Another Cinderella

The Plan

(Bella's POV.)

The next day (Or should i say later this morning?) I woke up and went down stairs to have an early breakfast. I had already figured out my plan and I'm going to tell Alice, Rose, and Angela, this morning.

I was just starting to take the biscuits out of the oven, when Lauren and Jessica came down stairs. I just ignored them though; I knew nothing good would come out of talking to them. However, they thought differently.

"Bella, can we speak to you?" Said Lauren.

"Why waste time asking her? She'll have to answer or she'll be in trouble tonight." Said Jessica.

"You mean more then usual?" asked Lauren.

"What do you two witches want?"

"Now Bella, you don't want us to tell mom about how you talked to us like that, do you?" They asked.

"Just tell me what you want." I said, tired and annoyed.

"We just wanted to tell you stay away from Edward, he's Tanyas'. And were helping her get him. So leave him alone." Lauren explained.

"Like I would want Edward Cullen. He's a jerk, and a player. But here's one thing I can promise you. I won't stay away." That would get their minds to work, or for them to try at least. In fact, as I was leaving to meet Alice and the rest at school, I saw their confused faces. They were hilarious!

I quickly got in my truck and drove to school. I saw my friends standing there at the front office, waiting for me. I walked towards them while being careful not to trip on the squishy ground.

"Hey you guys! I was wondering if you could do something for me." I said once I was standing in front of them.

"What is it?" Asked Alice.

"Well, Alice. You should really enjoy this idea." Then I started telling them everything. About how we would make him jealous of me and how we could possibly try to accomplish that.

"Oh come on, Bella. You're beautiful! Your perfect cheerleader material." Said Rose.

"Whatever. Can we start the plan soon? I want him to feel like all the girls he's dump all these years, as soon as possible." I said urgently.

"That will be a difficult job you know?" Asked a rough voice. Leaning against the wall were two boys. One looked like he could choke me easily. He had brown hair and blue eyes. The other, I think the one who spoke, looked exactly like Rose.

"So, you didn't say it wasn't possible." I talked back.

"Before we continue this conversation, I'd like to introduce you." Said Rose. "This is my boyfriend Emmet, and my brother Jasper." She walked up to what I'm guessing was Emmet, while Alice walked over to Jasper.

"So, we heard about your plan to get back at Eddie." said Emmet.


"He hates being called that. You can use it tonight, while you're on your dinner date with him."

"Who said I was going to have dinner with him?"

"He did. He also said that he was going to ask you in biology. But make it sound like friends just having dinner. He said you owed him that much." Said Jasper.

"I don't owe him anything. And I'm not going on a dinner date with him." I said matter of factly.

"Oh, come on Bella! This could work into the plan! Don't you want to get back at him?" Asked Alice.

"Yes. But I didn't say I wanted to go on a date with him!"

"Well, you wanted to make him jealous. So, this could go into future planning." Said Rose.

"They're right Bella, and you know it. Just do it. If he does anything wrong, then we can leave." Said Angela.


"Well, we're going to be there in case anything happens. Just to be safe." Said Alice.

"Well, then. I guess I'm going on a dinner date."

"Yes! We have to go shopping after school today! And you have to come over to my house so we can get you ready! You're going to look fabulous!" she screamed.

"Alice! Calm down! How will you even know what restaurant he's going to take me to?" I asked her.

"Oh, I'll find out. You can bet that I'll have you ready for anything."

"As long as my outfit isn't too skimpy. Or better yet, not at all." I said, being sarcastic.

"Tanya? Lauren and Jessica mentioned her this morning." I told them.

"Lauren and Jessica? You mean her assistants?" Rose asked.

"Yeah. They're my stepsisters. That means, it's pure torture at home." I gave them as little information as I could.

"Wow. I feel sorry for you. All of us do." Said Angela.

"Thanks. We should be getting to class though. I have to think of how to appear eager for tonight. I'll see you at lunch." I told them while leaving to go to English.

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