. She had a beautiful, musical voice, one that belongs to a singer.

She turned around to walk down the isle to go to her seat. Time to dazzle. However, once she turned, our eyes met. She had the deep and wonderful chocolate brown eyes. What! I'm not supposed to have actual feelings. I'm just get the girl for atleast a week, then dump her. I'm a player! I don't have serious relationships! I yelled to myself in my head.

She shook her head, and that broke our gaze. She seemed a little dazed as she sat down. This is going to be easier than ithought. I flashed one of my famous crooked smiles. Then i tore out a piece of paper while the teacher wasn't looking. Quickly, i scribbled down in my neat hand writing, my message.

My names Edward. What's yours? I folded it up and nudged her arm with it. She looked down, picked it up, and wroted something else down.

Why do you want to know?

So I could ask you to hang out with me tonight.

Sorry, I'm busy. But, out of curiosity, where would you have taken me? She didn't answer, but at least she's interested.

To a restaurant I know. Can I know your name now?

Persistent. But no. You're going to have to figure it out on you own.


Because, if you really want to hangout with me, you'll have to prove yourself first. I was thinking of how to respond, while she looked at he clock. Then she looked down a the paper again and wrote,


She got all her books and was out of the room as the bell rang.

I sat there stunned.

That was a first. I didn't even get her name! Most girls give it to me as soon as they see me. Then I started to notice that people were staring. I got my things as well and quickly left the room.

For the rest fo the school day I thought about the new girl.

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