Another Cinderella

Seeing the Performance

(Edward's POV.)

As soon as the final bell rang, I was out the door and in the parking lot, heading towards my car. As I pulled out, I noticed my sisters' car still in it's space. She must be waiting for that Bella girl. I thought.

Once I got home, I went straight to my room. Since we didn't have a lot of homework, I did it all quickly. When I was finished, put on my Evanescence cd. While the first song was dying down to start the second, I heard the front door close. That meant Alice and her friends were here. I turned up the volume so I could drown them out. A few minutes later, I heard voices outside my door.

"My brother is obsessed with music." Alice, of course. "You should see how big his collection is!"

"Alright, it's time to show us those moves." I recognized Rosalie's voice.

"Okay Rose." Came the voice I've been dreaming about all afternoon. I instantly started paying more attention. "Calm down. You sound like Alice!" It came again.

I turned the music down, hoping they wouldn't notice-apparently they didn't because they kept talking-, to see if they said her name.

Instead, the mystery girl spoke again, "So where am I going to do this at?" I realized she was the one they were talking about at lunch. But what was her name? I should have paid more attention!

"Outside by the pool would be fine." Answered Alice.

"As long as I don't fall in." I smiled at that. When I heard their footsteps retreating, I opened my door to follow them. When I got to where they were, I saw the new girl at the edge of the forest, about to begin. Apparently she didn't see me, good.

As soon as she started, I couldn't look away. She was amazing! She has got to be a cheeleader. Great! I thought. It'll give me an excuse to see her. Now I just have to figure out her name. Once she finished, she turned back around, still not seeing me.

"So, what do you think?" She asked breathlessly. It took all my will power not to say how excellent she was.

"OhmygoshBella!" Alice finally squealed. Finally! I got her name!

"Bella! Your amazing!" Yelled Rosalie.

"Your definitely going to be captain!" Yes! She's trying out!

I noticed it wasn't Rosalie who said it. It was actually a girl named Angela. I recognized her from dating an old friend of mine, Ben.

Then Bella spoke, "I have two things to say." She started. "One. Calm down! Two. I'm not that good." Please! That was the best cheerleading I've ever seen! And before I knew it, I was walking over to them, yet staying unseen. I stood right behind Bella and said," I thought you were amazing."

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