It's a Love Story

Goodbye Romeo: Screaming and Yelling

(Bella's POV)

Edward and I have been doing that for the past few weeks. We'd hang out during the day, turns out he's now going to Forks High. Then he'd come over at eleven every night so we could go to the garden. We've done it so many times that it seemed close to impossible to get caught. That is until one day.


It was 4:30 when i finally finished my homework. I got up and looked out the window. I've been anxious all day to go to the garden. Edward had said he had a surprise for me. I hate surprises, but since it's from Edward, i haven't been able to sit still all day. I've been a mini Alice with all my energy. I sighed and leaned back on my bed.

How to kill the time?

Well, who's the master of time? my brain retorted.

"Heck if i know." I spoke out loud.

I turned to my left, scanning my room. It was fairly clean except for a few scattered books. Then i noticed my ancient computer. I walked over to it and pressed the power button. After a few minutes it showed how far i had progressed in turning on. 10% I walked back over to the window and stared out onto the street. It wasn't long until my thoughts strayed to Edward. Before I got too far though, the computer beeped, signaling that it was finished. I stood and made my way over. sitting down in the chair, I clicked on the e for Internet explorer. Soon the MSN homepage was showing on the monitor. I thought about what i could search for then got an idea. I went to and went to their customer service. I looked at their locations and found that there was one in Port Angeles.(not sure if there really is)

I decided I'd go there this weekend. I went back to the homepage and looked at some of the popular books. A few actually sounded good. I browsed some more until Charlie came up at 7:-- to say he had ordered pizza and that I'll be here in 30 minutes. So i shut down the computer, then went downstairs to make a drink and grab a plate./exactly 30 minutes later the pizza guy showed up with the pizza. Charlie got up from his chair to pay then came back with the lid to the box open. He handed me two slices of pepperoni pizza then sat back down to watch the game. I sat silently eating my pizza, absent mindlessly watching the game too. I never liked sports and they never liked me. My being a klutz helped in no way in that area. I focused back on the tv, not knowing about anything about what was happening.

At 9:00 I told Charlie goodnight and went upstairs.

"Alright Bells. I'll be up there soon, when the game's over." I nodded to him that i understood. I changed into some grey sweat pants and a dark blue t-shirt. I placed my tennis shoes, socks, and jeans beside my bed, for when Edward gets here. I climbed on to the bed and got under the sheets. Turning towards my clock i listened to Charlie coming up the stairs. Knowing he would check, i closed my eyes and calmed my breathing. Sure enough Charlie opened the door and peeked inside. It was silent for a while until i heard the creak of the door closing. I opened my eyes again then looked back at the door. Everything was quiet except for the sound of the wind blowing outside. Slowly my eyes closed and fell into a deep sleep.

11:00 p.m.

I woke up to the sound of the familiar thump, thump, thump on my window. I leaned up quickly and rolled over to the side of the bed. I tried to climb out from underneath the covers, key word "tried". Instead I ended up banging down onto the wood floor and hitting my head on my shoes.

"Figures." I whispered. Quickly, I untangled my legs from the sheets and stood. I slid on my jeans, then put on my socks and shoes. My fingers swept through my hair, getting rid of any knots. Hastily, I opened up the window and looked at the Adonis on the ground before me.

"Hey , are you okay? I heard a crash." Oh crap. If he heard it, maybe Charlie did too. No he couldn't have, he's been asleep for two hours. But so have i.

"Oh crap."


"Nothing, I'm fine." I didn't need him to worry. I backed up and was about to put my left foot through the door, when i heard,

"ISABELLA MARIE SWAN! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU"RE DOING!?" I turned and saw a red faced Charlie standing in my doorway. I guess he did hear me.

"Oh crap!" I whispered again. I turned around to Edward and mouthed run. He nodded and began hastily. Hopefully Charlie didn't hear or see him.

"Where do you think you're going young man?!" Charlie charged to the window and yelled, "If you want to get arrested you can go right ahead Otherwise you'll be downstairs at the front door waiting!" He slammed the window shut then grabbed my arm and dragged me down the stairs. He let go once we were at the bottom and made his way to the door. He practically ripped the door off it's henges as he exposed the chill of the night air.

"Who are you?"

"Edward Cullen."

"The doctors kid?"

"Yes sir."

"Wait i recognize you. You're the kid that tried to trespass school property by climbing the tree and jumping the fence!"

"What!?" I yelled. That would explain how he was so good at it though. I plummeted to the bottom step in shock.

"Bella!" Edward brushed pass Charlie and caught me.

"Are you alright?"

"Is it true?" I asked, ignoring his question. He just looked away.

"I'll tell you later. In the garden." I nodded in agreement. Since i hadn't heard him cross I was surprised when Charlie grabbed my hand and yanked me away from Edward.

"Stay away from her!" After that it all passed in a blur, or at least slow motion. Charlie reached out his arm and hit Edward in the jaw. We were all silent, too stunned to say or do anything. Then all heck broke loose.

I started crying, both from Edward being hit and how tight Charlie's grip was. Charlie started screaming again and thankfully let go of my arm only to grab Edward's. He was the only one being silent. All he did was hold his jaw and look at me the whole time. Just as charlie was about to close the door I whispered "Bye Romeo." I guess they both heard me over Charlie's screaming. The next thing out of his mouth was

"Well romeo, stay away from Juliet!"

but my daddy said stay away from Julietand i was crying on the staircase begging you please don't go....

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