It's a Love Story


(Bella's POV.)

The notes signaling my cue began to play and I took a deep breath. I was wearing the same dress as i had to the ball. Except this time, i had a veil in front of my face and a bouque in my hands. Beginning down the cullen's staircase, we had decided to have the wedding here, i thought about how this all began. With me begging Alice not to drag me to the ball, telling her it was a waste of time. When it turns out, it was the smartest thing i culd've ever done.

Now i was at the front doors and they were opening to let me outside. Everyone was here. My old friends from school, my dad, the Cullen's, and even Tanya. I began down the isle, heading straight for Edward. Beside him was the minister. Emmet and Jasper stood to the side, both grinning widely at me. Across from them was Rose and Alice. Though Alice had insisted on not being in the wedding, i told her she had to or i wouldn't have a made of honor. Once i told her that she stared hopping up and down wildly. They both were smiling at me as i took the last step to stand in front of Edward. We smiled at each other, then turned to the minister. We both said our vows before he asked us the most important part.

"Do you Edward Cullen take Isabella Swan as her wife?"

"I do." His immediate response was. Then he turned to me.

"Do you, Isabella Swan take Edward Cullen to be your husband."

"I do."

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Edward lifted the veil and laned in. His lips touched mine then pulled away too soon. He grabbed my hand and we walked back down the isle. As everyone congratulated us we never once let go of each other's hands. Soon though, everyone started to leave and only Tanya and the Cullen's were left.

"Hi Bella, Edward."

"Hi." Edward and I smiled at her.

"I wanted to say i'm really happy for you two. I knew from the start i was in the wrong place. The fiance as a friend and friend as the wife. That's how it should be." I let go of Edward's hand and stepped forward to hug her.

"Thank you." I whispered so only she could hear. She nodded and we let go. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she smiled, but you could tell she was happy. Then i remembered something.

"Oh! We forgot to throw the bouque! Alice!"

"I knew i forgot someting. Well it's too late now." Said Alice.

"Actually, we can still do it. The girls can do it, we have enough people." Suggested Edward.

Everyone agreed so the girls got in a small group in front of me. I turned around and threw the bouque as hard as i could. The next thing i heard was alice squealing. I turned back around to see Alice holding the bouque in her hands. Jasper walked up to her, got down on his knee, a small box in his hand and said,

"Alice Brandon, will you marry me?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She hopped up and down then hugged him tightly once the ring was on her finger.

"Congratulations!" I yelled with everyone.

We were both young when i first saw you...

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