The Eternal

Chapter 4: Red Light / Golden Light

Light was peeking through the blinds of his dark room, which was enough for him to lazily open his eyes. Rubbing them and grunting at the thought of getting out of bed, he buried his face in his pillow. An awful headache was starting to appear and he felt as if his face was burning. Moaning as a complaint, he sat down straight in his bed.

He looked around his room, as if scanning where he was at or looking for an answer to a question he never made. Flashes from last night started striking. Never had he regretted any of the crazy things that occurred during his mental trips, but he couldn’t help feeling weird inside, for some reason. And no, it wasn’t the urge to vomit.

With the little strength he had left from the exhaustion of two days of insomnia, he got up from his bed and ran to his bathroom as fast as he could. And luckily, made it just in time. His throat was burning when he finished puking, so he softly massaged it with his fingers as he splashed water on his face to clear his mind a bit.

“Fucking hell...”

His room was a mess. The sheets and blankets were practically scattered throughout the room, as well as his clothes and several condom wrappers. He could only remember the most recent events, so he didn’t know how many girls he’d fucked or if something like his wallet was missing. Not that he cared, though. As messy as his room was, there was one blanket that was still on his bed and probably covered him during his sleep. But that blanket wasn’t his.

He shrugged it off as he stepped inside his shower and let the warm water fall on his wobbly body. It felt good for the first two minutes, but then a sudden dizziness started getting over him. He searched for something to grab so he could maintain his balance, but there was nothing inside that cubicle that he could hold onto.

Jimin was laying on his fluffy bed, playing with a feather his wings had just shed. He had barely slept; he couldn’t stop thinking about his new human and what Hoseok and his dad had told him. It still made him a little bit nervous, even if Jimin wasn’t the anxious type because he was always very confident in everything. But what if this time...

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden red light that covered the entire room. The feather came down to sit on his messy hair as he sat straight, searching for the source of light. The shiny ball his father had given him was calmly floating in the air. He watched it curiously. It wasn’t red before, more like white if he remembered correctly.

He jumped on his bed and grabbed the ball, now slightly bigger, with his right hand.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you, little one?”

Observing it intently, there was nothing that he could see, so he decided to try for the third time what his father showed him. He threw the ball in the air and it immediately surrounded him in the halo of his human’s room.

It was warm, maybe even too hot for him. Scanning the place, he soon realized he was in a bathroom. The mirrors were fogged and it was getting a bit hard to breathe. A loud sound made him jump in his place and turn around, only to distinguish a tall figure smashing his head against the shower glass, miraculously not shattering it, and then sliding down to the ground.

Scared, he approached the guy that had just collapsed. And it was him, his human. Jeon Jeongguk had just collapsed in the shower. He was in danger and nobody was around. He panicked, no one explained to him what his limits were inside the halo, so he didn’t know if he could actually move around.

His glare fell upon the bathroom door and it automatically opened, making a loud thump that surprised him as well. His eyes closed and his mind searched the house for any living presence that could be of help. And there he was. Someone was eating cereals and toast in the kitchen. He needed to get his attention somehow.

He tried to move out of the scene but the halo limits pulled him back. Running a hand through his white hair, he thought about an alternative. He couldn’t get out of the limits because he wasn’t in the Mortal world, but he had discovered he could manipulate the things inside it.

Glaring deadly at the door, he closed it back and slowly counted to three to open it as loud as he could. And the door almost flew open. But no one was coming.

“Come on... Come on, I’m calling you, I can’t save him...”

About to lose his temper, he decided to try once again. The door closed and when he counted three, it made such a loud impact he was absolutely sure he had caused damage to the wall. But it had worked, because the other human was now approaching.

“Gguk, what the fuck are you doing? Didn’t you have enough that you want to try this early in the... Gguk?”

A tall, blond guy stood at the entrance of the bathroom, unsure of the situation. He peeked inside, scared of what obscene scene could be unfolding before his eyes, but it was quite an opposite idea.

“Hey... Hey! Are you okay?” He ran towards the shower only to notice his body practically laying down. He rushed the door open, allowing his body to fall on the other man’s legs.

“Jeongguk! Fuck!” The man checked his pulse and his breathing, and although faint, they were still there. Struggling, he dragged Jeongguk outside of the bathroom and laid him on his back on the floor. He put his hands together around his sternum and began the reanimation process.

“Gguk... Gukkie... Come on... Come back now... Stay with me...” He whispered almost hysterically as tears started falling. “Please stay...”

Jimin could not move from his spot, all he could do was watch the horrible scene go on. But then it clicked; he could in fact do something.

Stretching out his hand into Jeongguk’s direction, he closed his eyes as he visualized a golden light emerge from his heart, fly around his mind and drive into his arm, to finally shoot into his human’s weak body. The golden light penetrated through his chest and settled in his heart, filling his body of the life he was so desperately in need of.

Suddenly, the raven’s eyes swung open and started coughing. The other man was quick to put him on his side to make it easier for him to spit out water he had been unconsciously swallowing. When he was done coughing, he pulled himself back a bit and supported his body with his elbows, watching everything ever so confused.

“S-Seokj-jin h-hyung...?”

Jin was quick to grab the blanket he had been sleeping with and wrapped the younger’s body with it, as he used a small towel to dry his hair a bit. Once he was done, he stared at him as his chest heaved up and down, agitated from both the physical and mental effort. And then he broke down.

“You stupid fucking idiot!” He blurted out as he hugged him tightly. “I was scared shitless!”

Jimin finally breathed out the sigh he didn’t know he had been holding. He could’ve sworn he saw Jeongguk’s hand shakily reach out to hold Seokjin’s back, hesitating a bit before placing it there. His cheeks were puffy and his nose was red, as if he was a child that had been crying over a broken toy. And for some reason, it made him want to hug him tight, too.

“T-thank you... h-hyung”

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