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In the snow


A fanfiction of A Christmas Carol the future what it would be like if he does not change, in between the cries, comes some slight Romance, and then a Reveal it does not take place in the 1800 it takes place in the modern day

Romance / Scifi
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Chapter 1:Prologue

Futures point of view

There I was the people I have longed to be with my boyfriend’s at my side when, my least favorite ghost showed up. Jacob was there, great just what I asked for, if he wasn’t already dead I would totally fucking kill him! He made his ghostly way over to us before plopping down a document

" my ex-boyfriend has been acting like a jerk a bich ass mother fucker I don’t want you ending up going to me so can you boys help here’s a catalog all the shit hes fucked up on don’t check the last few because, that’s the stuff he’s been banging” he slapped it down I looked at it pass it on to my boyfriend all of us started nodding, it’s not everyday you get a case like this, Plus it’s fun to watch other people beg for mercy, my boyfriend’s fell asleep, curiosity got the better of me, that he started banging lately story of simple, then turned it very dark at first it started off with his bed when is latest one was with his puppy, then another one was writing itself, I flunked a lot trying to get the image out of my head but today at 5 he started not consensually banging Bob I slammed it shut

" I think Now’s the Time I close this don’t look back”I said trotting off past and present my boyfriend is had just finished dressing up, they brought new wardrobes and we’re eager to try them on, the fashion meme music was playing in the background my first boyfriend past put his arms around me making a tumble to the ground kissing me I love them it’s December 20th4 days before we have to do that thing

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