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Euphoria | Jikook | COMPLETED


The company’s annual Christmas Gala is coming up and Jungkook needs a date. When his colleagues tease him too much for being a loner, Jungkook claims he has a boyfriend. Jungkook now has three weeks to get a boyfriend. *** Jimin returns from the US after his studies, successfully managing his father’s business overseas. He’s celebrating his short break when he stumbles onto a cute stranger. When the cute stranger starts blurting out next to him in the club, he thinks he was hitting on him. But he soon realizes that the guy was talking to himself, more like scolding himself and wallowing in self-pity as he drank away.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

4th Dec, Friday

Jungkook hated his life.

Hated everything about his entire fucking self and everything about this shitty club.

Okay. That was exaggerated.

There was nothing shitty about this club. In fact, Euphoria was one of the high-end clubs in Itaewon, Seoul. The music was good for the people in a good mood and the bartender who took Friday shifts was the best. He made the best drinks. Jungkook was yet to learn his name, but when did that ever matter.

Not that Jungkook was here a lot on weekdays. But he came here mostly on Friday nights with his hyungs and knew the bartender. Jungkook sipped his bone-dry martini, grimacing as it burned his throat. Soon the burn was replaced with familiar warmth.

“Go home after this drink or wait for us,” his hyung had said before leaving him at the bar. “I mean it, Kookie. Only one and not more than that.”

It wasn’t new. They hit the club occasionally. He was a light-weight, so his hyung never let him drink anything heavy. If he was in a good mood, he’d dance with his hyungs and then go home, calling it a night.

Tonight was different. He needed this. Needed to wallow in self-pity and wash down his shame.

It was one of those days he questioned the reason for his existence, which was almost every single day. At twenty-three, one would think Jungkook had everything he wanted. In a way, he did. He had a decent job, in fact, his dream job as a programmer in a number one company in Seoul apart from other freelance gigs. He owned a decent apartment in the heart of Seoul. He had two best friends he hung out with.

Jungkook was often labeled as perfect boyfriend material. He was tall and handsome with an adorable smile and a warm personality according to his hyungs. To be honest, Jungkook was blessed in the looks department. He made heads turn.

What more he could want? His life should be smooth. Except, it was far from that.

Jungkook, the perfect golden maknae of his hyungs, who excelled in everything he did, had one teeny-tiny problem. He was an introvert. Well, being an introvert wasn’t a problem at all. Definitely not. But his hyungs called him the king of introverts.

He was extremely shy and spoke only if necessary. His childhood friend Taehyung and his hyung Yoongi were the only ones he was comfortable with. That was only because he grew up with them. Taehyung went to school with him and Yoongi was the only son of his foster parents. When Yoongi moved to Seoul for work, Taehyung and Jungkook followed.

Jungkook often faced criticism for his silent nature. People tried to befriend him initially, but they all gave up at one point and never bothered with him to put up with his stuttering. Oh, right. Jungkook stuttered when he was nervous, which was 24/7. PeriodT.

Okay. 24/7 was exaggerating. He got nervous when all the attention in the room was focused on him. Otherwise, he had no trouble speaking whatsoever.

Now, where were we? Yeah, Jungkook was questioning his existence. As he lounged in one of the bar stools in the club, nursing his first drink for the night, he took a trip down his memory lane, cursing every single thing he did wrongly.

It wasn’t that Jungkook doesn’t want to be around people. He just didn’t know-how. If it wasn’t for his mind-blowing portfolio or the grades, he wouldn’t have even landed this job. Because he was sure he almost passed out by the end of the interview session. Yoongi, who was the head of the marketing in the firm put in a word with the head of his department, which helped. And Jungkook didn’t disappoint. He worked hard to become the best performer within a month and after two years, people stopped competing with him for the first place. He was that good.

So what could even be his problem?

Right. The Annual Christmas Gala.

Every year, the Park Corporation held a massive gala for its employees. A day before the holidays started, they hosted a party where people could mingle and have fun. With multiple games and prizes, it was very famous. But there was only one problem. The party required him to attend with a plus one. Last year, he went with Taehyung. Yoongi accompanied someone else from his department.

This year shouldn’t have been a problem, except Taehyung was now dating Yoongi and hence Jungkook has to look for a date to bring to the party. It shouldn’t be a problem, right? Right? Right.

Except he did something very bad. You see, Jungkook’s colleagues often made fun of him for being closed off. They took a dig at his non-existent social life. Jungkook shouldn’t blame them. Because he was the cause of his misery.

His brain to mouth filter stopped working when he drank. He talked a lot while he was intoxicated. And his alcohol tolerance was shit. That night at the party one year ago, he was sad he didn’t have a date. Just one bottle of beer later, Jungkook had sadly blurted out that he was a virgin and he hasn’t even had his first kiss yet. In his defense, the guys in his team asked him about his relationships first.

Anyway, his life became miserable after that. They teased him so much that eventually, it became borderline harassment of hateful words. Because, yeah he had told them he was gay too.

So, when the guys mocked him again for being a lonely ass this morning, he had lost his temperament and claimed that he had a boyfriend. Once again, in his defense, he was stuck in a project for over a week and the client was being an ass. So, he lost his shit.

Now, he had to bring a date. Jungkook, a person with only two friends and practically non-existent social life outside his home or office, how was he supposed to find a date in three weeks?

He hadn’t bothered when Tae and Yoongi dragged him to the club that night. They wanted him to drink and loosen up because they knew he had a lot of pent up stress. Only they both were missing for the past half an hour and Jungkook was left to his own devices by the bar. He was in no mood for dancing tonight.

His eyes scanned the crowd briefly. No sign of Taehyung or Yoongi. They must be on the dancefloor somewhere. If he was in good mood, he would have been in there sandwiched between Tae and Yoongi, swaying to the beat.

He should stop drinking and head home. Right. Jungkook pulled out his phone and texted his hyungs. He better get out of the place while he still had some lucidity. He could play games for the rest of the night. At least that was what he thought when he sent that text out.

“Look who’s here!” The chirpy voice drew a groan from Jungkook. He didn’t have to look behind to see it was Yunho and his minions.

“Hey, lonely ass…” Someone clapped his back.

He ignored the voice and downed the remaining drink in one go, requesting another, which would mark one of the first mistakes he would make that night. The bartender sent him an apologetic glance as he slid another drink on the counter. Watered down vodka, he realized.

“Not even one person to accompany you for a drink? That’s really sad…” Yunho drawled.

“What do you want?” Jungkook grunted, grip tightening around his glass.

“Someone is pissed,” Jae, a programmer from another team snickered. The bitch wasn’t even quarter as good as Jungkook. If it wasn’t for his brother-in-law, he wouldn’t be even on the team. The youngest huffed.

“We just came here for drinks,” Yunho said. “Wanna join us? Looks like you could use some company.”

“I’m fine.” Jungkook waved his hand dismissively, throwing a glance over his shoulder. He saw Yunho, Jae, Chao, and Lee, all were still in the work clothes they wore to the office that day. Their shirts tucked out and hair sweaty. They must have gotten here earlier than him. Looked like they just came back from the dance floor.

“Don’t be a loser, come on. We will have fun.” Jungkook could sniff Jae’s insincerity from miles apart. They just want him so they could pick their mouth.

“It’s not like you’re waiting for someone.” Someone pulled at his sleeve. The others ordered their drinks.

Jungkook clenched his jaw and freed his sleeve. “What if I am?” The words stumbled before he could stop them. He’d had enough of their bullshit and the brain to mouth filter was already fading.

A round of snickers drifted around him. “Who? Your secret boyfriend?”

Another round of laughter.

“None of your business,” he mumbled under his breath.

“So, how are you gonna do it? Beg someone to pretend as your boyfie for a day?” Chao’s words slurred. He wasn’t usually this chatty, but he never missed a chance to take a dig.

“Ah, that’s a great idea, Chao.” Yunho sends him a flying kiss. “You’re a genius.”

“You must find someone for a day.”

“But who’d go with him though? He’s so boring.” Lee’s extra drawl was definitely unwanted.

“A fool?” They laughed at their own joke.

Jungkook scoffed ignored the jeers and jabs that followed like he always did and focused on the drink, ignoring the way his blood buzzed alerting him that he should slow down. But he was far too gone with his suppressed anger taking the front seat.

So much for hitting the club today. If he only hated his life before, he now hated the entire world and the people around him.


Loud music, best drinks, and great company. What more could you ask for a night?

Jimin swayed in tune with the music, occasionally grinding and rolling his body with strangers. The grip on his hip grew tight and he felt the stranger’s hardness press against the curve of his ass. Jimin threw a glance over his shoulder, a warning for the motherfucker to back off, and fortunately, the not-so-drunk patron seemed to take the hint and moved away when the song ended.

Jimin left the dance floor and hopped on a bar stool in the VIP section, ordering a daiquiri. The mild buzz settled in his nerves was pleasantly good. He loved alcohol and he was a pretty good drinker with high alcohol tolerance. But that didn’t mean he wanted to get wasted. He liked to take his time, savor his drink, let the alcohol settle, and sent the familiar buzz through his system.

On the couch adjacent to the bar, his hyungs were laughing out loud at something. Hoseok hyung was on the floor, all of them slightly tipsy. The music drowned their loud chatters. He glanced around them as the bartender prepared his drink.

The high-class lounge was exclusive to celebrities, businessmen, and rich assholes who wanted some privacy. He saw a few familiar faces here and there, but didn’t bother to strike a conversation. It had been a week since he was back in Seoul. He will soon take over the business from his father solely, so this was his little retreat before plunging into the madness of the corporate world again.

He grabbed the drink once it was served and took a sip, relishing the refreshing taste of strawberry combined with rum. Jimin decided to look around a bit. A glance from his current position gave him the view of the crowded floor below. He scrunched his nose as his lazy gaze flitted around. He’d been in crowded clubs before while he was in the US.

He wasn’t the one to bother much about his privacy. Paparazzi had a field trip with everything he did. The media had painted a fuckboy persona and he never bothered to correct them. None of those shit was true anyway. But now that he was back in Seoul, he hoped for a new start.

In South Korea, his father was a well-known figure in the corporate world. Park Corporation Inc. had diversified businesses catering to multiple industries. He grew up in the United States and started working for his father’s company at eighteen. Unlike what others thought, he started as an intern and worked his way up. After seven years, his father thought he was ready to take over the majority of the responsibilities. The decision was major because of his father’s deteriorating health condition that worried his mother.

Jimin tilted his head when a particular red dress caught his attention. She was on the floor below, ordering a drink from the bar. He sipped the drink, his gaze accessing her as a smirk curved his lips. She was beautiful. Was she alone?

He quickly turned around, catching the attention of his hyungs Namjoon, Seokjin, and Hoseok telling them that he was going down. They smirked as if they could read his intention. He rolled his eyes and went down with a bounce in his steps. It had been a while since he got laid. How long had it been? Six months? Or was it more? The final semester had been too crazy that he had detached himself from everything and threw himself into studies and work. Tonight, he was in a good mood and had all the reasons to celebrate.

He hummed low along with the music as he approached the bar, his smile falling slightly as he noticed the woman had left the bar. She should be somewhere here. He perched on a bar stool, gaze searching for a red dress.

“Wanna have some fun?”

His head cocked to the side, eyes catching the handsome boy who couldn’t have been more than twenty. The boy occupied the corner side stool away from the buzzing crowd just beside Jimin. He was in formal clothes, white button-down, and black slacks, his blazer rested on the counter. He was scrolling through his phone, his nose and brows scrunched in concentration.

Jimin flicked his gaze back to the dance floor, his interest perking as he caught a glimpse of red.

“Hey handsome, wanna dance?”

Jimin whipped his head so fast that he heard a soft crick from his neck. He frowned. Was this boy hitting on him? But the said boy looked too lost in his phone. He was sure the sound came from his right. He observed the boy for a few moments before shaking his head and turning his attention to the dance floor.

“Hello beautiful, are you alone?”

Jimin had enough. This time he was sure the sound came from the boy. He turned to face him. “Excuse me?” The boy didn’t respond, his expression didn’t alter. He kept scrolling through his phone. Jimin gritted his teeth. He tapped the boy’s shoulder. “Hey, you.”

The boy lifted his head, wide doe-eyes blinked at him as if he was seeing him for the first time. Jimin noticed the sharp intake of his breath and the way his thin lips parted. A smirk lifted the corner of his lips, he was used to this type of reaction. It was nothing new. He had that effect on both men and women alike.

Jimin waved his hand in front of his face, breaking his trance. “You said something?”

“Huh?” The boy blinked again, frowned as he looked at his drink, and then looked back at him again.

“You were saying something earlier,” Jimin reminded.

“Oh.” The boy frowned again. “I’m practicing some pickup lines,” he said with a serious expression that had Jimin barked with laughter, clutching his stomach.

There was nothing wrong with what he said. It was the way he said. Damn. This boy looked too innocent and clueless that amused Jimin.

“Hey, what are you laughing at?” The boy pouted and Jimin suppressed the urge to coo. Damn. He was so cute.

“Are you even legal?” he asked instead, his eyes trailing over the boy. His head cocked to the side. “How old are you?” He regarded the boy, trying to guess his age as he sipped his drink, savoring the taste and the boy’s eyes widened.

“I’m twenty-three.” The boy jumped off the stool, slightly swaying on his feet and Jimin caught his hand steadying him.

Twenty-three? Two years younger than him. But he definitely did not look like it. He was also slightly taller than Jimin with broad shoulders and a thin waist. His arms flexed under Jimin’s grip.

“So are you trying to hit on me?” Jimin licked his lips. The red dress was long forgotten as he gave him a seductive smile. “Go on. I’m all game if you want someone to practice.”

What the hell was he even saying? Jimin should stop this now and go looking for that red dress. But something about the boy had him stay put. He was captivated by those starry eyes.

The boy blinked again, his face flushing as his mouth opened and closed with no words coming out. He stared at Jimin for a long moment. “N-no.” He shook his head. “I…I need a boyfriend.”

Jimin chuckled. “Hmm…So you chose a club to hunt for a boyfriend.”

“You don’t understand.” The boy slumped on the stool, ordering another drink. “I have to find a boyfriend in three weeks.”

Now Jimin was intrigued. “Why so?”

“There’s this stupid gala at my office. I have to take a plus one.” The boy grabbed the new drink, gulping it.

“Hey, slow down, sweetheart. That’s not how you drink heavy stuff.” But the boy’s eyes glazed over, a blush coating his cheeks. “So you need a plus one for this gala. You could take a friend.”

Jimin didn’t know why he was even bothering with the boy while he should be doing something productive. He vaguely remembered the red dress, but he couldn’t bring himself to look away from the boy. Damn. Cute boys were always his weakness. This one particularly was exactly what looked like his type. But Jimin didn’t do relationships.

“You don’t understand.” The boy shook his head, asking for another drink. “I have only two friends,” his voice slurred and took a slightly high pitch as if he was borderline whining. “They’re dating each other.” He scooted closer to Jimin, their shoulders brushing and Jimin could smell his cologne. “Yoongi hyung and I work for the same company while Taehyungie hyung works for another. But everyone knows Yoongi hyung and Taehyungie hyung are boyfriends.”

Jimin stopped the boy from gulping down his next drink. “Take it slow,” he warned and watched the boy nod, obeying as he sipped the drink this time. His eyes were slightly unfocused and Jimin was sure he was drunk. His words slurred but he was still upright. “What’s your name?”

“Jungkookie…” The boy slurred, blinking his doe-eyes at him. “What’s yours?”

“Jimin. So why is it so important to find a boyfriend tonight?” He wanted to laugh out upon noticing his incredulous expression.

Jungkookie turned to fully face him, drink in one hand. “So this is what happened…”


5th Dec, Saturday

Jungkook rolled on the extremely comfortable bed that smelled so fresh and felt so soft. He snuggled under the sheets further, hands patting around as they relished the comfort. However, when he didn’t find the particular pillow that he always used to hug to sleep, he cracked an eye open.

The surroundings were too bright for his liking and the colors were bright and vibrant. He lifted his upper torso, supporting it on his elbow as he looked around. Still sleep-induced and thoughts disoriented, it took a while before his mind registered he wasn’t in his bedroom. The alarm blared in his mind as he threw his leg off the bed, stumbling on his feet.

He looked down, thankfully he still wore the clothes from last night except for the jacket, which was missing. He glanced around. It wasn’t Yoongi hyung or Tae hyung’s bedroom either. With a frown, he tiptoed to the door, breathing in relief to find it open.

A mouthwatering aroma of food greeted him. Jungkook followed the scent, licking his lips as his stomach suddenly growled. He had a weakness for food and he realized he had missed dinner last night. The hunger and the delicious aroma drowned all his thoughts.

However, he halted when he entered the modern kitchen that connected the living room and dining room. The kitchen was marvelous, something straight out of a TV show but what froze him was the man in front of him. Was he seeing things?

A very shirtless man stood in front of the stove, his sweatpants hung low on his hip. Jungkook’s gaze trailed over his toned muscles and honey-toned skin. He was a couple of inches shorter than Jungkook and when he turned…


The man was gorgeous. His features were soft yet with sharp edges. Jungkook’s gaze drank in his features, beautiful eyes, small nose, soft, plump lips that looked so…tempting. He licked his lips unconsciously. His gaze flitted over the ‘Never Mind’ tattoo that ran over his right rib cage. And damn…those abs. He wouldn’t mind running his hands over the taut muscles for days. Or maybe he could kiss them or lick even.

What the fuck Jungkookie?

He scolded himself as he forced his gaze to the stranger’s face again.

Is he for real? Is he the Adonis? There’s no way such a beautiful man can exist in real life.

He pressed the palm of his heels over his eyes. He must be dreaming. The man in front of him burst into laughter. Even his smile was beautiful. The sound was so soft and sensual. Jungkook was staring.

“Ah, I’m really flattered, Jungkookie. But I’m not Adonis,” the man said. “I’m Jimin.”


So the God now spoke to him.

“I’m not God you idiot.” He laughed. “Come, take a seat. It’s time for lunch.”

“If you’re not God then how do you know what I’m thinking?” Jungkook countered.

“That’s because you said it out loud.” The guy, Jimin shook his head, the smile still clung to his lips.

Jungkook looked around him and then at the food.

“Come on, you must be hungry.”

At the words, his stomach growled again. Jungkook slipped into one of the chairs, his mind reeling as he tried to remember last night. He remembered going to the club with his hyungs and then texting his hyungs saying he was leaving. It clicked in his mind then. Yunho and his gang had run into him shortly after that, mocking him again for drinking away at a club alone. He vaguely remembered Jimin sliding next to him.

“Eat up.”

Jungkook stared at the plate of food in front of him, wordlessly picking the chopsticks and stuffing his mouth with food as he used the time to think. What happened last night? He got drunk and ran his mouth. That much was evident given the history of his drunken nights. The question was how much did he say and who was this beautiful stranger.

They ate in silence and Jungkook was grateful for the food and the silence because any moment from now he would freak out. The reality was settling in slowly and he was just coming to his senses. The odd sense of confidence he felt with booze was long gone and the real Jungkookie was returning.

“Here, have some more.” Jimin was already putting more food into his plate and Jungkook didn’t dare lookup.

Once he finished Jimin took his plates and dropped them in the sink before settling beside him. Jungkook clasped his hands on his lap, hanging his head low so he didn’t have to meet Jimin’s gaze. He could sense his heated gaze on his skin and the sole attention was overwhelming. He bit his link and held his body rigid so he won’t squirm.

“I thought about your situation,” Jimin said in a casual tone. “I’m also invited to the same event. So you can be my plus one.”

Jungkook whipped his head up, eyes widening. Did he hear it right?

“Y-you want to go w-with me?”

Jimin’s smile was soft and Jungkook felt his cheeks flaming when Jimin put a hand on top of his. “Why not?” He shrugged. “I’ll also need a date and I don’t have one yet. It’s a win-win.”

Jungkook blinked again. He couldn’t believe this was happening. Last night he was hopeless but now he had a gorgeous man who said he would be his plus one. The excitement didn’t last long. Because…

“There’s no way anyone would believe you’re my boyfriend.” Jungkook’s eyes were wide as he stared at the other man. They’d know he was bluffing right away.

Jimin lifted a brow, tongue pushing the inside of his cheek as he cocked his head to the side. “Why? What’s wrong with me?” He opened his arms wide, looking down at himself.

Jungkook sucked in a sharp breath. “N-no. N-not you.” His breathing grew heavy. “I-it’s me.”

“What about you?” Jimin continued nonchalantly.

The confidence he sported was something Jungkook lacked and the youngest gaped for a moment, trying to form a proper response and failing miserably. He hung his head staring at his interlaced hands in his lap. This was his problem. Now the solution to his problem was right in front of him, but he was being a chicken as usual.

The youngest squirmed under Jimin’s intense gaze. He was waiting for Jungkook to respond. His mouth opened a few times, his brain going blank, knees bouncing up and down, fingers fidgeting, teeth nibbling at his bottom lip. Jungkook felt like sinking with no means to escape. He has to speak but he couldn’t.

His body tensed when he felt the elder place a hand over his effectively halting his fidgeting. “Look at me…” The gentle voice had him lookup. Jungkook blinked getting lost in the deep chocolate orbs. He was just so beautiful. A longing sigh left his lips. “Tell me,” Jimin leaned, too close for Jungkook’s comfort. The smell of his shower gel invaded his senses and Jungkook found himself leaning forward closing his eyes and he took a whiff.

“Y-you smell so good.”

Jimin’s soft chuckle brought him out of his stupor and Jungkook froze. Fuck.

“I know,” Jimin said, lifting a hand to scratch Jungkook’s nape not giving him a chance to regret his slip-up. “You told me that several times last night.”

Jungkook blinked owlishly. He was sensitive to smells and loved mild fragrance. It was something he unconsciously did. “How much did I tell you last night?”

Jimin’s hand dropped, a small smile curving his plush lips. “I know you hid inside the closet when the adoption agency sent a couple to see you because you didn’t want to leave Yoongi hyung.”

Jungkook’s jaw dropped. That was… Only Tae, Yoongi, and his foster parents knew about this. He was fucked. He didn’t realize he was shaking until Jimin reached forward, pulling in large hands into his small once.

What else did I tell him?

He couldn’t believe he would blurt all that to a complete stranger and that too on the first time of their meeting. How was he supposed to live down this embarrassment? What would Jimin think of him now? Vague memories of him clinging to him last night as if his life depended on it flashed in his memory.

“Hey,” his voice was barely a whisper. “It’s okay. I understand why you didn’t want to leave.” Jimin cupped his face with a hand. “I think that was cute and it just shows how much you love them.”

Jungkook nodded jerkily. They weren’t his biological parents. He didn’t have a good childhood considering his birth mother was a drug addict. He was saved by someone and was sent to foster homes. As an abused kid, he had to go through years of therapy, which also demanded a stable home.

He has always been a shy kid and that very trait had ruined his chances of finding suitable parents when he was young because he couldn’t mingle with them. It always put him under extreme stress. But Jungkook found home with Yoongi at eight. His foster parents were able to get through him. They worked hard to bring him out of his shell.

The agency usually didn’t send adopting parents his way because they knew he needed emotional comfort and stability. But there was this one time they found a potential match. The doctor couple was kind, but Jungkook had grown too close to Yoongi and his parents that he couldn’t bear to part ways with them. So, he hid himself in the closet and refused to go out. He had thrown tantrums and cried until he lost his voice. After that, they had left him alone as per his therapist’s advice.

The youngest now remembered how he had opened his heart out to Jimin last night, talking about his childhood and life with his parents. “Y-you won’t t-tell anyone, will you? The things I told you.”

Jungkook was on the verge of tears mostly because of his own foolishness. He didn’t even know Jimin. Though he looked like someone he could trust, Jungkook couldn’t settle on that thought. The reality finally sunk in and he just wanted to crawl under his blankets and never step out again. He got himself drunk and allowed a stranger to take him home. If that wasn’t enough, he had blurted out his entire life story to him. One look at Jimin told him that the stranger now knew almost all of his secrets, including the time he first jerked off in the bathroom at sixteen to his celebrity crush.

“Your secret is safe with me.” Jimin smiled and Jungkook believed him. He didn’t know why, but it was just…so easy to trust this handsome stranger. It was strangely comfortable and it shocked Jungkook. That was bad. He shouldn’t feel this way with him. This was wrong.

His mind did quick work. He didn’t have to meet Jimin again and he can pretend last night didn’t happen. Yep. That could work. He just has to leave and never look back. Never in my life, I’m touching alcohol ever again.

“I…I should go.” Jungkook was upon his feet. He didn’t wait for Jimin’s response. If there was one thing Jungkook was good at, it was running away and hiding.

And Jungkook ran.


Jimin suppressed a chuckle as he watched Jungkook run out of his penthouse. He strode to his bedroom and his smile widened when he noticed Jungkook’s wallet, keys, and phone on the nightstand.

A sudden ringing of his own phone distracted him. His lips twisted into a smile as he answered the call.

“Hyung,” he greeted Hoseok, his best friend and one of the business partners along with Namjoon and Seokjin through his screen, returning their smiles. They were all in a restaurant. Shit. He missed their Saturday brunch.

“Was he a good lay? You just went off the radar.”

Jimin chuckled. “Yes and no.”

“Elaborate, brat. You never skipped our Saturday brunch before. Now spill everything.”

“We didn’t have sex.”

They scoffed. “Are you telling me the Park Jimin didn’t have sex with this random guy he took home for a night? What did you even do all night then?” Seokjin teased.

“Ah…we talked?” He scratched the back of his neck. Last night was the first of many. Park Jimin didn’t bring his one-night-stands home. He definitely didn’t like to stay the night or chat. He took them to a hotel and left immediately once it was over. It was one of the reasons for his short-lived relationships. He couldn’t get attached to anyone.

“What the fuck?” Namjoon cursed.

“Who are you? What did you do to my friend?” Seokjin, the ever-dramatic hyung wailed.

“Park Jimin cuddled with a stranger all night. That’s new,” Hoseok surmised. “Who’s this guy?”

Wait. He didn’t mention they cuddled. He narrowed his eyes on Hoseok but said nothing. Ignoring that comment was the best option.

“His name is Jeon Jungkook. He’s a programmer at Park Corporation.” Jimin moved to sit at the edge of his bed. A soft smile tugging his lips at the sight of the crumpled sheets. It reminded him of Jungkook’s cute pout and soft chestnut brown hair splayed on white pillows. He was so adorable while he slept.

“Wow…” Namjoon said. “Wait did you say Jeon Jungkook? The Jeon Jungkook?”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “How many Jeon Jungkook do you know?”

“Only one and he’s one of our best employees,” Namjoon said. “Are you sure it was him?”

“Hundred percent.”

“You know him?” Hoseok asked Namjoon.

“Yeah, do you remember a few months ago this department fucked up with a project and I had to stay overnight to finish it?”

“Yeah,” Hoseok replied.

“Yoongi hyung recommended him when he found out about the issue. He’s so talented.” Namjoon sported a soft smile. “But really? Is he the one you took home last night? He’s just…so…”

“Shy?” Jimin smirked.

“Yeah.” Namjoon frowned. “Sungmin-ssi said that the kid almost passed out during his interview. If it wasn’t for his impressive portfolio and Yoongi’s recommendation, he wouldn’t be even here.” The senior partner rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “He’s usually the silent one. He doesn’t even talk to anyone that’s not Yoongi. At least that’s what I heard.”

“He was drunk and was totally out of it. He didn’t remember his address so I had to bring him home.”

“And then you talked,” Seokjin pointed out.

Jimin shrugged. “He was pretty talkative while drunk and he had some interesting stories.”

“Interesting stories, huh?” Hoseok winked. “So where is he?”



“Well, I may or may not have asked him to be my date for the gala and he ran as fast as he can.”

But he would be back real soon. Jimin’s eyes fell on Jungkook’s items and a smirk tugged at his lips.

“You what?”

He laughed at the incredulous expressions of his hyungs. “It was nothing serious. He wanted a plus one for the event. Since I don’t have one, I volunteered.”

“Since when did you need a plus one to attend your own gala?” Namjoon teased.

“You scared the poor kid away,” Seokjin shook his head.

Jimin chuckled. “I don’t think so. He just needs time to process everything. Can you believe he called me Adonis?”

“Adonis what?” Namjoon spluttered his coffee. “Let me guess, you greeted him shirtless.”

“Yeah, he woke up, came out of the room while I was cooking. Called me Adonis and said there’s no way such a beautiful man exists in real life.” He laughed out loud. He knew he was beautiful, but no one has ever had that kind of reaction to him. Jungkook really was something.

“You cooked for him?” Seokjin’s eyes were wide.

“Someone is whipped,” Hoseok mumbled.

“I’m not.” Jimin rolled his eyes. “He’s just…interesting.”

And cute. Extremely adorable and squishy. He was also the best cuddler. Jimin grimaced. His hyungs would have a field trip if they found out he allowed Jungkook to cuddle him last night let alone he stayed in the same bed as Jungkook. Jimin didn’t know cuddling could be that good. He certainly did not remember the last time someone cuddled him. He liked to have the bed all to himself.

His hyungs weren’t touchy except for Hoseok. They all went to the same boarding school and their parents were friends. They hugged and played roughly a few times but never cuddled or did any of that mushy stuff.

“You don’t even cook for us, Min,” Seokjin stated the obvious.

“I’m just lazy.” Jimin shrugged, wishing they would stop. “Besides, Jin hyung’s cooking is the best.”

He conveniently ignored telling them why he ended up cooking for the stranger. One, he was hungry and two he knew Jungkookie would wake up with a hangover. It didn’t feel right to kick him out of his apartment without taking care of him after a night they shared.

“Can’t disagree with that,” Namjoon readily agreed. Jin hyung was the best cook and there was no competition.

“Interesting.” Hoseok shared a look with others but Jimin was glad they dropped the subject after that.

It took an hour for the doorbell to ring and Jimin sighed. Finally.

He knew Jungkook would come back sooner or later. After all, he left his keys and other things here. He wouldn’t be able to go home or call his friends. So, Jimin informed his building security to bring Jungkook to his penthouse when he returned. He didn’t think Jungkook stopped enough to take note of his surroundings. And he sure didn’t have to security code to the elevator.

When he opened the door, Jungkook was standing there with his head hanging low beside the security. Jimin thanked the security and beckoned Jungkook inside. The youngest stepped in, hands fidgeting with the hem of his shirt, face flushed red.

“Forgot something?” Jimin asked, crossing his hands across his shirtless torso. He knew he wasn’t helping the situation, but he liked the way Jungkook’s gaze trailed over his skin every time he looked up.

Jungkook cleared his throat, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. “M-my wallet.”

“Hmm… hold on.”

Jimin went inside and grabbed Jungkook’s wallet, smirking as he noticed the other things and ignoring them because… well, why not?

“Here’s your wallet.”

Jungkook took the wallet, nibbling at his bottom lip. His gaze meeting Jimin once as he looked at the wallet and then at him. “K-keys?”

“Oh.” Jimin went inside again to grab the keys. He almost laughed out loud at Jungkook’s comical reaction. “Here you go.” He was out in a minute, handing the keys to Jungkook.

This time Jungkook blinked and Jimin saw the slight twitch of his lips. “Jimin-ssi…” A whine left Jungkook’s mouth and Jimin didn’t expect that tiny sound to send a jolt of awareness to his cock.

Jimin stalked to Jungkook, stopping a few inches away. “Yeah?”

Jungkook’s cheeks grew red. “M-my other things.”

“What other things?” Jimin feigned innocence, purposefully teasing the youngest.

“You know what it is.” Jungkook met his gaze briefly before averting his face again.

“I know,” Jimin admitted, stepping closer to him. “But I want you to tell me what you want.”

Jungkook swallowed nervously. “P-phone and m-my jacket.”

Jimin stared at him for a moment before going back into his room to withdraw the items and handing them to the youngest. Jungkook took them but didn’t make a move to run outside like he half expected him to do. They stood like that for a moment. “Why don’t you sit, Jungkook-ah?” Jimin suggested. “I’d like some company and you’re fun to be around.”


“Too forward?” Jimin cocked his brow. “You’re cute.” He flicked Jungkook’s scrunched nose and strode inside, expecting Jungkook to follow, which he did after a painful minute.

Jungkook sat at the edge of the couch. Jimin could sense he was not comfortable but the youngest was still there that accounted for something. Besides, it was one of the qualities that drew Jimin. He couldn’t put a finger on it yet, but he just wanted to know more about the strange boy that stroked every fiber of curiosity.

He didn’t remember the last time he was intrigued by someone like this. Well, there was one time, but that experience paled in comparison to this one. Jimin couldn’t believe Jungkook had successfully diverted him from the red dress last night and all they did was talking random stuff. Well, Jungkook talked and Jimin listened.

“I was serious about my offer earlier,” Jimin said when he realized Jungkook wouldn’t start the conversation. “Why do you think it won’t work?”

Jungkook swallowed. “Y-you’re too good for me,” he mumbled, his voice barely audible.

Jimin was still standing facing the youngest. He inched closer, giving Jungkook time to move or flinch. When Jungkook didn’t move, Jimin took the opportunity to sit beside him, their knees brushing. He felt Jungkook tensing a bit, but he didn’t pull away. Yet.

“How would you know that?” Jimin asked softly. “You don’t even know me, Jungkookie.”

Jungkook was silent, which was expected. So Jimin waited patiently. “You’re beautiful.” His voice was so soft. “You…live in this…um…” He waved a nervous hand around. “You’re out of my league.”

“No offense, Jungkookie. But don’t you think my appearance or lifestyle shouldn’t be even considered as a deciding factor? I mean, what good does it do if I’m a shitty person?”

Jungkook met his gaze, blinked a few times, licked his lips, and looked down at his lap. “But you’re not bad.”

“You can’t say that after one night.”

“You didn’t hurt me,” Jungkook argued, his sound growing confident. “P-people usually don’t b-bother.” He looked away. “I…I know I’m hard to be around. But you’re still here.”

Jimin smiled softly. “Because I like to be around you, Jungkookie. Trust me, I don’t know why I am doing this. I don’t take random strangers home, let alone share my bed with them. You’re the first.”

Jungkook pursed his lips.

“Also I think it’s not fair that I know so much about you and you know nothing about me. Why don’t we solve that issue, hmm?” Jimin tilted his head, taking Jungkook’s fidgeting hand into his. “Go out with me?”

He sensed Jungkook tensing again, but his cheeks were flaring. That must be a good sign. “Um…that’s—I…” The youngest trailed off. “Can I—”

“You can,” Jimin finished the sentence. After spending a night, learning every tiny detail about him, it was easy to read him. He was struggling and Jimin didn’t want to make this worse. “Take your time, Jungkookie. I don’t want you to stress because of this. It doesn’t have to be romantic if you don’t want it to be. You’re a good person. People like you are hard to come by. I’d be happy to happy to have you as my friend if that’s what you want. But I also want to make it clear that I won’t mind it if you want this to be more than just friendship.”

Jungkook was staring at him with his big, round eyes. His face flushed and he nodded jerkily. “I should go.”

“Hold on.” Jimin stood, grabbing his phone. “I don’t think you’d want to go out like this,” he said waving a hand over him. Jungkook looked at himself and ran a hand through his hair, sinking further into the couch. “You look cute.” Jimin chuckled. “I wasn’t talking about your appearance. I can tell you still have a headache. Let me call my driver. He’ll drive you to your place.” He noticed the youngest rub his temples a few times and frown.

“Y-you don’t have to.”

“I want to and I’ll feel better if I know you’ll reach home safely.” Jimin dialed the number, asking his driver to bring the car around. “Stay here.” When Jimin came back wearing his hoodie, Jungkook stood, following him wordlessly.

The trip down the elevator was short and when they arrived at the front, the car was already waiting. Jungkook turned to face him. “T-thank you. Um…for everything.”

Jimin handed a note to Jungkook. “Text me, if you want to take this further. My offer still stands.”

Jungkook accepted the small note that had Jimin’s number, pocketing it. Jimin stood in the driveway watching the car disappear from his view and a long time even after that.

He still wasn’t sure about the dating, but he meant everything he said to the youngest. He wanted him in his life.


“It doesn’t hurt to have one more friend, bub.” Taehyung, his best friend since kindergarten stroked his hair.

He was two years older than Jungkook, but the elder had taken a liking to the youngest and had always stuck to his side. Also, Taehyung found about his abusive life and alerted his school management. Jungkook found that truth later. He would forever be grateful to his friend for saving his life.

Jungkook snuggled further into his neck, a whiny sound leaving his throat. “I don’t know if I can do that.” They were in his bed. Tae came over when Jungkook called.

“You did fine yesterday.”

“I was drunk, hyung.”

“Just how much did you tell him?”

“Um…not much.” Jungkook raked his brain. From what he could gather, they mostly talked about the office and a bit about his childhood. He didn’t even remember how their talks took a turn to his past. It was something he didn’t talk about even in his drunken state. But there was something about Jimin he couldn’t put a finger on.

“He sounds like a good person, Jungkookie. You can just hang out and see what he’s like, yeah?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Listen, bub. You know you can’t hide in here forever. Sometimes you just have to take that risk.” Tae cupped his face, squishing his cheeks slightly. “From what you told me, you’re comfortable with him to some extent. It doesn’t matter whether you were drunk or not, he listened to you. He took you home and took care of you. Cuddled with you all night and then he cooked for you.”

Jungkook sighed. Tae was right. Memories from last night came back to him in bits and pieces. He could tell Jimin had been really attentive while he spoke, asking questions, laughing with him when he told the elder about his embarrassing moments, or getting furious when he told about the criticism he faced.

Jimin had only laughed when Jungkook made grabby hands demanding cuddles as he did with Tae when he was drunk. Jungkook got extremely emotional, sensitive, and needed someone to hold him through the night. Last night Jimin had held him.

“I’m not telling you should do it. I’m just summarizing everything so you can decide for yourself.”

That was the best thing about Taehyung. He always knew the best way to make Jungkook see the reason. Always the man of reason, Taehyung laid out the facts for the youngest to see.

His friend was right though. At twenty-three, he was beginning to feel the effects of loneliness. It hadn’t mattered at first. Now that his best friend and hyung were dating, he often felt that strange longing in his heart. Whenever they got lost in their own little bubble, forgetting his presence, he felt that pang in his chest. Jungkook wanted that happiness for himself. He wanted to fall in love and experience all that.

They always hung out together and they were happy to include him in all the activities. Never had they once made him feel like he was third-wheeling. But Jungkook felt like he was intruding on their private moments. Hence, he moved out six months ago and got this place much to their dismay. Tae and Yoongi practically lived in his apartment most of the days, but Jungkook knew that he made the right decision by getting his own place.

“I’m so bad at this,” Jungkook groaned. “What do I even tell him?”

He had always been a hopeless romantic at heart. Only the majority of the men he met were assholes. Now that he had met Jimin, who was perfect in every sense Jungkook was torn. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t attracted to the man. It didn’t help that Jimin was so straight forward with his intentions.

“Hi?” Tae answered thoughtfully.

Jungkook lifted his head, a scowl forming on his face as he glared at his best friend before both bursts into laughter. “Alright then.”

Here goes nothing.

Jungkook reached for the phone on his nightstand and quickly shot a text to the number he saved earlier.



Hi, it’s me


His stomach dipped uncomfortably at the wait. He stared at the delivered notification, his heart thudding against his ribcage.



How’s ur headache?

feeling better now?


I feel better

Hyung made me hangover soup



Jungkook wasn’t expecting a response immediately. A smile tugged at his lips. He waited for Jimin to say something, when he didn’t say anything more he grew anxious. Then he remembered how Jimin was always waiting for him to say something. He sighed.



About earlier





I want to try


Dating or friendship?

Jungkook thought for a moment. Though he knew the elder was bold, this text still took him by surprise. So he wasn’t joking when he said that. He nibbled at his lip, fingers fidgeting.

“Hyung,” he showed the text to Tae. “What do I tell him?”

“Maybe both?” Tae cocked a brow with his signature smile.

Jungkook contemplated. Yunho and his minion’s words suddenly flooded his mind. He didn’t want to be alone forever. Just because he was shy didn’t mean he didn’t have emotions or he was incapable of feeling them. He just had trouble expressing it to people he wasn’t comfortable with.




I’d love that baby

Call me hyung



Jungkook swore his heart just skipped a beat. He felt giddy as he read the text over and over.

“Why are you laughing like an idiot?” Tae lifted himself on his elbow. “Ooh…Baby?” His eyes glinted with mischief. “He’s really going for it. Damn. Now I’m curious. Who’s this Jimin?”

The youngest chuckled. “Adonis.”

They both burst into laughter.


“Here comes Adonis!”

Jimin slapped Hoseok playfully with a shake of his head. They weren’t going to let him live with this. They were in yet another club, meeting with a few business associates over drinks. His hyungs returned to Seoul a year ago while he stayed back to complete his master’s degree. They traveled a lot, but made Seoul their base with their parents wanting to retire early.

Jimin settled on a couch beside Namjoon with a beer and declined a few offers to dance. His attention was rather occupied by a certain brunette with wide doe-eyes.

“You’re smiling,” Namjoon observed. “And you declined all the offers to dance. Are you okay, buddy?”

“I don’t feel like dancing.” Jimin shrugged.

Namjoon continued to look at him with a knowing glance.

“What?” He lifted a brow challengingly.

“You’re whipped.”

“I’m not.”

“Oh, spare me, Jiminie. I’ve known your ass since the day you were born. Don’t give me that bullshit.” Namjoon sipped his beer. “You look like a teenager with a crush.”

Jimin rolled his eyes. Before he could respond, the business associates his hyungs wanted him to meet entered. He spent the next half an hour talking to them, mostly listening to what they had to tell him.

“You don’t have to come to the office next week,” Seokjin said. “Enjoy your break, Jiminie. You just came home.”

“I want to familiarize myself with everything, hyung. It’s not like I have much to do outside work,” Jimin said.

“Yeah, cool then.”

It was then he received a text from Jungkook. He liked Jungkookie more. The cute scrunch of his nose when he introduced himself still made him smile.

Jimin felt like he was pushing when he asked for a date. But he was a man who went after what he wanted. Jungkook struck him as a genuine person and he wanted to get to know him. If romance didn’t work, he could still be friends with him. Jimin didn’t think romance would be an issue, because in the few hours he spent talking to Jungkook, the youngest had changed so many things for him and he could tell he affected Jungkook to a certain extent.




Do you have any plans tomorrow?


I’m free tomorrow


Dinner @7 pm tomorrow?



I guess


I’ll pick you around 6:30

Send me your address

Dress casually


Ok hyung


Good night Jungkookie

I’ll see u tomorrow


Good night hyung

He knew he was smiling like an idiot while looking at his phone. Hoseok lifted a brow in question. Jimin mouthed later, but he was sure his stupid grin must have told his hyungs everything. He excused himself from them shortly.

He had a date to plan.


6th Dec, Sunday

Jimin was surprised at his own actions when he stopped by Jungkook’s apartment to pick him up for the dinner date. He wondered if getting flowers was an overkill. Still, it didn’t feel good to show up at Jungkook’s doorstep with an empty hand. He was surprised Jungkook said he wanted to try dating.

He thought of asking his hyungs, but didn’t want them to laugh at him. Not that it mattered. But he wanted to do this himself. His father always bought flowers and gifts for his mom. The look of pure joy on his mother’s face whenever his dad surprised her was something he loved.

Did men like flowers? He loved them. Looking at them in the morning was refreshing. Would Jungkook like them? He wasn’t sure. So he settled for orchids. It wasn’t too fancy, but it reminded him of Jungkook. The flower shop lady had told him that orchids were long-lasting flowers and it was a refined choice for an equally refined lover. Jimin was proud of his choice.

It was all new to Jimin. He didn’t know where his instincts came from, but the cute boy he met in the club had this unexplainable hold on him. He found himself laughing just by the thought of him. Jungkook was intriguing and like a breath of fresh air. So different from the people he had crossed paths with.

Jungkook lived in a friendly community. Jimin drove around, parking his car in the designated space, and grabbed the small bouquet from the passenger seat along with the box of chocolates. He contemplated for a moment about chocolates. But nothing could go wrong with chocolates, right? Perhaps, Jungkook had a sweet tooth. Ferrero Rocher was a great choice. Who could say no to the chocolate heaven? If he didn’t like the flowers, he’d still have chocolates so it won’t be a disaster. Yeah. That should work.

He stopped for a moment, contemplating for the umpteenth time. Am I overdoing it?

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Jimin schooled his features and approached the building. There was a security desk, where he left his name and other details before riding the elevator to the 7th floor. The apartment complex was clean, giving off warm, homey vibes. He checked the time, seeing he was ten minutes early. With a shrug, he rang the bell to Jungkook’s apartment.

He heard footsteps approaching before the door opened wide, revealing a handsome male with black hair.

“You must be, Jimin.” His boxy smile lit up his entire face, giving it a most innocent, genuine vibe. The man’s face only brightened when he noticed the flowers and chocolates in his hand.

Jimin found himself returning the smile. Were all Jungkook’s friends like this?

“Yeah, you are?”

“Oh, I’m Kim Taehyung and I’m the best friend.”

Jimin already liked the man. He was so bubbly and radiated warmth. “Nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Taehyung laughed. “Don’t remind me.” He shook his head. “Oh, where are my manners. Come in. Jungkookie is fussing over his hair for the past hour.” He lowered his voice, “I’ve never seen him this flustered for a man before. Don’t tell him I told you that.”

Jimin was smiling when he walked in, taking in the surroundings. The apartment opened into the spacious living room that had an open style kitchen to the right with a small dining area. To the left were a section with an L-shaped grey-color couch with a flat TV, a home theater system, and a gaming console.

“Take a seat. I’ll get that brat.” He turned toward a room before pausing. “Oh, nice to meet you too. I just realized I didn’t respond to that earlier.”

“That’s okay.” Jimin smiled.

Jimin settled comfortably on the couch and admired the soft grey tones of the apartment. There were a couple of photo frames decorating the wall around the TV. Photos of young Jungkook, Taehyung, and another guy occupied them. That must be Yoongi.

He didn’t have to wait for long because Jungkook came out shortly, looking out of breath as if he’d run a marathon. Jimin found his flustered state adorable. His long, wavy hair was parted in the middle and reached his ears. He wore a white t-shirt with black skintight jeans that accentuated his thin waist and shapely thighs with a black floral jacket that completed his looks. The black boots made him appear taller than he already was. He’d added a few more silver hoops in his ears.

“Ah…Is this okay?” Jungkook asked pointing at his outfit.

Jimin had opted for a simple white button-down shirt tucked into black jeans that hugged him like a second skin. He blinked when he realized Jungkook had asked him a question.

“Yes. You look gorgeous.” He smiled brightly. “This is for you,” he handed the flowers and chocolates. His heart fluttered when a blinding smile split Jungkook’s face. He thought he saw stars in those beautiful doe-eyes.

“Thanks,” Jungkook said softly. “I…um…just a minute.”

Jimin watched as Jungkook hurried to the kitchen, pulling out a vase and arranging the flowers.

“Jimin-ssi,” Taehyung called, his voice was gentle and low so only Jimin could hear him. “Thank you. He hasn’t stopped smiling since he came home yesterday. So, thank you.”

Jimin nodded. “He’s adorable.”

“He is. Listen, I like you but remember if you hurt him, I won’t hesitate to rearrange your face.”

“Understood. Wouldn’t have it any other way.” Jungkook lingered in the kitchen, flitting around the flowers. Relief washed over him when the youngest touched the petals with a warm smile.

He could definitely get used to this.


Jungkook fidgeted with the hem of his jacket, but he felt oddly calm. Jimin drove a grey Mercedes S-class. The interior was just mind-blowing. A man after his heart, he wanted to say. He sunk into the elegant leather seat that seemed to hug him. The soft fragrance of the freshener calmed his nerves. He ran his fingers over the center console, admiring the ambient lighting.

“Where are you taking me?” Jungkook asked softly, his voice carried over the soft music playing in the background.

“Conrad Seoul.” Jimin slanted a glance before returning his gaze to the road. “They have a Grill and Bar restaurant which has good food and a nice view.”


Jungkook didn’t let the discomfort show outward. He wasn’t expecting Jimin to take him to a five-star hotel. But then it shouldn’t be surprising. He was freaking rich and if he had met Jimin under any other circumstances, he’d have run farther from the elder. He was way out of his league. However, he also remembered Jimin’s words from yesterday. He shouldn’t judge him for being born into life or whatever that was. This was a date. If he wanted to spoil Jungkook then he’d let him.

If Taehyung was here, he’d tell him that he wouldn’t expect anything less from someone like Jimin. He breathed deeper, inhaling more of the calming fragrance.

“I wanted us to have some privacy. I have to be careful while going to other places. You know rumors and shit. Hope that’s okay.”

Jungkook blinked. He still didn’t know what Jimin did for a living. He only assumed he must be was rich because he’d seen his luxurious penthouse and got a taste of his lifestyle. If he worried about rumors and stuff then he must be popular. Why didn’t Jungkook know him? That reminded him that Jimin had an invitation for his company’s gala. It meant he was definitely someone important.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” He stared at his interlaced fingers on his lap. “So, um…what do you do for work?”

“I work for my dad actually,” Jimin said. “I’m taking over his company in a few weeks.”

Wow. How old is he? He looked so young.

“You must have a very busy life then.”

“You can say that.” Jimin smiled softly. “I grew up in the United States. Went to school and university there and started working in my dad’s company at eighteen. I visit Seoul only for holidays, so now I’m back for good.”

“How long have you been here?”

“A week.”

Jungkook nodded. That must be why he didn’t know him. He wanted to ask more, but there was that awkward feeling that settling inside his chest again. Pursing his lips, he looked outside at the passing city life. The traffic was a bit heavier and they stopped several minutes at times. Fortunately, the silence wasn’t suffocating. It was rather comfortable and he used the time to gather his thoughts.

“So…um…d-do you have s-siblings?” Jungkook decided that was a safe direction for a light-hearted conversation.

“None.” Jimin looked at him once as the red light changed to green. “I’m the only child.”

“Oh. That… That must be very lonely.”

“Not really.” Jimin shrugged. “I grew up with my hyungs. There are three of them—Joonie hyung, Hobi hyung, and Jin hyung. Our parents are close friends. So we grew up together. Then we went to boarding school and university together. You can meet them at the gala.”

Jungkook nodded, slowly processing the information and storing them in a corner of his mind. He looked outside the window. Dating was new to him. Well, this was his first date, and holding a long conversation was impossible for him unless it was Tae or Yoongi. He raked his brain trying to remember everything Tae told him earlier that day. But his best friend’s teaching didn’t seem to aid much in real life. What should he ask next?

The hotel came into view while he was lost in his thoughts. Jungkook thanked the heavens for the distraction. He quietly got out of the car once it came to a stop. Jimin handed the keys to the valet and guided him inside the hotel with a hand in his lower back.

The restaurant Jimin chose for their first date had a great view of Seoul’s nightscape. It wasn’t crowded and Jungkook fell in love with the ambiance immediately.

“Park Jimin. Table for two.”

Park Jimin. The youngest realized this was the first time he was hearing his full name. The name sparked a sense of familiarity but he couldn’t put a finger on it yet.

Their table was situated by the window side overlooking the beautiful Han River and the Mapo bridge, each table separated into compartments for privacy. Jungkook wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans as he took his seat opposite Jimin. The dim lighting and cozy seating were making him nervous. His heart raced as he sensed Jimin’s gaze on him. They were really close. If he moved a little, their knees would brush and they could hold hands over the table if they wanted.

“They have great menu choices. I wasn’t sure what you liked. That’s one of the reasons I picked this restaurant. Joonie hyung and I don’t like seafood while Jin hyung loves it. Hoseok hyung doesn’t mind. So we come here often.”

“You don’t like seafood?”

Jimin shook his head. “I don’t mind eating it once in a while, but I’m not a huge fan. I’m more of a meat lover.”

Jungkook nodded. “I love seafood and I also love meat. Yoongi hyung takes me out to eat lamb skewers every month.” He smiled. Yoongi was a gifted cook. They often joked about selling lamb skewers and opening a restaurant.

“That’s nice. Choose whatever you want.” Jimin smiled.

Jungkook read through the menu, nibbling at his lips. It was expensive and he didn’t know if Jimin would allow him to split the bill. But he didn’t think he would. He bounced his knees wondering which food to choose and soon gave up.

“Um…I can’t decide. Can you choose for me?”

Thankfully, Jimin didn’t question or comment on his hesitation. He ordered a set menu with Prime steak and merlot wine. Jungkook took some time to admire the view, his cheeks heating up when he sensed Jimin’s gaze on him again. He avoided looking at Jimin only to jump when Jimin took his hand in his. Jungkook’s head whipped to meet Jimin’s.

“Is this okay?” The elder mumbled, rubbing his thumb in smooth circles.

Jungkook nodded jerkily, not trusting his voice. He fought the urge to fidget again as he focused on breathing. It was just a touch. He was holding his hand, nothing more. Damn. The simple touch scorched his skin, in a good way of course.

Jimin only let go when their food order arrived and the youngest missed the touch.

The rest of the evening went surprisingly well for Jungkook. The food was delicious and the view was just complimenting the entire mood. He took his time enjoying the scenery and indulged in a light conversation with Jimin being the one always initiating it first.

Sometime along with the conversation, Jungkook realized he wasn’t nervous with Jimin. If anything, he was more comfortable. There was something about Jimin’s personality that was reassuring and the youngest basked in it. Taehyung was right. It didn’t happen often but Jungkook was comfortable with Jimin. He liked talking to him and Jimin made it easy for him.

When they drove back to Jungkook’s place, Jimin walked him to the door. The youngest shifted from one foot to the other in front of his apartment. An awkward silence settled between them as Jungkook contemplated what he should do. Should he invite Jimin inside? Doesn’t that mean he was willing to offer more? Shit. He can’t even call Taehyung now to ask for his advice. So, he stood there, heart racing frantically and doe eyes staring at Jimin.

“I’ll talk to you soon,” Jimin broke the silence, a soft smile playing on his lips.

Jungkook could only nod. Don’t they kiss on the first date? He felt like crap for not asking Taehyung about it earlier. He wasn’t expecting Jimin to walk him to the door.

His breath caught when Jimin took his hand again, bringing it to his lips. But he didn’t kiss his knuckles like he expected him to do. He turned Jungkook’s hand, pressing his lips over the pulse on his wrist. All the while, his gaze was locked with Jungkook.

Jungkook’s lips parted and he felt the blood rushing to his head. Heat spread from his neck to his cheeks and the tip of his ears. If Jimin noticed the slight tremble of his hand, he said nothing. Jungkook felt a soft lick, but it was gone too soon and Jimin dropped his hand.

“Good night, Jungkookie. Thanks for tonight.”

Jungkook should say something. Tell him that he had a great night too, but he was tongue-tied. The elder wasn’t waiting for his response. A smirk lifted a corner of his lips and he backed away slowly, walking backward until he reached the elevator, disappearing from his view shortly. The youngest stood staring until the elevator reached the ground floor. He stood unmoving for a couple of minutes. It took a while before he could fumble with his keys and enter the apartment.

What was that?

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