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We may be blind to this but we will escape all of us together.We are family after all right?

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⚠️Warning: this book contains some spoilers from the anime The promise of neverland⚠️

All the children were sleeping but the mothers of the orphanage were awake.

"It most time for Ilona to go get her things ready alright, Emily make sure none of the kids go out when I leave with Ilona alright?" The eldest mother says as the other mothers nodded going to their positions.

In the morning all the children were up and about.

"Morning everyone" Ilona says as she sits next to her friends.They waved at her and started to chat around.After awhile they went to class to do their test.Wveryone was stressing about the test but hoped they did good.

"I hope I did good it was a little bit hard I think I messed up on some part" Evan says running his hand through his blue hair.Everyone nodded.Soon enough everyone went outside and played freeze tag in the forest around the orphanage.Ilona and Evan came across the gate that the mothers said not to go by but being the curious little kids they are they went inside.They saw a stuffed bear on the floor and Ilona picked it up shocked.

"ain't this Emma's bear didn't she get adopted yesterday" Ilona says looking at Evan.He nods as they went up to a truck and opened the trunk door, only to find Emma stabbed with a rose in her chest as her eyes were rolled to the back of her head.Ilonas eyes widened as she stepped back in shock dropping the teddy bear.Evan started to shake as he rubs his neck where his number is.Then they heard voices and the door opened.They quickly hid under the truck still in a panic.They covered their mouths so they wouldnt make a should to how they were panicking.They saw feet that didn't look human.Ilona took a brave move and looked up from under the truck only to see a demon like monster with 6 eyes almost like a spider.

"We've only been getting small meat these days but they sure are good" the creature says as he picks up Emmas dead body and putting it in a tub.

"We will be getting more good meat right Lina" the creature says looking at the eldest mother of the orphanage.Evans and Ilonas eyes widen as Ilona accidentally let out a gasp causing the creatures to look around.one of them bent down and looked under the truck to find nothing.Evan and Ilona started to run back to the orphanage still in shock.

"This place is a farm"Ilona says a she pants heavily on a fours
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