Euphoria | Jikook | COMPLETED

Chapter 3

20th Dec, Sunday

There were a few things Jungkook enjoyed doing in his free time—bike rides and gaming. He had other interests too, but that’s for another time. There were just too many layers to him that people never took the time to understand. Jungkook never bothered about it either. He didn’t like talking about himself. If a person was genuinely interested in him, they’d make time and take the effort to know him.

That must be why he liked Jimin. The elder seemed genuinely interested in everything about him. He asked questions and tried to understand him.

He kept checking on his phone for Jimin’s texts though he knew the elder won’t arrive any time soon. He had enough time to start dinner. Actually, he thought they could cook together since it would give them both something to work on. It was Taehyung’s idea. His best friend suggested that it would make Jungkook feel more comfortable when he had something to focus on.

Not even five minutes had passed before Jimin called him. “Hello.”

“Jungkookie, I’m here. Are you home?”

“Ah, hyung. I’m in the parking.” Jungkook looked at his baby. He wasn’t done yet and he didn’t like to leave things halfway. “Um… if you don’t mind, can you come down to the basement? I’m in D-16.”

“Sure. I’ll be there.”

Jungkook crouched, inspecting his work satisfied with the results. He was checking the clutch adjustment when he heard a low whistle.

“You ride?” He heard the wonder in Jimin’s voice.

“Yeah.” Jungkook beamed.

Jimin circled the bike, his grin wide. He wore a white button-down and blue ripped-jeans that fit him like a glove with a bomber jacket looking casual yet sexy. His silver hair was styled and parted to the side leaving his forehead exposed. “I used to ride all the time when I was in the US.”

“That’s awesome. We could go riding someday,” Jungkook suggested. “I like to go sports riding in Taebaek racing park. Tae hyung also loves bike riding.”

“Cool. Jin hyung loves to ride, others not much. We should plan someday. I’d love to go with you.” Jimin looked around, his gaze falling on the Audi A5 sport back. “That’s a cool car.”

Jungkook grinned. “Thanks.”

Jimin’s head whipped to him. “Yours?”

The youngest nodded, shifting from one foot to the other. “I like cars and bikes.”

“A man after my own heart, I see,” Jimin’s words echoed his previous thoughts. “I knew you’re more than what you let others see. I love this side of yours.”

Jungkook blushed at the compliment. “Um…I’m almost done. Just give me a few more minutes.”

“Sure,” Jimin just grinned. “I’ll help.” He removed his jacket and set it aside before rolling the white sleeves of his white t-shirt to his elbows.

Jungkook pulled his bottom lip between his teeth but handed him the tools nonetheless, softly telling him what to do. He was sure the man was no stranger to this if he owned a bike. But Jimin didn’t seem to mind. They talked mostly about bikes and riding. Jimin asked him more about the riding parks in Seoul.

The youngest learned Jimin wasn’t a fan of gaming. He did play mobile games once in a while, but he wasn’t much into PC games, mostly because he was a busy man. But he was all ears when Jungkook told him about his love for Over watch and other games that he played religiously with Taehyung. The elder even demanded to see his gaming set up.

When they finally made their way to Jungkook’s apartment, Jimin insisted on ordering takeout and watching a movie, to which the youngest agreed. He ordered the food while Jimin chose something for them to watch. They eased into conversation pretty quickly after that, talking random things the movie fading into the background.

Jimin was a tactile person. Jungkook learned that tiny fact soon. He liked to touch a lot. It was a gentle brush of their fingers, shoulders, or a knee, but he was always touching him in one way or the other. It was good in a way because Jungkook was tactile too. He preferred to show his affection through his actions than words, which involved a lot of touching.

When they finished eating, Jungkook quickly cleaned the table and returned to his seat on the couch before picking the conversation from where they left it earlier.

Jimin was sprawled on the couch, one arm folded behind his head and the other resting on his stomach. The youngest took his legs and placed them on his lap as if the normal thing to do. He started massaging his feet. It was something he did with Taehyung and Yoongi. Jungkook didn’t even realize he was doing it until a soft groan slipped out of Jimin’s mouth. His head whipped up seeing the blissed-out expression on the elder’s face.

Fuck! He’s beautiful. He looked ethereal with his soft, pinkish lips parted and that sent series of inappropriate thoughts to Jungkook’s brain. Jimin would be a vision in bed and Jungkook’s heart skipped a beat, his cheeks flaring at the realization of where his thoughts had been. He averted his gaze and schooled his thoughts.

“So, how’s your dad?” Jungkook asked, kicking up his feet on the table.

“He’s good. I can bring him home in a few days.”

“Your mom is so nice,” Jungkook said softly. She reminded him of his mother in a lot of ways. Both were soft-spoken, kind, and radiated warmth.

“She is,” Jimin’s smile was warm. “You know you can stop by anytime you want, you know?”

“Yeah.” Jungkook nodded mirroring Jimin’s smile.

Jimin sat up, adjusting the pillows. “Come here.” He beckoned the youngest.

Jungkook looked puzzled but crawled between Jimin’s legs and settled with his back against his chest. His heart beat faster and cheeks heated up when the elder wrapped his arms around him, resting his chin on Jungkook’s shoulder.

“I want to ask you something…” Jimin trailed off.

“Mhm?” Jungkook relaxed into Jimin’s embrace, playing with his small fingers.

“How come you’ve never been on a date?” he asked. “I mean…you’re beautiful, intelligent and so sweet. I’m intrigued.”

Jungkook shrugged. “I was closeted throughout my school and university. It’s not that I never wanted to come out. My family and Tae hyung knew. I just didn’t see the reason to put myself out there to the people who never cared about me. ”

Jimin hummed.

“Like…a few girls asked me out on a date, but you know…” he drawled. “What about you?”

“You don’t wanna know.” Jimin chuckled.

“Tell me.” Jungkook craned his neck, giving him a teasing smile. “I’m sure you have more interesting stories.”

It was Jimin’s turn to shrug. “I don’t know if it can be considered as interesting. It was fun. I won’t call them dates if you know what I mean. They were keener on getting in my pants than anything.”

“And you were happy to let them,” Jungkook supplied.

“Sometimes…” Jimin mumbled. His voice muffled into Jungkook’s shoulder. “I’ve always had this effect on both genders. They weren’t actually interested in me. It was either money or just fun. So, I never encouraged them.”

Jungkook nodded. “Have you had a crush on anyone?”

The elder seemed thoughtful. “Does celebrity crush count?”

Jungkook laughed. “No. The real ones.”

“Hmm…Let me think. I might have had one when I was fifteen. There was this cute boy in my class. Believe it or not, I never spoke to him and never knew his name. He got transferred the next year and that’s that.”

“I see you have a thing for cute boys.”

“Mhm…Brunettes, beautiful doe-eyes, adorable smile, and incredibly sexy brain are typically my type.”

“You just described me.” Jungkook blushed, laughter bubbling in his chest. “My brain is not sexy.”

“That’s not true. I’ve seen your employee track record and trust me when I say this,” Jimin paused, slightly turning Jungkook so he could meet his gaze. He brought his thumb and index finger closer. “I’m this close to firing your manager because you should have been promoted long back.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes, but warmth burst into his chest nonetheless. After all, who doesn’t love praises, especially when it’s genuine and came from your crush. “I’m happy where I am.” He wondered what would Jimin think if he knew about Jungkook’s side gigs. He hasn’t even shown Jimin his game room yet.

“Don’t get too comfortable. Cos’ it’s gonna change now that I’m in charge. Hwang is riding on the back of his subordinates for too long. I’m not paying him so he can leech off your efforts and get on without doing anything.” Jimin tightened his hold on him, chin pressed on his shoulder. His breath fanned his neck.

That might be true. Jungkook did not comment on this. Jimin was his boss and at the end of the day, he knew what was the best for his business. Jungkook played with Jimin’s hand admiring how small it was compared to his large ones. He traced the ‘13’ tattoo on his inner wrist.

“How many tattoos do you have?” he asked.

Jimin’s breath fanned his cheek. “Four. What about you? Do you like tattoos?”

“I do.” Jungkook nodded.

“Do you have any?”

“You’ll be surprised.” Jungkook teased.

“Come on, tell me.”

“Nope.” His smile widened. “Where’s the fun in that?”

“At least, tell me how many.”

Jungkook hummed. “Make a wild guess.”

Jimin cocked a brow. “Then it must be more than one.”

“You might be right.”

“Tease,” Jimin mumbled, nuzzling his neck. “Tell me about your crush,” he insisted after a while.

Jungkook thought about it for a moment. “There was this guy in university. We had a few classes together and he was this…Mr. Popular and was straight or so I thought.”

“What happened?”

Jungkook adjusted so he was now facing Jimin. He rested one arm on Jimin’s chest as he looked up. Jimin simply folded one hand behind his head while he kept the other draped on his back.

“I told you I was closeted, right?”

Jimin nodded.

“So, I’ve been crushing on this guy for months. We rarely talked and you know how I get around strangers. I became a stuttering mess and turned all red when I was around him. One day, this guy walked to me and asked me out.”

“Like on a date?”

“Something like that.” Jungkook frowned. “I don’t know getting invited to a party can be considered as a date.”


Jungkook nodded. “Like he didn’t even bother to pick me up. He just sent me the address and asked me to show up.”

“Did you go?”

The youngest nodded again. “I mean he was my crush so I went. But he ditched me for the most part and disappeared some time into the party. Tae hyung picked me up and brought me home.”


Jungkook snickered. “It gets better.” He grinned, his nose scrunching up. “He started talking to me after the party and even invited me to have lunch at his table with his friends.”

Jimin’s expression grew serious. He looked like he wanted to say something but he just listened.

“I realized he was nothing like someone I thought him to be. But I hung out with him anyway because he was still my crush.” Jungkook felt embarrassed at the memory, but he thought Jimin and him were past that point. The elder knew way too worse moments than this one. He cleared his throat. “So Tae hyung is protective, alright. He did some digging and turns out that this guy had some sort of bet going on with his friends and just wanted to expose me or something.”

“Fucking bastard,” Jimin hissed.

Jungkook smiled softly. “Yeah. So, one day he texted me saying his parents wouldn’t be home that weekend and invited me over.”

Jimin’s grip tightened around him and his jaw clenched. The youngest traced the apple of his cheeks, hoping to ease some tension. “Give me his name.” Jimin’s voice was a growl.

“Nothing happened,” Jungkook assured him and allowed Jimin to cup his face.

“Did you go?” Jimin’s fingers curled around his chin, thumb brushing his lower lip.

Jungkook shuddered, licking his lips unconsciously. “I did. Don’t worry, I told you it gets better,” he rushed to say noticing the way Jimin’s look darkened.

“Okay,” Jimin breathed.

“So…he invited me over and it turned out his friends were hiding in his home. He had cameras to record whatever fuck he was planning to do with me.” Jungkook shifted uncomfortably.

“What did you do?” Jimin was leaning forward with his elbow supporting their weights and his other hand still curled around his chin.

“I showed up with Tae hyung and Yoongi hyung with a lot of snacks and drinks. Tae hyung went overboard and even brought some movies and games.”

Jimin chuckled in disbelief. “You did what.”

Jungkook joined him. As embarrassed and hurt Jungkook was at that time, it was still funny. The comical look on his crush’s face was worth every dime. He never expected Jungkook to show up with his friends.

“I showed up alone at his home and dangled the snacks in front of his face, then I said, “Hey, I know you’re alone so I planned everything out for the weekend. We’re gonna have so much fun.” He invited me over and sat me on his couch. I knew he was planning something because he kept looking behind me and had this smug look on his face. But before he could try something, Tae hyung and Yoongi hyung showed up.”

“Oh, I invited my friends over. I was supposed to spend my weekend with them but then you called. Hope you don’t mind,” was what Jungkook told him, wiping off that smug grin on Lee’s face.

“If I ever met him, I’ll take pleasure in punching that face. What happened next?”

“Tae hyung can be a brat when he wants to be.” Jungkook smiled fondly. “We ruined whatever plans he had and his friends couldn’t hide for long. Let’s say he stopped talking after that.”

Jungkook left out the details of things that happened later. It was safe to say, Jungkook with the help of Taehyung taught that bastard a lesson for what he did.

“Good. He doesn’t deserve to be in the same space as you.”

Jungkook realized how close they were, their noses touching, and their breath mingling.

“God, you’re so fucking beautiful.” Jimin’s breathing was heavy and hot against his face. He cupped his face. “Baby…I wanna kiss you. Please let me kiss you.”

Jungkook’s heart skipped a beat but he found himself closing the distance in response to Jimin’s plea. Jimin’s lips were so soft and warm on him. Jungkook sighed when their lips touched. The kiss was gentle. The elder started with a few soft pecks as if testing waters.

Jungkook’s heart raced, body trembling slightly in anticipation. He wanted nothing more than to deepen the kiss and taste Jimin. But he followed Jimin’s lead, savoring his first real kiss with his crush.

Jimin pressed their lips together, sucking softly at his bottom lip. Jungkook sighed contently, his eyes rolling back into his head. Tingles shot through his spine and the soft mewl he let out shocked him. But he barely had a chance to pull his guard on because Jimin had deepened the kiss encouraged by the sound.

He gently coaxed his lips, kissing him deeply. Jungkook mimicked his actions. When Jimin licked the seam of his lips, he moaned again. That must have spurred something in Jimin because he was switching positions. He maneuvered Jungkook without detaching their lips so he lay on his back with Jimin hovering above him.

Jungkook was only happy to follow his lead. In any other situation, just thinking about being in such a compromising position would have mortified him. But this was Jimin and everything about this felt natural.

The youngest shuddered when Jimin slipped one hand under his t-shirt. His warm fingers grazed his toned abs. Jungkook curled his fists at the front of Jimin’s shirt, pulling him closer. He opened his legs allowing Jimin to climb between them. Jimin’s lips left him briefly to trail open-mouthed kisses down his jawline.

Jungkook arched his back when Jimin grazed his nipple. Jimin kissed the column of his neck, sucking his skin between his lips. The youngest moaned when Jimin found a sensitive spot just beneath his ear. His hips jerked and a strangled moan left his lips. Jimin responded by pressing his hip to Jungkook’s. The mere friction caused by the action had Jungkook gasp and he involuntarily rolled his hips against Jimin seeking more.

Jimin kissed him again. This time when Jungkook gasped, Jimin slipped his tongue in his mouth, licking and briefly sucking his tongue. The youngest moaned, arching further into his touch.

Jungkook’s body was on fire. He might be inexperienced but he had touched himself enough to know about his body. Nothing compared to what he felt now. He was far gone to care about the lewd moans slipping out of his mouth. He couldn’t stop even if he wanted to.

When Jimin rolled his hips, Jungkook followed. The friction brought some sort of comfort but also stirred the carnal desire inside him to be sated. Jimin buried his fingers into Jungkook’s hair, angling his head to kiss him deeper. The youngest pushed at Jimin’s chest when he felt like he was running out of breath.

Jimin released his mouth immediately only to lower his head to his neck and sucking a bruise. Jungkook’s hips stuttered. He was a moaning mess and he barely registered the cold air hitting his skin. He was far gone and could moan when Jimin twirled his tongue around his nipple while his hand played with the other.

The youngest whimpered wanting more but not knowing what he wanted exactly. “Hyung…” he moaned, arching his back.

“Yes, baby.” Jimin’s breathy moan hit his ear.


“What do you want baby?”

“I…I…” Jungkook threw his head back but lifted his hip, rolling it. He let out a frustrated sob hands fisting Jimin’s t-shirt.

“Shh…I got you,” Jimin whispered. “I got you, baby. I’m gonna touch you. Is that okay?”

Jungkook nodded, eyes still closed, lips between his teeth and slightly sniffling because it was too overwhelming.

“Do you want this baby? I can stop…”

“D-don’t…” Jungkook panted. “Please… T-touch me.” His cheeks flared at his own request.

But Jimin was kissing him gently. “Okay. I’m gonna make you feel good, baby. Just lean back and relax, hmm?”

The youngest nodded. Jungkook snapped his eyes shut, too shy to watch when Jimin palmed him through his sweats. Jimin kissed him again, taking his time as he sucked at his lips. He felt Jimin’s free hand rubbing gently on his hip while the other hand slipped in, gripping his leaking cock.

Jungkook jerked his hip, his hands flying to catch Jimin’s biceps. A strangled moan left his mouth when Jimin thumbed his slit, spreading precum around the head. He flicked his wrist a few times setting a gentle rhythm.

Jimin’s hands felt so good than his own. With his eyes closed, he could only feel what Jimin was doing to him. He tried to watch Jimin, but he couldn’t meet the elder’s intense gaze. It was just too much.

The cold air hit his cock and he realized Jimin had lowered his pants. Jungkook bit his lips, trying to close his legs but Jimin was already settled between his thighs making it impossible. His breathing grew heavier as he moved his hips in rhythm with Jimin’s hand. He won’t last long.

Jungkook tried to regulate his breathing but ended up letting out a broken moan when something warm wrapped around his cock. His eyes flew open and locked with Jimin’s lust-filled ones.


The youngest didn’t know which one was hotter, the pleasure shooting from the tip of his cock to every nerve ending or the sight of Jimin’s plump lips, red and swollen from the kisses swallowing his cock.

Jungkook whimpered when Jimin twirled his tongue around the head of his cock, running the tip of his tongue over his slip before taking him in completely. He closed his eyes again unable to hold the eye contact any longer.

The pleasure consumed him and he panted. His lips were parted, toes curling and his grip on Jimin’s shoulder was too hard that he thought it’d leave a bruise.

Jungkook didn’t know how much time had passed. Jimin’s sinful mouth and the pleasure was all he could think. The knot that built in his stomach was intense than any other time and it hit him like a freight train when he least expected it.

He had no time to warn Jimin because he came with a loud cry and jerk of his hips. His hips moved on their own as he rode the most intense orgasm of his life. White spots clouded his vision. His hands fell to his sides. He was still breathing harder, too tired to open his eyes.

“Open your eyes, baby.” Jimin’s gentle voice pushed through his delirious state. “Look at me, Jungkookie.”

Jungkook blinked his eyes open, a few drops of tears sliding down his cheeks. Jimin brushed them off gently as he kissed his cheeks.

“Can you look at me, baby?” He was caressing his cheeks and Jungkook obediently looked at him. Jimin brushed off more tears. Jungkook didn’t know why he felt like crying but it was too much. He couldn’t explain it in words so he simply buried his face into Jimin’s shoulder and held on to him.

“It’s okay,” Jimin spoke gently in his ears. His fingers carded through his hair, gently scratching his scalp. “You were so good, baby.”

Jungkook didn’t know why he was sniffling. Jimin pressed gentle kisses along the side of his face. “T-talk to me,” he stuttered and Jimin did. He kept murmuring soft praises to him until he relaxed.

“Come on, baby. Let’s get you to bed.”

Jungkook tightened his grip on Jimin’s t-shirt and pulled him closer. “D-don’t go.”

Jimin kissed the top of his head. “I’m staying. Let’s move to the bed so we can be comfortable and then I’ll cuddle you, hmm?”

Jungkook sighed and relaxed his hold on Jimin. The elder stood, gently taking hold of Jungkook’s hand. The youngest avoided Jimin’s gaze and kept his head down on their way to his bedroom. Jimin led him to the bathroom, handing him his toothbrush. “Here. I’m going to turn off the TV and lights.” He pushed the long strands of Jungkook’s hair away from his face. “I’ll be right back. Okay?”

The youngest nodded wordlessly. He brushed quickly and washed his face before using the bathroom. Jimin was entering the bedroom with water when the youngest exited the bathroom. He smiled softly and handed him the water. “Drink this. I’ll wash up and will join you shortly. Okay?”

Jungkook nodded again. After drinking the water, he climbed under the covers, pulling it over his face, exhausted and feeling a bit awkward. Jimin came back and he heard the rustle of clothes. Soon he was climbing under the covers, wrapping his hand around his middle.

The youngest relaxed and turned in his arms to bury his nose into Jimin’s neck, his mind slowly registering Jimin was shirtless. “I’m sorry I didn’t offer you clothes,” he mumbled.

“I’m good.” Jimin threaded his hand through his hair. “I prefer to sleep in my boxers.”

Jungkook’s face heated up when he realized Jimin was wearing only his boxers under the covers. He didn’t dare slip his hands that were curled into small fists against Jimin’s chest around his waist like he wanted to. He nuzzled into Jimin’s neck instead and closed his eyes, trying to relax.

Jimin continued to rub his back, resting his chin on his head. Jungkook almost drifted off when he remembered Jimin didn’t cum. His eyes flew open. “Hyung?” he called in a small voice, his heart fluttering.


“Y-you…um, you didn’t, ah—”

“I’m fine, baby,” Jimin whispered, his voice softer than ever. “Tonight is about you.”

“But hyung—”

“Next time,” Jimin shushed him.

Jungkook nibbled at his lip. How can Jimin be so calm about this? He felt bad. He wanted to do something but his shyness was getting the best out of him. Again, how can someone be selfless like this? He knew Jimin was aroused just like him.

“A-are you sure? I can…I—” Jungkook didn’t know what he wanted to say.

Jimin chuckled softly. “It’s okay.” The elder pulled him closer. “Really. Watching you falling apart in my arms like that…that’s enough.”

Jungkook fought the smile that tugged at his lips as he nuzzled into Jimin’s neck, relishing the warmth. He braved to wrap a hand around his middle, pressing his cheek against his chest. “Are you like this with everyone?”

“No. Only you.”


He felt Jimin shrug before he answered, “Because it’s not just sex when it comes to you.”

Jungkook’s hand tightened involuntarily at that reply. He felt his stomach dip and a strange emotion bubbled in his chest.

“I won’t beat around the bush with you. Tonight proved to me you’re more than an attraction or a crush. I want more, Jungkookie. I want everything you can give me. I want to experience everything with you.” He pulled away a little to hook a finger under Jungkook’s chin and lift his face so he could meet his eyes. “I want you.” He licked his lips. “If you’ll have me that is.”

Jungkook blinked back tears. “I want that too,” his voice was barely a whisper. And since he wasn’t good with words like Jimin he closed the distance and captured his lips in a kiss.


21st Dec, Monday

The next morning Jungkook opened his eyes to a cheery Taehyung shaking him gently awake. He stirred in his bed, stretching his limbs with a soft groan.

“Wake up, sleepyhead. I’m dropping you at work today.”

Jungkook sat up, rubbing his eyes. The sheets pooled around his waist. “I can drive,” he croaked. “Did hyung leave early again?”

“Yeah,” Tae replied. “The usual.”

The youngest sighed, throwing his legs off the bed. Last night’s events rushed to him and he frowned. “Jimin hyung? Did you see him when you came in?”

“Nope.” Tae grinned. “But there’s breakfast on the table. So, he must have ordered food for you before he left.”

Jungkook quickly checked his phone and found a text from Jimin. He vaguely remembered Jimin murmuring something to him in the early hours of the morning.

Jimin hyung:

Good morning, baby.

I wish I could stay longer but I have a meeting at 8.

Breakfast is on the table.

Eat well.

I’ll talk to you later <3

Jungkook smiled and blushed harder when Tae rested his chin on his shoulder, peaking at the text.

“Baby, huh?”

The youngest smiled more.

“So, he stayed over again. You have to tell me everything.” Tae dragged him to the bathroom, handing him the brush and toothpaste before hopping on the counter.

Jungkook rolled his eyes playfully but continued to tell him everything while freshening up and his best friend listened intently.

“Keep him!” Tae announced as soon as Jungkook finished. “I mean, he gives you a mind-blowing orgasm, gives you wonderful aftercare, and then holds you throughout the night…Hell, he even ordered breakfast. Men like him are rare, Jungkook-ah.”

Jungkook readily agreed to that. “He said he wants more.” His cheeks heated up and the familiar warmth spread in his chest. It was happening a lot these days, especially after meeting Jimin. The youngest often wondered if it was too soon, but everything felt so right. It was too early to decide anything but he couldn’t help but want more with Jimin.

“You know Yoongi hyung tells me everything about his work and vice versa.” They both headed to the kitchen so they could eat. Tae continued without waiting for Jungkook’s response. “He says Jimin lives up to his reputation and enjoys ripping the people left, right, and center when their work doesn’t meet his expectation.”

“But he’s different with me,” Jungkook concluded, sensing his line of thoughts.

Taehyung hummed as he grabbed the plates. Jungkook unpacked the food and felt a sudden surge of warmth rushing to his belly at the sight of two extra servings. Jimin must have expected Yoongi and Taehyung here in the morning. He remembered telling him how Yoongi drove him to work every day.

Tae whistled low. “I’m impressed, Jungkookie.” His expression turned serious. “I stand by my word. Keep him.”

The youngest chuckled. “I’m not against it.”

“Good. Now, let’s eat please. I’m starving.”


23rd Dec, Wednesday

Jungkook liked to work, kept himself occupied throughout the day, and block out any unnecessary thoughts. Probably the reason why he never complained about anyone dumping their work on him. He liked to keep himself busy and away from other unwanted stuff.

It was how he found himself working on yet another presentation for Hwang. As much as he wanted to tell Hwang to take it and shove it, he also didn’t want to give his manager more reason to taunt him at work. Besides, he enjoyed doing this.

The office was a flurry of activities around him. The staff who were free, flitted through space, decorating the walls and cubicles. Jungkook would normally love to do all that, but these people just ruined the spirit of Christmas for him. No problem though. They could decorate the Christmas tree at home tonight. Tae had chastised him for not doing it earlier.

What excuse did he have? Jimin mostly kept him occupied during the weekend followed after their meeting and he hardly remembered to decorate the tree. He celebrated Christmas with Yoongi and Tae every year. What difference it’s gonna make anyway?

As he worked, his thoughts were on Jimin again. They hadn’t seen each other since the night they spend together at his home. It was Wednesday again. The latter had been too busy at work and even their texts were minimal. Jungkook already missed him.

He checked the time and fidgeted with his phone for a moment. It was close to one p.m. His phone chimed as on cue.

Tae hyung:

I know what’s on your mind

Take the lunch box to him


Jungkook chuckled at his friend’s texts. Tae knew him like the back of his hand. It was his idea to bring Jimin lunch that day when Jungkook said Jimin skipped lunch and breakfast the other day because of his hectic schedule. Jungkook argued he didn’t want to meet him at the office and Jimin might not like it. But Tae had persuaded him saying that Jimin would appreciate his gesture.

He worried his bottom lip and decided to text Jimin first. Dropping in unannounced while he was in a meeting was the last thing he wanted.



I brought lunch.

Do you mind if I drop it with your assistant?

He waited for a few minutes, contemplating if it was a good idea when his phone dinged.

Jimin hyung:

Thank fuck!

I’m starving

Eat with me?

That brought a smile to Jungkook’s face.



On my way.

Jimin hyung:


He quickly fired a text to Yoongi saying he was eating with Jimin and headed to the CEO’s office with his lunch bag. When he arrived at Jimin’s office after ten minutes, his assistant Minah greeted him with a smile.

“Jungkook-ssi, you can go in,” she said before he could state his purpose.

He nodded curtly and offered a shy smile before slipping into his spacious office with a knock. He had been here thrice with Hwang and Sungmin in his two years of work life. The office looked the same with the huge, mahogany desk at the center. Jimin sat behind the desk, talking over the phone.

What made Jungkook pause was the others. Jimin’s hyungs aka his business partners were there. He stood awkwardly shifting from one foot to the other.

Namjoon looked up and flashed a friendly dimpled smile, beckoning him over. Jungkook recognized the other two as Hoseok and Seokjin. He bowed toward them, muttering a greeting. Jimin craned his neck away from his monitor and an endearing smile replaced his frown. He looked sexy in his usual crispy white button-down shirt and Prada suit. His jacket was draped behind his chair. Jungkook approached the desk as Namjoon pointed him to a chair.

He knew Namjoon. They met briefly for a project, at the hospital and then at the office the other day. He met the others once but he was too shy to be acquainted and the time wasn’t right. Jimin was also too busy to introduce each other earlier. Jungkook made an effort to learn a bit more about Jimin after they began dating.

Namjoon was a cool person. He was calm, composed, and collected. Jungkook admired his personality through their previous interaction was minimal. Well, he didn’t know if that could be counted as an interaction because every time they met Namjoon talked and Jungkook listened.

It took five more minutes of Jungkook awkwardly shifting in his chair and avoiding the other’s gazes for Jimin to finish the call and lean on his chair with an exhausted sigh.

“I see you brought food,” Seokjin started. “Is it only for Min?” He wiggled his brows with a loud laugh that caused Jungkook to flush.

“Hyung, stop teasing him,” Jimin rolled his eyes. “Jungkookie, I know you’ve met Joonie hyung before. That’s Jin hyung and Hobi hyung. Hyungs, this is my Jungkookie.”

Jungkook blushed more at the introduction, avoiding their gazes.

“I like him already,” Hoseok declared as he jumped to his feet, extending a hand to wrap Jungkook’s hand in a warm embrace over the table. “I’ve heard a lot about you, Jungkookie. You should hang out with us sometime.”

“S-sure,” Jungkook mumbled, squirming in his seat from all the attention he was receiving.

“Alright, let’s get going guys. Jimin-ah, we will come back later. You have a call in twenty minutes.”


They all left with a smile and a gentle pat on Jungkook’s back. Jimin jumped to his feet, leading him to the couch that was against the floor to ceiling mirror overlooking the city. Jungkook admired high-rise buildings and the sky. It had a great view, better than the views from any other sections of their office building.

Jimin unbuttoned the cuffs and rolled the sleeves to his elbow. “I am at office from seven in the morning.” He sighed as Jungkook unpacked the box.

“I guessed as much. You didn’t even check the texts until afternoon.” He handed a box to Jimin. “I made Kimchi fried rice and Sundae.”

“Wow. It’s been ages since I had Sundae. You cook every day?”

“No. Yoongi hyung usually cooks lunch and dinner. I cook breakfast. Since he is working early these days, I offered to cook. Tae hyung prefers homemade food and he is allergic to some stuff they use in restaurants. So…yeah.”

“This is very delicious,” Jimin moaned, briefly closing his eyes as he chewed the food. “This comes so close to my mom’s cooking. She’s the best.” His eyes twinkled. “You should come over for lunch or dinner. She keeps asking about you.”

“Sure.” Jungkook smiled. It was too early to visit Jimin’s mom but she was so nice. She reminded him of his and Yoongi’s mother.

“Are you visiting your parents for this Christmas?” Jimin asked, munching on the food.

“No. Yoongi hyung said he can’t go because of work. They have a small restaurant there. Holidays are usually busy so they can’t leave. But Tae hyung wants to visit his parents so…we might drive one of these days.”

“You’re from Busan, right?”


“We used to go to Busan for the holidays. My grandparents and dad’s brothers are there. It’s been a while. Dad hasn’t traveled in two years because of his health.”

Jungkook nodded. “If you want we can go together once things slow down.”

“I’d love that,” Jimin beamed. “I have too many memories there as a child. It’s been ages since I met my cousins.”

They finished the food in no time. Jungkook gathered the boxes, repacking them when the others came back. Jimin stood rubbing his stomach. The youngest smiled fondly at the endearing sight. His worry was needless. As Taehyung said, Jimin did appreciate the gesture.

“You ready, bub?” Namjoon asked.

“Do I have a choice?” Jimin grunted but his scowl turned into a smile when he turned to Jungkook. “Thanks, Jungkookie.” He stood on tiptoes and pecked his cheeks. “I’ll see you later?”

“Sure.” Jungkook blushed, sensing three pairs of eyes on him. “I-I’ll text you later.”


Jungkook did not dare look at the others as he bowed toward them and hurried out of the office. Minah’s seat was fortunately empty so he got into the elevator, rubbing his cheeks to get rid of the heat.

Being with Jimin was so easy. The domesticity often left him in wonder. It came naturally when they were together. When he reached his cabin, his cheeks had cooled down and he pushed the bag under the table.

“What’s with the smile?” Yunho popped out of nowhere and leaned over his cubicle.

“Nothing.” Jungkook unlocked his system and got to work.

“Oh, come on. Don’t be a spoiled sport.”

“Where did you go for lunch?” Chao jumped into the conversation.

“Probably to meet that imaginary boyfriend of his.” Lee wiggled his brows suggestively.

“Maybe.” Jungkook slanted a glance. “I wouldn’t tell you even if I was.”

“So you still stand by that,” Yunho stated. “Hmm… When do we get to meet this…boyfriend of yours?”

“Probably never if I had my way,” Jungkook sassed which was so unlike him. But these people brought the worst out of him. Sometimes he was tempted to hack their systems for the heck of it but he refrained himself from doing so. However, one of these days he would do it if they don’t stop.

“Ooh, someone is chatty.” Chao chuckled. “Is he even coming tomorrow?”

“I call it a bluff.” Lee laughed.

“What’s going on here? Lunch break was over fifteen minutes ago.” They jumped upon hearing Yoongi’s voice.

Jungkook smirked. His hyung could be scary when he wanted to be. The others scattered to their seats.

“You okay there?”

“Yeah.” Jungkook smiled feeling lighter than ever. Call it a Jimin effect. Their jabs did not affect him this time.

“I take it as it went well.” He handed him the empty lunch box, which Jungkook bagged immediately.

Jungkook could only nod with a shy smile. “Are you working late again?”

Yoongi sighed. “I’ll get off at nine. You both can eat outside after shopping. I’ll grab something on the way. Remind Taehyung to take his cold medicine.”

Oh, yes the shopping, which reminded him the Christmas gala was tomorrow. Tae wanted to go shopping for clothes and accessories though Jungkook wasn’t so keen on it. They should have bought something last week, but Tae didn’t like anything they saw. He highly doubted they’ll find something tonight. Tae could be picky when it came to clothes.

“No problem. I’ll give you a massage tonight.” He rewarded his hyung with his signature nose-scrunching smile.

Yoongi flashed his beautiful gummy smile, the one that he saved only for the ones he was close with. The day went pretty quickly after that. With the Christmas gala approaching and with the change in the management there was just so much to do.

Jungkook hadn’t asked Jimin if he was okay with going together to the gala. Actually, they didn’t discuss about it again at all. Was Jimin okay with the others finding out?

Am I ready for the others to find out? Jungkook nibbled at his bottom lip. He glanced around him nervously. What would they think if they knew he was dating their CEO? Was it too early?


It was twenty-four days since they met in the club. Was this time enough to even call this a relationship? Jungkook sighed. He shouldn’t let these thoughts bug him, but he couldn’t help it. What if Jimin changed his mind?

Jungkook had nothing to lose, but for Jimin, it was a matter of his reputation. He said he was bi, but was he okay with the others finding out? He sure didn’t shy away from showering him with affection whenever the others were around. First, around Yoongi and Tae. Second, today in front of his hyungs.

The youngest rubbed his temple. If Tae was here, he’d scold him for thinking too much. Jimin was an adult who knew what he wanted and he wasn’t afraid to go after that. That much he knew.

Later in the evening, Tae picked him from the office. As they drove to the shopping mall, Jungkook discarded his tie and blazer before untucking his button-down shirt. He’d have preferred to go home and change into something comfortable but Tae was already grumbling about running late.

“How was lunch?” Tae asked as they stopped at red light.

“He loved it.” Jungkook beamed. “Just like you said.”

Tae wiggled his brows. “Bless my intuition.”

“It can never go wrong,” both completed in unison.

“He’s like a dream, hyung. Talking with him is so easy and he kissed my cheek in front of his hyungs.”

Taehyung smiled. “I told you he’s a keeper. So, did you ask him about tomorrow?”

“No.” Jungkook grimaced. “He was busy.”

“Are you thinking too much again?”

“I’m not.”

Taehyung effortlessly manned the vehicle with one hand while reaching out with his free hand to squeeze Jungkook’s thigh. “I know you, Jungkook-ah. Don’t overthink things.”

“Do you think it’s too soon?” Jungkook asked.

“No. Haven’t you heard about love at first sight? Things like that won’t exist if everyone thought it’s too soon,” Tae said. “Listen, bub, You both maybe young, but you have your career and future sorted out. You both know what you want in life and so far Jimin has not given you a reason to not trust him. Follow your heart, Jungkookie.”

Jungkook sighed. “If he goes to the gala with me tomorrow, everyone will know we’re seeing each other. What if he doesn’t want others to find out now?”

“Then he would have said so,” Tae replied with a roll of his eyes. “I don’t think he gives two fucks about the others. He made that clear when he introduced you to his mother and his hyungs, didn’t he?”

“Yeah,” Jungkook agreed.

“The question is what do you want, Jungkookie. Do you want him? Do you want this to work? Are you ready to go public with Jimin?”

Jungkook thought about it. If Jimin wasn’t a CEO of a well-known firm, he wouldn’t have worried about this. Of course, he wanted to be able to be with his boyfriend in public. He never wanted to hide.

The youngest sighed. “You’re right, hyung. I don’t want to hide.”

“Good. Now you have your answer.” Tae patted his shoulder.

“I’ll text him tonight.”

“Do that. Now tell me what you have in mind for tomorrow’s outfit.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes knowing this talk will never end. That night when Jungkook relaxed on his couch with Tae’s feet on his lap, he texted Jimin.



I know we haven’t talked about the gala again.

It’s tomorrow.

Do you still wanna go with me?


Of course, baby.

But I think I’ll run late.

I’m working till five.

Is it okay if I meet you at the venue?

I have to go home and take care of a few things for mom.

Jungkook sighed in relief.


Sure, hyung.

I’ll ride with Yoongi and Tae hyung.



I’ll see you there then.

What are you wearing?


We’re twinning tomorrow.

Jungkook laughed excitedly. They had roamed the mall for an hour before the idea popped in Tae’s mind. Usually, the dress code was to wear red combined with black or red. They wore suits the last time. So, Tae suggested they’d keep it casual and that’d make them stand out in the crowd.


We got matching red & black plaid sweaters.

Black pants, white button-down and red & black plaid cardigan for Yoongi hyung.


Can’t wait to see you.

I’ll wear something similar then.






No suit then.


No suit tomorrow.


But are you really okay with the others finding about us?


Why wouldn’t I be okay?

I want everyone to know we’re together.

Are you okay though?

I’ll understand if you don’t want to.

It can be a bit too much.

The attention I mean.


That’s fine I think.

Just wanted to make sure this is what you wanted .


It is.

Is this what you want?



I want to be able to be with you and hold hands in public.

He wanted a person who wasn’t afraid to be with him. Jungkook didn’t want to hide. He’d understand if Jimin wished to keep their relationship a secret, but he was secretly happy that Jimin didn’t want to hide him.


I feel the same about you too Jungkookie.

I told you I want to experience everything with you.


I want that too.

Don’t overwork yourself hyung.


I won’t .

Good night, Jungkookie.


Good night.

“What did he say?” Tae asked.

“He’s working tomorrow. So, I’ll have to ride with you. He said he’ll meet me at the venue.”

Taehyung nodded. “How is his dad?”

“He’s recovering well. Jimin hyung moved in with them temporarily.”

“That’s nice. He’s very close to his family, isn’t he?”

“Yeah. His mom is so nice.” Jungkook smiled. “I’ve seen Jihyun-ssi a few times. Though I never talked to him in person, I know he’s a great person. Everyone admires him.”

Tae nodded in understanding. “Yoongi hyung talks a lot about him. He doesn’t talk much about Jimin. The only thing he says is that he’s a different person when he is with you.”

Jungkook smiled. “I can’t wait for tomorrow. You know those assholes cornered me today during lunch? They ran away when they saw Yoongi hyung.”

“Wait until they see who your boyfriend is,” Taehyung smirked, throwing his legs over Jungkook’s lap. The youngest hugged Tae’s legs. “Oh, I’m so looking forward to that.”

“Me too,” he admitted. “I feel petty for wanting to rub it on their faces, but you get what I mean.”

“There’s nothing petty about this, Jungkook-ah. They should never make fun of you for who you are. They’re just afraid of you because you’re too talented and they can’t compete. This is the only way they could get back you. If anyone’s petty, it’s them,” Tae reasoned.

“You may be right. I’m often tempted to hack into their systems and show them what I can do,” Jungkook huffed. “One of these days, I’m gonna do it.”

“Don’t tempt me.” Tae chuckled before reclining on the couch with a wide grin. “Ah, those were the good old days. Hacking into our bully’s system to erase or tamper with their projects. My favorite is the one where we switched the project video for gay porn.”

Jungkook laughed at the memory. It was the same idiot, who thought he could best him using Jungkook’s crush on him. The one who was so pissed for no reason and spread rumors about Jungkook’s sexuality. Though it was true, Jungkook’s life had become miserable because no one had stopped for a moment to think whether the rumor was true or not.

When they took it too far, Jungkook with the help of Tae took revenge on the man who was his ex-crush who was also the cause of the rumor. Let’s say, in the end, it was his ex-crush—whose name wasn’t worth mentioning—who walked out of the classroom with his head hung low and ego bruised.

Never mess with Jungkook.

Jungkook barely slept that night, his mind occupied and too active as he thought about the things that could happen at the gala. Taehyung snored softly to his left while Yoongi was peacefully huddled in his right. He loved these nights with his hyungs. He was tempted to toss and turn but he held still for the sake of them. Tae had pinned him to the bed with his body half sprawled on him anyway.

Tae had booked a salon appointment the next morning, so Jungkook forced his eyes close and willed for sleep to embrace him. He wanted to look his best for Jimin and he couldn’t miss out on sleep as much as he didn’t want to sleep.

Finally, after what felt like hours, the sleep did come and he fell into a colorful sleep with every corner of his dream painted with Jimin’s face.

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