KILLER (Jungkook ff)


"The most dangerous people in the world are smart ones."

Thriller / Action
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Y/N'S P.O.V...

"My sweetheart, come here. I have something to tell you." A soft voice reached my ear from the living room and immediately, I left what I was doing in my room and rushed towards my dad to listen to what he has to say.

I sat down on the floor of our small living room, facing my dad. Though our apartment on the ground floor was small, it was still cozy for me and my dad to live. Since my mom died as soon as I was born, my dad raised me alone with a lot of love and affection. So, I have nothing to complain about my life as of now.

"Did you finish your dinner without leaving anything?" He asked me with a sweet tone and I nodded as an answer.

"Good girl. I am so proud of you." His smile never left his face.

"Even though, I am 9 years old, I am not that small for you to be treating me like that, Dad." I was straightforward with my feelings. "Look at this child, no matter how much you grow or how smarter you are, you are still a small kid in my eyes," was the reply I got from my father.

I retreated from this convo with a small sigh as I knew that I can't win it.

"So, what were you doing in your room?" He was curious. "I was reading about the power struggle and chronicles of the past." I replied instantly. "Oho, my daughter is so smart. I can boast about it with my colleagues." He looked quite impressed and happy.

"Dad, people are cruel." My dad was a bit taken aback by my words. He smiled and leaned onto the table and spoke softly. "Not everyone is bad but you are right. Humans are merciless and cruel animals." Dad's voice sounded bitter.

"And do you know who are the most dangerous people of all?" I stared at him, looking for the answer.

"The smart people, they are the most dangerous ones of all. So, we have to be careful with them." He was stern with his words.

"Anyways, you are too young to understand about this. So, leave it for now." He seemed to get back to normal. "I am not too young."

"Right, you are not that young~ you are 9 years old, my pretty little smart princess." He pinched my cheeks. As soon as he left them, I touched my red cheeks.

As I was about to speak, the sound of our doorbell interrupted me. "I'll go and take it, okay?" My dad spoke as he got up and rushed towards the door.

"Who is it?" He spoke as he opened the door. "Who is it, dad?" I was curious.

"I don't know either. There's no one here." My dad went out of the house to check the surroundings. I heard the door close.

A few minutes have passed but there was no response. I felt a little anxious as the seconds hand on the clock moved at a constant pace. Not being able to contain my anxiety, I rushed towards the door.

I caught the handle of the door and as I was about to speak, "Da-"

*bang bang*

The loud sound echoed twice. My racing heart instantly sank to the bottom. It's as if the clock and the world stopped at once.

My hands started shaking as I left the handle, I managed to bring myself to peek through the hole on the door.

My eyes widened as I got the view of the outside. My dad was lying down against the wall covered with the blood. It was getting hard for him to breathe.

I noticed a person who was covered with black from head to toe. The only thing I saw was his wrist which had a leaf tattoo. My mind went blank, as I was moving back, I slipped and fell on my back making a sound.

"The child is inside," I heard the man speak.

Though my body was unstable, I still managed to get back on my feet. And I heard that man trying to break the door.

I quickly placed a few heavy items which I could carry, near the door. Without wasting any time, I ran towards the bathroom and locked myself in it. My heart raced as if it was going to burst.

I heard loud sounds of bullets.

"You damn little insect, where the HELL are you?" The sound of the bullets accompanied his words. I flinched at the sound as I knew he was near the bathroom.

As my heartbeat was getting out of control, I caught the sight of the window. Without wasting anytime, I opened the window and jumped through it. Since my body was small, I was able to fit into it. I landed on a huge box of garbage on the corner of the dark alley.

I quickly got down and ran as fast as I can. After crossing two alleys, I could no longer move a leg. I managed to hide myself behind a large box of garbage which was near a pole in the corner of an alley.

I tried to calm myself. All the pain my heart was bearing, all the thoughts that were running in my mind were converted into a test which managed to roll down my cheek from my left eye. And right at that instant, I heard footsteps. I covered my mouth, trying to not make any sound.

"Boss, we lost her." I heard him speak to someone through a call.

"You good for nothing idiots! With those large bodies, you can't even catch a small girl? Anyways, leave her, what can she even do? Get back here instantly!" At the command of their boss, those men left from here.

I gathered my strength and made sure that they left from there.

I ran with all my might until I reached my apartment. As I entered, my heart was throbbing, and then I caught the sight of my dad lying down there with a stained white shirt with blood, there I saw him holding the last bit of his life in his palms.

"DAD!!" I shouted with all my might as I ran to him.

He slowly managed to open his eyes as he heard my voice. He smiled warmly at me, "You did a good job escaping from them. I am proud of you. And I am sorry for making you see this state of your dad, Y/n." My tears overflowed as if there was no stop to them.

"You know, I really wanted to see you grow up but I guess, I can't now. But still, I want you to grow up well, okay? My friend will definitely come and get you, okay? Listen to him well and be obedient." He managed to speak barely, it's as if he was waiting all this time to say these words.

"Stop speaking, dad. Let's go to the hospital, you will get better. You are not leaving me, pls." I almost shouted, not being able to hear him. He slowly touched my cheek with his hand which was covered with blood.

"You know, Y/n. I love you a lot more than anyone else." A tear rolled down his cheek as he closed his eyes.




Your sweet author, Haru here! Hope you liked this part. My writing skills aren't that great but thanks for bearing with it.

I really hope this wasn't boring. And please vote and make sure to drop a comment becuz I feel motivated whenever I get comments.

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