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In the snow

Chapter 2: dear diary

Scrooge's point of view


dear diary, today I met a guy, he had on the hoodI had fallen down the stairs, and he took to helping me, his eyes we're beautiful glimmering in the window, his eyes were so hypnotizing mesmerizing need I say more? He caressed me wow helping me up, I have not felt this way in years his name is Thomason, and I think I'm starting to love him I have not felt attraction to anyone since Jacob's death ever since then I have not felt attraction, but like a spark that is going out temporarily can be rekindled if given proper friction, right now my hands are migrating down my pants very softly stroking my cock this is so much, when I sleep I will be able to hold on to them I kind of feel bad for Bob son though, he can't hear, and my other employee is a mute, these two individuals have my respect, I keep them in my prayers, I'm getting Timmy Bob's child hearing aids, hearing aids turn to be miracle workers at times, it will be his Christmas gift

well that's all for now diary love you

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