The Eternal

Chapter 3: Twenty One

“Seok, Seok!” Jimin exclaimed as he ran happily towards his silver-haired friend. He could perfectly fly to save time, but he preferred to run to expend energy that he had accumulated.

“Jimin, you seem happy.” He replied followed by a slight laugh once his friend hugged him. The latter nodded as they parted.

“Dad came.”

Hoseok’s already scared face started to pale even more when he heard the news that the blond had just given him. Jimin made a confused face.


“What do you mean?” He asked, still not understanding. “Well Mars, my father, you know...”

“Precisely because of that.” He interrupted. “He’s going to kill me!” He said as he dropped to the ground, defeated. Jimin was beginning to understand the anguish of his friend, which he found entertaining.


“Why didn’t you tell me, Park?” He asked dramatically as he grabbed his friend by the legs. “I’m going to end up banished to the Underworld and without wings! No! Rather... he’s going to cut them for me and make an omelette for dinner with them! Oh my god...!”

Jimin couldn’t take it anymore and laughed, falling on top of his friend and making the two of them lie down on the green grass.

“I must admit that sounds delicious, but nothing is further from the truth.” He added with a smile, while Hoseok frowned at him. “Dad just came to talk to me alone.”

The two of them now sitting up, the white-haired one urged him to continue, with a certain curiosity about what this unexpected meeting could be about.

“I have a ball that shines.”

“Two, actually.” Jimin didn’t pay much attention to this comment, until he realized its double meaning and tried to pound Hoseok’s butt.

“You want me to call Mars, then?” The uncontrolled laugh of his friend stopped suddenly, bowing exaggeratedly in front of him, who suppressed a smile. “As I was saying, the ball is a surveillance halo.”

“I see.” They were both silent, waiting for Hoseok to understand the meaning of his words. “Wait a second...”

“Hm?” Jimin said impatiently.

“But that means...”

“That I’m a guardian angel.”

When they looked into each other’s eyes, a big smile formed on both of them, levitating from the ground as they hugged each other with various exclamations of congratulations from the older. That was a very important step for Jimin, and he had finally achieved it.

“Well, and how is it? Is it a boy or a girl? Oh of course, it’s possible it is still unknown!”

“Truth be told...” the blond spoke a little more serious and calm this time. “...I’m happy, but on the other hand I’m a little nervous. It’s my first time, and he’s not supposed to be like the other humans, you know?”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s 21.” Hoseok was wondering, puzzled, about what he might be referring to.

“21 centimeters? I don’t think that will change your experience much, really...”

“21 is his age, Hoseok.”

The atmosphere turned gloomy. Any trace of genuine joy expressed during the talk had vanished, and the platinum-haired one looked like he was going to evaporate into thin air at any moment.

“That is not possible. No human can live that long without a guardian angel because...” The older seemed to realize something, because his eyes widened interrupting his own response. “Hold up there! Tell me his name.”

“Eh ... I think his name is Jeongguk, he mentioned it only once.”

“Jeongguk? As in Jeon Jeongguk?”

“I suppose? But why is it you know this?”

Hoseok looked around thoughtfully, as if he were inwardly struggling to blurt out the information that seemed to burn inside him at once.

“This boy... they even know him in the Underworld.” Jimin gulped notoriously. “I think I once heard Yoongi refer to him as ‘the unborn’.”

Much to Jimin’s regret, he took a couple of seconds to catch his breath and continue with the explanation that he was already hesitating to hear out.

“Rumor has it that his guardian was killed years ago. No one knows how because it is impossible for us to even die, so it is believed that the rulers of the flames are keeping him imprisoned for... whatever reason.”

Jimin scratched the back of his neck, unsure what to think or believe, and wondering why his father hadn’t told him that information that seemed so essential to doing his job well.

“Sorry to ruin your mood, but I think it was something you should know. In fact, I thought Mars would have informed you of that already.”

“It doesn’t matter.” His response surprised his friend, who was looking at him curiously. “The purpose of each angel is the welfare of the people. If I have to die for my purpose, so be it.”


“Even if I don’t know what it’s like to feel pain, I really don’t care. If I decided to give up on this mission, I would have to endure seeing any other angel put themselves in danger for this. And frankly, if my father has chosen me of all angels, I want to think that it’s for a compelling reason.”

Hoseok was silent, thinking about what the angel was saying. He was right, even if he did not share that same point of view.

“You know I’m on your side always. But just promise me you’ll be careful. It’s natural for me to worry about you, always.”

Jimin was smiling showing his teeth. He understood perfectly because, if it had been the other way around, he would have been much worse.

“It’s natural only because you’re getting old.” he said as his hands creased his face. Hoseok pushed them away while he laughed.


“Sorry, sorry. I promise you that I will be careful, and I will update you on everything that happens in the Mortal world.”

“You’d better do it, because I’m dying to see it with my own eyes. Or, well, with your ball that shines.”

And so, messing with each other in a comical way, they flew on their way to Jimin’s house to celebrate that finally, although different, he already had his first human to guard.

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