It's a Love Story

Going After Her

(Edward's POV.)

I walked back into the living room and sat on the couch, staring at nothing.

See you in a couple years? What did she mean by that?

"Edward! Aren't you going after her! You're the only one that can stop her!" Alice yelled in my ear.

"I highly doubt that Alice. Now will you please stop screaming? Where is she going anyway?" I asked.

"No one knows, that's why you have to stop her! You have to tell her how you feel! About the wedding!"

"It's still on Alice." I explained. I had talked to Tanya about it that morning. Alice had an astonished look on her face which quickly turned to anger.

"Whether or not it's still on you still have to go get her!"

"But Alice..." I sighed getting exhausted already. If this pixie keeps it up she'll be having a few other problems on her hands besides Bella leaving.

"Wait Edward. I need to tell you something." Tanya interrupted. I turned my head to look at her and saw tears in her eyes, just waiting to fall. I quickly got up and went over to comfort her. She put her hand out to sstop me befoore i could.

"I-I want to call off the wedding. It's obvious you love Bella than you'll ever love me. That's why i want you to take this." She slipped off the beautifully encrested engagement ring i had given her and handed it to me.

"But Tanya..."

"Let me finish Edward." I kept quiet.

"I'm glad for you Edward, now please, go chase after her." Her tears were now falling down her face. I stepped forward but stopped myself. I stood starng into her eyes, trying to make sense of it all.

I love Bella, i have since we met. I love Tanya also, but it seems like i love Bella more. I sighed in confusion and walked out the front door.

"Edward where are you going?" I kept silent, just knowing i needed to drive. I opened the door to my volvo and stepped inside. I started to pull out and looked towards the house. Alice was standing at the door with an astonished face. The guys were smirking behind them. Tanya was beside Rosalie and had a sad smile on her face as Rosalie comforted her. That's when i made up my mind.

"Edward answer me!" Screamed Alice once more. Rollling down my window i yelled out my answer.

"I'm going to get Juliet." I smiled before beginning to drive down the road.

This time you're not getting hurt.

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