It's a Love Story

See you later Juliet: Heartache

(Bella's POV)

and i said...

I didn't dare say anything to Charlie as i ran upstairs. I locked my door and quickly opened my window. Charlie was yelling through the door to me, having no idea what i was about to do.

"Bells, i'm sorry. But you can;t hang out with him anymore. He's bad news." I just ignored him as i shimmied down the tree.

As my feet touched the ground, i immediately started running towards the garden. I tripped a few times but the thought of Edward kept me going. When i reached the fence i could barely find enough strength to climb over. Then i looked at the tree and before i knew it i was inside the garden at the base of the tree. As i climbed i was soon enveloped in strong arms.

romeo take me somewhere we can be aloneI'll be waiting all there's left to do is run

"I'm sorry Bella."

"It's not your fault Edward. None of it is."

"Yes it is. That's why I'm leaving."

"What?" I asked, dumbfounded. He just averted my gaze.

"Edward, what do you mean by leaving? Like your whole family?"

"No, just me. though Emmet and Rose are going to college soon." He was trying to distract me.

"Distracting me isn't going to work Edward. Now explain."

"Bella, i have to leave. We can't be together. Your dad hates me, and he has a good reason too. I've done a lot of bad things Bella. So stop loving me."

"I can't and I won't. You know that Edward. The only way I'll stop loving you is if you told me you didn't love me. If you looked me in the eye and said you didn't love me!" I cried. Tears were already going down my face. Edward turned to face me, looking right into my eyes.

"I don't love you." He said.

"I never loved you. It was all just to see if I could get away with dating the chief's daughter."

"No. That's a lie. Stop lying!" I stood up and leaned against the tree.

"It's not a lie. It's the truth. Goodbye Bella." Then he turned and jumped from the tree. I watched as he ran away, not turning back. I tried to follow him but my foot slipped and I fell from the tree, hitting the ground. I tried to push off of the ground but i ended up falling again. I tried again later before I gave up I looked up at the sky as rain drops began to fall. I pulled myself under the willow tree and cried. Soon, I was enveloped in complete darkness.

you'll be the prince and i'll be the princessit's love story baby just say yes.....


"Bella? Are you alright?" Asked an unfamiliar voice. then did i realize that I wasn't against the tree, but laying on our couch. I opened my eyes to see who the voice belonged to.

"Do you remember what happened?" I nodded my head slowly.

"What happened Bella?"

"He left. He's gone." Then I closed my eyes again and plummeted into the comfort of the dark.

so i sneak out to the garden to see youwe keep quiet cause we're dead if they knew.....

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