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In the snow

Chapter 3: something wonderful

Bob's point of view

I sat there, with a pen in hand, finishing up what work I had, in storms my son even my boss was shocked to see him,I knelt down extending my arms he ran in, embracing me

" Papa! Something has just happened the both of you need to come right away!"Timmy said I looked at my boss he looked at me then back to Timmy

with one arm he grabbed onto his Cane with one of those ' I have worked for x amount of years and this is the thanks I get' looks we both got up and followed him, I let out a huge loud gasp even though Timmy was deaf, he seemed to have heard An Extremely Loud gunshot and a woman was lying there, Timmy's mother, my ex-wife, now it was my ultimate test, do I lend a hand even though I don't like them, or run away before my mind could make the decision my body had chosen the second option I said I was going to get help, but it was a big huge lie, I pray this does not come back to haunt me, I ran faster than the wind until I stumbled upon a cottage it was not big it was not small it was normal.

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