The Eternal

Chapter 2: Father Mars

“Why don’t you come over today?”

The sun was, as always, shining bright and bringing warmth to the Garden of Eden. Long time had passed since Jimin last visited the beautiful green scenery.

"I'd love to, but I can't. I have some work to do..." Jimin looked at his friend, rather suspicious. He knew him too well.

"Hoseok." The mentioned turned his face to look at him in the eyes, a bit startled. "Just say you want to visit the Underworld again, I won't tell." he smiled knowingly.

"Huh, what do you mean?" the outrage in his facial expression was so dramatic Jimin couldn't hold back a laugh. "There are demons in there, if you didn't know. And they're scary."

"Are you trying to convince yourself?"

Hoseok looked away so to hide his blushing cheeks, and insisted once again.

"Very scary."

"Seokie..." he sat down next to him, making sure nobody was around. "I saw you cross Heaven's gate last week."

"That's because I had to..."

"That door only leads to the main staircase to Hell." Jimin interrupted, making the older one sigh in defeat.

"Well, fuck." The air was filled with laughter and Jimin almost falling to the ground. "Please, don't tell anyone. I won't do it anymore, I promise. It's just that..." he now made eye contact with his friend. "...Heaven is so boring these days, Jiminie. I have no one to guard, so I think I'm going crazy."

"I wasn't going to tell anybody." he said, calmer this time and lightly squeezing his hand. Hoseok looked rather alleviated. "I'm with you, Heaven is indeed boring these days."

They both cackled as they got carried away talking about different things. He was really glad to have a best friend like him.

"Well, Dear, it must be time for me to get going." Hoseok said standing up, followed by his friend.

"Please, be careful." the blond said, with a worried expression that he did not fail no notice. "You know it's dangerous for us to stay there for too long."

Messing up the younger one's hair as he chuckled, he gravitated from the ground a few centimeters away from his friend. He was always so caring, even if he was the youngest of the pair.

"Don't you worry. I'll be back sooner than you expect me to."

And just like that, smiling brightly and showing his teeth, he disappeared from sight.

He sighed. Perhaps Hoseok was being the smartest of the two with his trips to the Underworld . Should he try it sometime, as well? No. No, no and no, what was he even thinking?

He shook the thought away as it sent shivers down his spine. The mere thought of being surrounded by darkness and sins really stiffened his feathers, so he couldn’t understand how his friend seemed to always be unaffected by it.


A deep voice echoed in his head, interrupting all thoughts. He immediately stood up from the grass and whipped his hair to make some petals fall off. He gulped as he started flying towards the Palace, he easily recognized his voice. His father never really communicated directly with him, nor did he appear often. Not that he minded, really, but it meant something important was about to be discussed if he pronounced himself like that.

He was greeted with warm smiles and nods upon arrival, as one of the archangels guided him through the long corridors towards his father. The door opened once his halo made contact with it and he gravitated towards the enormous figure that was standing there, looking at the never-ending land through the windows.


Jimin’s bare feet touched the elegant red carpet covering the floor, when his father turned around to finally face him. He couldn’t really remember the last time he saw him, so he couldn’t suppress an amused look on his face.

His father was Mars, commonly known as the God of War. As a God, his figure was gigantic, although he preferred to present himself equal to his subordinates’ size. His defined and toned muscles were faintly covered by a mix of dark red veil and a satin robe. People thought of him as violent and cruel, when in reality he was in charge of securing peace not only in the Heavens, but in the Mortal world as well. He was a man of the people, and without him there would be total chaos.

Jimin knew this, he knew all about his dad and all the other Gods as he had spent long hours studying all that his ethereal body could retain. He was aware of the respect and slight terror people had in him because of who his father was, but he never cared much about it.

“Long time no see.”

His solemn tone made it almost impossible to believe that his lips were curving up in a soft smile, as a contrast to his sharp features. Jimin smiled as well as he approached the man.

“You look good. Have you kept yourself busy these years?”

“You could say that.” He widened his smile enough to show his teeth. Jimin wasn’t too fond of rules; perhaps he picked that from Hoseok, because as much as he studied in his free time, he would always try to sneak out of classes and duties just for fun.

“Good. I hope you’re prepared enough, then.”

Jimin blinked. He had forgotten the purpose of the reunion.

“Right, you called me... What’s the matter, father?”

Mars simply advanced to his son and grabbed his rather small hand. The younger opened it, curious at what the other was about to do. He raised his other hand and a tiny yet sparkly and shiny ball appeared . Jimin grabbed the ball, bringing it closer to his eyes so he could examine it closely.

“Throw it.”

The blond turned his face to look at him in confusion. His father laughed.

“Throw it up in the air, you’ll see.”

He looked back at the tiny ball. It was incredible how such a small object could generate this comforting warmth, which was almost addictive to a level he didn’t even want to let go of it. With a fear the object would disappear, he carefully threw the ball and it expanded almost immediately.

A halo surrounded both men , submerging them in a dark place. The sudden act made Jimin close his eyes as a reflex , only opening them again when his father patted his back.

They were in a room, with very dim lights. He could distinguish a small figure sleeping soundly in what seemed like a very comfortable bed. He looked back at his dad , still not understanding.

“Is that a human?” was all he could ask.

“Your human.”

Jimin’s eyes widened when he finally realized what all of this was about. He looked f rom his father to the sleeping human , wanting a more detailed explanation.

“What I just gave to you, not everyone has. As you know, every angel is destined to guard a human and redirect their path to good. And this is your human.”

“B-but…” Jimin scratched the back of his head. “ what happened to him? Guardian angels are usually set when a newborn comes to the world, why didn’t he have one?”

His dad’s expression turned more serious at the mention. With a wave of his hand, the halo returned to its original form and bounced back to Jimin, who caught it in midair.

“Jeon Jeongguk . That’s your human’s name.” Jimin couldn’t help feeling somewhat proud every time his dad mentioned ‘his human’. “ His angel ‘died’ when he was only a kid. We believe creatures from the Underworld roamed around his unprotected soul and influenced him to make some bad choices in his life.”

Mars walked back to his initial position at the terrace windows. He sighed relaxing his muscles.

“This is an extraordinary case, Jimin. Angels cannot die, to this day I fear to know what truly happened with…” he seemed to think twice about h ow he wanted to phrase it, never wanting to give too much details. “You’re my son. All these years, we’ve been planning and training angels to be stronger and become better guardians because I feared this day would come. But as I said, you’re my son, and it is in my beliefs that you’re the best option for him.” He paused before he turned around to look into his eyes. “You’re strong. You will do well, I believe in you.”

It was a lot to take in. He finally got what he’d been wishing for all this years, still he knew it was going to be anything but easy.

“Okay, alright, okay…” he mumbled to himself.

“Whatever you must dispose of, you can always call for me.”

“I will.”

The man nodded as he turned around once again. Jimin ’s feet moved to the tall figure, and wrapped his wings around him.

“Thank you for this opportunity, Dad. I won’t disappoint you.”

Mars smiled, as he felt a kiss on the back of his neck.

“I’ll be watching.”

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