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Where Lisa and Jungkook made a mistake that can ruin both of their careers.

Romance / Other
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"What is wrong with you! " Lisa retorted, giving the older harsh glare as her fist clenched from the building rage inside of her.

She can't believe it. Heck she didn't even want to believe it. She never thought her best friend, her bandmate who she trusted with the love of her life will do such things.

"No, what the fuck is wrong with you! " Chaeyoung blurted, mirroring the same glare that the younger is giving her. "It is our problem not yours. And you don't have the right to be mad at me since you didn't know the whole damn story! "

Before Lisa can even reply, the older turned her back against her and stormed out of the room leaving Lisa alone in her own thoughts.

Chaeyoung is right though, it's their business and not hers.

Lisa bit her lips out of frustration, closing her eyes for a moment and tried to calm her raging nerves.

The moment she saw the older kissing a random guy in that party despite having a boyfriend made her livid. Especially that the older's boyfriend is the boy whom she fall in love with.

How ironic, she met him first before Chaeyoung did but look how it turned out. When she was planning on confessing to the other about her probably unrequited love, she found out that the older and the boy she fell in love with are dating.

And fuck that hurts.

She felt like she was stabbed in the back even though Chaeyoung didn't know the feelings she had towards the boy. And since then, she was contented about being just his best friend who he can run to.

But now, she won't sit around and watch her best friend cheat on her boyfriend. Lisa won't tolerate that. At all.

A phone rang broke her from her train of thoughts. She fished out her phone and bit her lips as soon as she saw the caller ID

She sighed, answering the call as she placed it on her ear.


Lisa wanted to cursed the hell out of Chaeyoung as soon as she heard the hoarse yet soft voice of the boy who she fell in love with

"Where are you? " Lisa asked, storming out of the room and get her car keys, not forgetting you grab a baseball cap and a mask, as she's planning to comfort the other.

The news probably reached the younger since it's all over the media.

Once the person on the other line told her the address, Lisa didn't waste her time as she instantly drove towards the address.

It only took 10 minutes before Lisa arrived at the certain location where the other was. She wore the cap and the mask before climbing out the car and spring inside the bar.

To say Lisa was surprised upon noticing the inside room would be an understatement as she was expecting it to be or at least have a lot of people drinking or doing stuff but no. There is no one inside besides the bartenders who are wearing expressionless that made Lisa flinch just by looking at them.

Lisa roamed her eyes inside the bar and her gaze soon landed on the figure who are in one of the table in the corner. She instantly made her way towards the drinking figure.


She called but the man ignored him. And that made Lisa worried.

"Jungkook, I know what happened, I'm sorry" Lisa spoke and this time, the man tilyed his head to look at her while chugging the alcoholic beverage down to his throat

"Why are you apologising? It's not your fault" Jungkook replied, chilling afterwards as tears started streaming down to his cheeks

Lisa didn't say anything. She only sat beside the younger, drawing circles in his back attempting to comfort the latter.

"I-i.. It hurts. I asked her if it's true and I was hoping for her to l-lie, to tell me that it's not true" Jungkook started, leaning to the girl he sees none other than a sister. "B-but she didn't deny. " And so Jungkook cling to her, finding her presence comforting as always.

Lisa wrapped her arms around the younger ignoring the little voices in her mind that is forcing her to do something she shouldn't. She is disappointed. Disappointed with herself and to her bandmate since this isn't the first time that the other did this. This is not the first time Chayeong cheated on Jungkook.

Lisa sighed as she lovingly stroked the younger's soft locks.

If ever she confessed before, would it be still the same? That Jungkook would still end up to Chaeyoung? Or things would end up between him and Jungkook since the latter didn't have this romantic feelings towards her?

A pain shoot right though Lisa's heart from the thought. She immediately shook her head and blocked the the voices and thoughts that's slowly crawling in her mind.

She shouldn't do it. Especially that her friend's is in his vulnerable state. She shouldn't take advantage of him

Just love him! Make him forget.

A one night stand wouldn't be hurt.

He needs you!

Again, Lisa shook her head. Trying to block those voice which grew louder at every passing second.

But it soon vanished when Jungkook who are clinging at her for dear life leaned back. Lisa looked at him in confusion as to why the other put distance between them.

Was he uncomfortable?

Did he realized that he needs Chaeyoung and not me?

Did he know my feelings? Was it that noticeable?

Lisa's thoughts was cut short when the ethereal man in front of her spoke, definitely catching her off guard.

"I need you"

No no no! He don't need me, he need his girlfriend. He needs Chaeyoung.

But before Lisa could even reply, her lips was soon sealed shut with the other's soft and warm lips

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